Where is Tupac Shakur’s ex-wife Keisha Morris today? Net Worth, Bio

April 18, 2024
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Keisha Morris Bio

Back in the ’90s, one of the most popular rappers was Tupac Shakur, and after his death, people wanted to know more about the way he lived. In one part of his life he was a married man, and many of his fans wanted to know all about the woman who made him wear a wedding ring. Today, people want to know what she is doing now, and how that love story ended. So let’s start from the beginning. Keisha Morris was born on 10 July 1974, in The Bronx, New York, USA – her zodiac sign is Cancer, she holds American nationality, and is of African-American ethnicity. She was raised in The Bronx by her parents, and was one of the ‘good girls’ who went to school, was a good student, and dreamed of a college education.


She worked as a camp counselor, and also several part jobs to provide for herself. Keisha attended a local high school, and upon matriculating in 1992, she enrolled at John Jay College from which she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, in 1996. After Keisha and Tupac separated, she continued with her life, but withdrew from public life; she has no social media accounts, but according to sources, she is living with her two children in New York City, and isn’t married. Her most recent public appearance was back in 2005, when she starred in the comedy movie “The Bag Man”, written and directed by Insane Mike Saunders.


Marriage with Tupac Shakur

Keisha and Tupac met back in 1994, in one of New York City’s nightclubs – they were dancing and talking, and she remembered their conversation: ‘He was going through something legally at the time, and I told him to just be careful of the people he’s around, and that I hope everything works out’. They met again after a month, exchanged ‘phone numbers, and next morning Tupac called Keisha, and they started dating. Eventually, Keisha found out that he’d been accused of sexual abuse, and that he was going to jail, but as she said, she was in her 20s, young and in love, so she stayed with him. She spoke about him in one of her interviews, saying that she knew him, and was sure that he wouldn’t hurt her.


While he was serving time at the Clinton Correctional Facility after a sexual abuse conviction, Tupac proposed to Keisha, and the two married on 29 April 1995; as Keisha said, Tupac wanted her to come and visit him every day in prison, which she did. The reason for their marriage, as she said, was that he wanted her to be respected by other people, saying that ‘as his wife, she will be more respected than his girlfriend, although some people claimed that the reason for that was conjugal visits or things like that. However, Keisha stated that there were no conjugal visits, since neither of them wanted them, and also they weren’t allowed. When Tupac was released on bail in October 1995, Keisha annulled their marriage, and as she said, she moved on, but Tupac would still call her and leave messages, and had a notion that they were going to get back together, however, she didn’t want that.


It was rumored that she annulled their marriage because he started seeing other women, and Keisha once spoke about how he used to call her on the ‘phone, and then he would tell her that he wants to talk to some other girl, so she had to give the ‘phone to her, and listen how he talks sweet things to that girl. Keisha also added that her lawyer advised her to annul the marriage with Tupac, to save herself from financial problems, due to Tupac’s legal issues, since all the time she was dating and in a marriage with him, she was providing for herself, and was independent when it came to money – Keisha claimed that she didn’t want to take money from her then-husband.

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After they separated, as Keisha said, she was hurt and felt used, but she wasn’t angry with him, saying that he chose rather to leave her alone than to hurt her, and as he said ‘damage her’. ‘It’s Tupac, she said.

Net worth

As mentioned, Keisha withdrew from the public life, so it’s hard to find out more about her life and what is she doing now, thus her net worth is also unknown, however, according to sources, at the time of his death, Tupac’s net worth was estimated at $200,000, but today his estate is reputedly worth $40 million.

Who was Tupac Shakur?

Born Lesane Parish Crooks, on 16 June 1971, in Manhattan, New York City, the famous rapper and actor was renamed Tupac Amaru Shakur when he was one year old.


His mother, Afeni Shakur explained her decision to change his name, saying: ‘”I wanted him to have the name of revolutionary, indigenous people in the world. I wanted him to know he was part of a world culture and not just from a neighborhood.’ Probably his mother didn’t imagine that he would become one of the most influential rappers of all time, and also one of the best-selling music artists, who sold over 75 million albums worldwide. Tupac released his debut album “2Pacalypse Now” in 1991, and his conscious rap lyrics made him a central figure in the West Coast hip-hop genre of music.


Tupac achieved further commercial and critical success two years later when he released his second album, “Strictly 4 My N. I. G. G. A. Z…”, In 1995, he released his third album “Me Against the World”, and in the following year, his fourth album “All Eyez On Me” was eventually diamond certified, and was the first double-length album in hip-hop history. Tupac was also known for his roles in movies such as “Juice”, “Poetic Justice”, “Above the Rim”, “Gridlock’d”, and “Gang Related”. On 30 November 1994, Tupac was attacked and robbed by three men in the lobby of a New York recording studio – they shot him five times, however, he was rushed to the Metropolitan Hospital Center, where he underwent surgery.


Against the doctor’s advice, he checked out of the hospital a few hours after surgery, and went to the house of the actress, Jasmine Guy, one of his close friends, where she and his mother took care of him for the next few weeks. Speaking of his love life, he dated numerous celebrities, including Madonna, Jada Pinkett Smith, Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans and Missy Elliot, among others. After his marriage with Keisha Morris was ended, Tupac dated American porn star Heather Hunter, and at the time of his death, his girlfriend was Kidada Jones, an American model and actress, also known through being the daughter of record producer Quincy Jones. Tupac died on 13 September 1996 from internal bleeding, in the intensive-care unit of the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada – the official causes of death were respiratory failure and cardiopulmonary arrest, caused by multiple gunshot wounds.

Six days earlier, Tupac was shot at a stoplight, the bullets striking his arm, thigh and chest with one of the bullets entering his right lung. The murder of Tupac isn’t solved to this day; the murderers are still unknown, although in 2011, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released documents related to its investigation of the so-called Jewish Defense League, which made death threats against Tupac and other rappers, but the FBI didn’t indicate a direct connection to Tupac’s murder. After his death, six of his posthumous studio albums were released, and in 2002, Forbes magazine ranked him in 10th place among top-earning dead celebrities. His mother was in control of his wealth, and after she died in 2016, management of the money went to Tupac’s former record labels.

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