Why is Chloe Schnapp famous? Her Age, Height, Siblings, Parents

April 18, 2024
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Chloe Schnapp gained attention when it was revealed that she is the twin sister of the renowned American actor Noah Schnapp, widely recognized for his portrayal of Will Byers in the popular science fiction series “Stranger Things.” Public curiosity about Chloe increased, especially after Noah shared that she played a significant role in his coming out journey.

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Early Life and Family

Born on 3 October 2004, in New York City, Chloe Schnapp is the daughter of Mitchell and Karine Schnapp. She boasts a diverse heritage, with Russian Jewish ancestry from her father’s side and Moroccan Jewish roots through her mother, adhering to reform Judaism throughout her life. Hailing from Montreal, both of her parents have retained strong connections to their origins, and a significant portion of their extended family resides there.

Chloe’s parents have been together for over 20 years. On the professional front, her father boasts a background in private equity management, while her mother has held an esteemed position as a senior vice president of marketing and communications at a luxury fashion house. Specializing in beauty and fashion, she’s a global marketing executive with an impressive track record, having worked for renowned companies such as Tiffany & Co., L’Oréal, and NARS Cosmetics. Presently, she holds the role of Managing Partner, Brand Strategist, and Digital Marketer at Deerfield, a digital and marketing brand agency.

Chloe was raised in a comfortable home in Scarsdale, an idyllic town nestled in Westchester County, New York. Growing up, Chloe and Noah didn’t have many family dinners as their parents were often busy with work. Consequently, they learned to cook for themselves at a young age. That said, she shares a wonderful bond with her parents; on her father’s birthday in 2017, she expressed her heartfelt wishes via an Instagram post and affectionately described him as the best father in the world. She regards her mom as her role model, citing Karine’s hard work and success throughout most of her life as something Chloe finds incredibly admirable.


All about Noah Schnapp – Chloe’s twin brother

Noah Cameron Schnapp’s journey into acting commenced at the tender age of five, sparked by a profound experience at a Broadway production of “Annie.” Overwhelmed with the desire to grace the same stage, he emerged from the theater in tears. Responding to his passion, his parents enrolled him in an acting program – subsequently, his coach from Westchester’s Star Kidz recommended him to a talent management agency.

Noah in a Steven Spielberg film

Despite facing rejection in his auditions, approximately four times a week, Noah persevered, and in 2014, his determination bore fruit when he secured a role in the American historical drama film, “Bridge of Spies,” co-produced and directed by Steven Spielberg. Noah portrayed Roger Donovan, the son of James B. Donovan (Tom Hanks), a lawyer and international diplomatic negotiator. The Cold War thriller garnered critical acclaim upon its release in October 2015 at the New York Film Festival, marking a significant milestone in Noah’s budding acting career.

Noah was nine when he started working on this project and admitted to not knowing the two industry giants—Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. He described Tom as a selfless and generous actor who made everyone around him shine. He praised Spielberg for providing significant assistance during the project, characterizing the overall experience of working with him as nothing short of amazing. It was during the pre-production phase that Noah immersed himself in the filmographies of both Hanks and Spielberg, gaining a profound understanding of the immense significance and impact of their contributions to the film industry.

Voice actor for Charlie Brown

The long-awaited big-screen debut of the “Peanuts” gang finally arrived in the form of stunning state-of-the-art 3D animation in “The Peanuts Movie.” This cinematic spectacle served as a sweetly nostalgic treat, particularly resonating with adults who grew up alongside the beloved characters including Snoopy, Lucy, and Linus.

Released in November 2015, the film seamlessly incorporated numerous elements from the original comic strip, capturing the essence of Charles M. Schulz’s creation. Voicing the role of Charlie Brown, the main protagonist, is Noah Schnapp, who brings to life the endearing yet often hapless personality for which Charlie Brown is known. The narrative delves into various aspects of Charlie Brown’s life, relationships, and everyday experiences, staying true to the heartwarming and relatable themes of the iconic comic strip.

In preparation for his recording audition, Noah received guidance from his mother, who suggested watching old Peanuts Thanksgiving and Christmas specials to capture the distinctive speech patterns of Charlie Brown. He diligently listened to as much material as he could find online to ensure he nailed the character’s voice. Noah acknowledged that securing the role required a considerable amount of hard work, along with a stroke of good fortune.


Breakout role as Will Byers

Created by the Duffer Brothers, Matt and Ross, “Stranger Things” is a popular science fiction-horror television series that made its debut on Netflix in 2016. Set in the 1980s in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, the series pays homage to the pop culture of that era.

