April 18, 2024

$59.5 Million Dollar Necklace

Many folks might have a laundry-list of issues they’d purchase with $59.5 million dollars, but a lot of them are lining up-to invest this bundle to the planet’s priciest Mouawad L’Incomparable diamond

Flying High On Your Net Worth

Did you know that there is a fifth class on aircraft, above economy, super-economy, business and first? Actually, for some celebrities there is only
April 18, 2024

Is International Trade so Important?

With current emotions in many countries around the world apparently running strongly on nationalistic, parochial, even isolationist lines these days, is trade really so
June 5, 2023

Historic Scientific Breakthroughs

Notice the word ‘breakthroughs’ in the title – it covers observations, discoveries and inventions, stretches over the last 500 years, and includes events which
February 10, 2023