Ethics Policy

Ethical Reporting Standards

Our entertainment platforms are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in our reporting. We firmly abstain from publishing personal attacks, whether targeting individuals and companies within the industries we cover or our peers. Our dedication to objectivity is paramount, especially when addressing topics of a sensitive nature.

In our effort to ensure unbiased reporting, we meticulously avoid editorial prejudice across the diverse range of subjects we explore.

Acknowledgment and Permissions

We are steadfast in providing credit to original sources for news not released through official channels or their public relations affiliates. This practice underscores our commitment to enhancing the online publishing landscape and adhering to exemplary journalism practices. Similarly, for the use of images, we always credit the original source.

Our responsibility to contribute positively to the field of journalism extends to how we handle corrections or updates to our content. We invite anyone seeking to submit corrections or updates to reach out via [email protected]. Through these measures, we aim to uphold our responsibility towards accurate and respectful reporting.