The narrative unfolds with the mysterious disappearance of a young boy named Will Byers, portrayed by Noah Schnapp. His friends and family search for him, leading to a thrilling chain of events that begins with an encounter with Eleven, a girl with supernatural abilities. The characters find themselves entangled in a complex and supernatural conspiracy involving a parallel dimension called the “Upside Down.”

Noah initially had a recurring role in season one of “Stranger Things” but later elevated to become a series regular in subsequent seasons. Noah’s involvement in this show catapulted him into the limelight, marking a significant turning point in his career.

Other projects

Noah expanded his repertoire by participating in various projects, including “The Legend of Hallowaiian” (2018), “Abe” (2020), “Hubie Halloween” (2020), and “The Tutor” (2023).

In 2019, he joined TikTok, accumulating an impressive following of over 30 million and receiving 600 million likes for his captivating videos. Noah has over 24 million followers on his Instagram, with his first post dating back to 2015 when he was promoting the “Peanuts” movie.

He embarked on the entrepreneurial journey by establishing his own venture, TBH, a food and beverage brand specializing in a hazelnut cocoa spread. Positioned as a healthier alternative to a well-known brand, TBH quickly gained recognition after it was officially launched in November 2021.

Coming out as gay

In January 2023, Noah made a public announcement about his sexual orientation, choosing TikTok as the platform to share this important aspect of his identity through an eight-second video. The decision to reveal his sexuality had been a thoughtful process, requiring time and the initial sharing of this personal truth with his closest friends and loved ones. To his relief, Noah found that those in his inner circle were not taken aback by his revelation; instead, they offered unwavering support. He said that he just wanted to be confident in who he is and to know that he doesn’t have to care about what people think anymore.

Notably, Noah’s character, Will Byers, on the popular show “Stranger Things,” was confirmed to be gay in July 2022, ending years of speculation about his on-screen persona’s sexuality. Noah disclosed that fully accepting Will’s gay identity played a pivotal role in his journey toward self-acceptance. He admitted that he might still be concealing his sexuality had he not portrayed that character.

Chloe, Noah’s twin sister, held the privileged position of being the first person he confided in about his sexuality. He chose to share this personal revelation with her, fully aware that she would be upset if he disclosed the information to others before her. Noah initially planned to divulge his secret during a private car ride, but hesitated as he drove, creating a sense of confusion for Chloe as he took wrong turns while their home was just around the corner. Only upon arriving home did Noah finally open up to Chloe about his truth. Her reaction was one of joy and support, expressing her relief at the prospect of him not marrying a girl and potentially diverting attention away from their relationship. Chloe enthusiastically declared that with Noah having a male partner, she would consider that guy as her best friend as well.


Chloe and Noah share a special bond

Noah introduced his fraternal twin sister, Chloe, to the public via X, formerly known as Twitter, in August 2016. Followers on his social media platforms were familiar with his family dynamic, as he occasionally shared glimpses of his family of four. In a heartwarming series of photos posted on the Fourth of July in 2018, Noah and Chloe were seen celebrating with individual cakes, ready to blow out the candles.

Chloe’s Instagram posts provide further insight into their close bond through the years. Noah, in turn, involved Chloe in his YouTube channel, featuring her in videos showcasing their shared downtime activities. In one video, they fondly revisited childhood memories through footage from home, school, and vacations. Another video showcased a playful game testing their knowledge of each other, with Noah emerging as the victorious sibling. Their mom, Karine, once said via Instagram that no one else exists when the twins are together.

Despite the apparent hiatus of Noah’s YouTube channel, their engaging interactions continue to unfold on their respective TikTok accounts. The duo, beyond creating TikTok content, enjoyed collaborating on creative projects. Chloe, for instance, would craft scripts, and Noah, in turn, filmed their performances, complete with imaginative special effects, adding an element of fun with props such as ketchup.

However, it appears that Chloe has no aspirations to pursue a career in entertainment or follow in her brother’s footsteps as an actor. Although she attempted theater, she didn’t make the cut, attributing it to her introverted nature. Their unique and enjoyable collaborations, along with their shared memories, continue to be a source of delight for their online audience.


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Following Chloe’s matriculation from Scarsdale Senior High School in 2022, she embarked on the next chapter of her academic pursuits at the D’Amore McKim School of Business at Northeastern University in Boston. Her focus is on marketing and brand management as she works towards obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business administration. She has expressed a keen interest in the business facets of the luxury beauty and fashion industry, with a particular emphasis on marketing. Her passion lies in the creative aspects of business, fueling her ambition to contribute to and thrive in this dynamic and aesthetically driven field.

