Who is Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Ex-Wife Tawny Marie Chapman?

April 18, 2024
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Who is Tawny Marie Chapman?

Tawny Marie Chapman was born in the USA, and even though she hasn’t spoken of the date of her birth, it’s believed that it was sometime in the ‘50s, that her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and she certainly holds American nationality. Tawny is only known for having been the fourth wife of Duane Lee Chapman, known better as Dog the Bounty Hunter, who’s an American TV personality and a real-life bounty hunter.

Early life and education

Tawny was raised in the USA by her parents about whom nothing’s known, as she respects their privacy; it’s said that her father was a drug addict, and that her mother struggled to support the family. Because Tawny hasn’t spoken of having any siblings, her fans believe that she’s an only child.


She was interested in numerous things while attending a local high school, and because of many problems at home, found comfort in music and the school’s drama club. Tawny was apparently quite active with the club, appearing in many plays performed at the school.

She didn’t enroll at college upon matriculating, but found a job to financially support herself.

Tawny’s career

Tawny hasn’t spoken of the jobs in which she has worked, but it’s believed that she has been a waitress, bartender, cleaning lady, and a cashier in a supermarket.

It’s also known that she was once addicted to drugs.

Love life and marriage with Dog The Bounty Hunter

Tawny prefers to keep the details of her love life to herself, but it’s still known that she and Dog met in 1988, ironically when she was arrested by him on drug possession charges.


Not long after this, Dog hired Tawny to work as his secretary, and they married in a private ceremony in 1992, attended by only their closest friends and family members. However, the marriage lasted for only two years; Dog and Tawny have no children together, and when asked about the marriage, Dog stated that it was horrible from the very start, mostly because Tawny was addicted to amphetamines.

She hasn’t spoken of any other men whom she’s perhaps been with since her divorce from Dog, but some have claimed that Tawny has remarried, and that she’s been seen spending time with her second husband; this hasn’t been confirmed.

As of December 2021, Tawny appears to be single, was once married to Dog The Bounty Hunter, and doesn’t have children.

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Hobbies and interesting facts

Tawny likes to travel, and during the two years that she spent married to Dog, she kept him company during his travels around the US, mostly while he was searching for wanted persons.

She’s a cat-lover, and apparently has several pet cats.

Tawny likes to watch TV series, and a couple of her favorites are “Sex and the City”, “Friends” and “Gossip Girl”. She’s also into watching Hollywood movies – her favorite actor and actress are Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, while a couple of her favorite movies include “Sleepless in Seattle”, “You’ve Got Mail”, and “Runaway Bride”.

It’s believed that Tawny stopped using drugs not long after her and Dog’s divorce, but this remains unconfirmed.


Age, height and net worth

Tawny is believed to be in her 60s. She has long brown hair which she usually dyes blonde, her eyes are blue, her height is 5ft 5ins (1.65m), and she weighs around 155lbs (70kgs).

As of December 2021, Tawny’s net worth has been estimated at over $50,000, while her former husband Dog’s net worth has been estimated at over $6 million.

Who is Dog The Bounty Hunter?

Duane ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Chapman was born in Denver, Colorado USA, on 2 February 1953 – his zodiac sign is Aquarius, and he holds American nationality. He gained fame and recognition after being cast to star in his own reality series “Dog the Bounty Hunter”. It also starred Leland Chapman and Beth Chapman, and follows Dog and his family members as they’re chasing convicts in Hawaii; the series aired from 2003 to 2012, and received mixed reviews.

Dog was raised in Denver, alongside his siblings Jolene Kaye Martinez who died in 2016 aged 61, Paula Hammond and Michael Chapman, by their mother Barbara Darlene Chapman (nee Cowell) who was a minister of Assemblies of God, and their father Wesley Duane Chapman who was a welder, bail bondsman, and a war veteran. Dog’s mother died in 1994, aged 60, and his father in 2000, aged 70.

He was 15 years old when he ran away from home, and joined an outlaw motorcycle club. When he was 23, Dog was sentenced to spend five years behind bars, after having been convicted of a first-degree murder, but spent just a year and a half in jail before being pardoned, and it was around that time that Dog became a bounty hunter.


He was all around the news in the US when he caught the sex offender Andrew Stuart Luster, who was the heir to the line of cosmetics, Max Factor; Andrew fled the USA having been convicted on 86 counts of rape and assault. Dog worked with his son Leland and their friend Tim, and they caught Andrew in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico on 18 June 2003; he was subsequently sentenced to spend 125 years in prison.

Doug or ‘Dog’ had already been a bounty hunter for more than two decades when he appeared in a TV show for the first time, entitled “Take This Job”, which featured people working odd or unusual jobs. That of a bounty hunter attracted attention, and a production company wanted to make a show revolving around how Dog caught Andrew Luster.


After “Dog the Bounty Hunter” ended, Dog starred in his new show “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt”, which featured him and his now former wife ‘hunting’ for convicts.

In 2019, Dog starred in “Dog’s Most Wanted”, and was about to star in his new show “Dog Unleashed” in 2021, but it was cancelled.

He has published two books: “You Can Run But You Can’t Hide” in 2007, and “Where Mercy Is Shown, Mercy Is Given” in 2010.

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s wives

Dog married his first wife La Fonda Sue Darnell (nee Honeycutt) on 1 April 1972; she gave birth to their son Duane Lee Chapman II on 21 January 1973, and their second son Leland Blane Chapman on 14 December 1976, but they then divorced on 27 October 1977.

He married his second wife, Ann Tegnell on 22 August 1979, and she gave birth to their sons Zebadiah Chapman on 1 January 1980 (died a month later), Wesley Chapman on 14 November 1980, and James Robert Chapman on 2 March 1982; their divorce was finalized only a couple of months after James was born.


Dog and Lyssa Rae ‘Big Lyssa’ Brittain (nee Greene) exchanged vows in 1982, but divorced on 20 November 1991. She gave birth to their daughter Barbara Katie Chapman on 8 June 1982 (died on 19 May 2006), their second child Tucker Dee Chapman on 8 September 1983, and Lyssa Rae Chapman on 10 June 1987.

On 20 May 2006, Dog married his fifth wife Alice Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Barmore (nee Smith), after the two had been in a relationship for more than a decade. She gave birth to their daughter Bonnie Joanne Chapman on 16 December 1998, and son Garry Chapman on 7 February 2001; the marriage ended when Beth died of throat cancer on 26 June 2019.

On 2 September 2021, Dog married his sixth wife Francie Frane.

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