Embracing the collegiate experience, Chloe has become an active member of the Sigma Delta Tau sorority, contributing to the vibrant Greek life on campus. Furthermore, she is engaged in the Women In Business club, showcasing her commitment to both her academic and extracurricular pursuits.


Post-high school, Chloe delved into diverse job opportunities. Before heading off to college, she briefly served as a sales associate at The Apawamis Club during summer. Subsequently, her professional journey evolved into content creation for social media in which she developed seasonal podcast ideas and themes while managing various social media accounts.

In 2023, Chloe transitioned into the role of Marketing Director for The Ladyboss Podcast, collaborating with prominent brands such as Walmart, Pilot Pen, and Planet Fitness. She expanded her professional portfolio in May 2023 by taking on the role of Social Media Ambassador for Jake Rosen Entertainment. Chloe’s dynamic career trajectory showcases her versatility and proficiency in navigating the realms of marketing and social media.


Jewelry business

Chloe’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through in her venture from 2020 to 2022 when she curated her own jewelry brand, ChloeBelle Jewelry. Although she concluded this project in August 2022, the brand’s Instagram page remains available, showcasing an array of captivating merchandise. Chloe not only crafted but also promoted handmade jewelry through her online store, envisioning it as a platform for young women to express themselves.

ChloeBelle Jewelry’s inventory also featured handpicked items sourced from vendors in both Asia and the United States. Beyond business, Chloe dedicated a portion of the proceeds from sales to the nonprofit organization Solving Kids Cancer. Having previously served as an ambassador for the cause, Chloe’s efforts contributed to raising an impressive total of $9,000. Her commitment to both creativity and philanthropy underscores the depth of her passion for making a positive impact.

Social Media Influencer

Chloe commands a substantial social media presence, boasting over 900,000 followers on Instagram, 2.7 million on TikTok, and accumulating over 45 million likes on her videos. Her inaugural TikTok post, shared in May 2020, featured the family’s newest addition, a husky named Riley, welcomed into their lives just the previous month. Garnering more than two million views and 350,000 likes, it quickly gained traction. Frequently joined by her brother, she engaged in lip-syncing, with their most-viewed collaboration amassing over 20 million views and nearly five million likes, posted in February 2023.


Personal Life

Chloe maintains a discreet approach about her boyfriend, leaving details about their relationship, such as how they met or when they started dating, largely undisclosed. However, celebrating his birthday in July 2023, she sharing a series of photos on Instagram – accompanying the images was a heartfelt caption: ‘To know you is to love you. Happy birthday to the most amazing boyfriend and best friend. Thanks for putting up with me.’

Interesting Facts

The family’s beloved dog, named Spaghetti, passed away in 2023 after being a cherished member of their household for 14 years. Chloe considered Spaghetti her best friend, a companion that helped her understand the true meaning of love.

As a child, her mom affectionately called her Coco.

Growing up, Chloe participated in soccer, although it wasn’t an activity she particularly enjoyed. In high school she opted for tennis lessons, engaging in it more for enjoyment than competition. Additionally, she took up horseback riding lessons as part of her diverse range of interests.

Chloe documents her worldwide adventures with friends and family on social media. Notable journeys include her 2016 trip to Telluride, Colorado, and a memorable visit to Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2019, where she and Noah enjoyed riding a camel together. In 2022, she shared glimpses of her exploration of Mykonos and a pre-birthday weekend in Crete during her visit to Greece. Additionally, Chloe posted snapshots from her travels that year, encompassing Rome, Budapest, Amsterdam, and Paris.

Her brother, Noah, faced significant backlash in two instances: first in 2020, accused of using the N-word in an old video clip (which he denied), and then in 2023, for his views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. By January 2024, he addressed the controversies on TikTok, asserting that his words were ‘misconstrued’ and expressing a desire for safety and peace for all affected by the conflict. He appealed for more understanding and compassion in online discussions, urging against hasty judgments. Remarkably, Chloe seemed to escape the hate, possibly because she refrained from commenting on the conflict. Comments on her social media pages remained positive, although occasional negativity surfaced when Noah interacted with her posts.


Chloe Schnapp stands at a height of 5ft 3ins (162cms) and weighs 117lbs (53kgs). She has dark brown hair and captivating brown eyes.

Net Worth

Chloe Schnapp is currently pursuing a degree in business administration, while simultaneously making a mark as a social media influencer, Instagram model, and entrepreneur. According to authoritative sources, her net worth as of January 2024 stands at close to $1 million.

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