The Rise of Susana Almeida: From Weather Girl to Internet Star

April 18, 2024
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Charismatic Mexican weather girl Susana Almeida, found herself thrust into the spotlight of internet fame following an unexpected wardrobe malfunction during a routine weather forecast. The incident quickly became a viral sensation, captivating millions of viewers worldwide who watched the clip unfold. Though initially unfortunate and cringe-worthy, the incident, which left little to the imagination, sparked widespread online debate. Opinions varied, with discussions swirling around whether the mishap was intentional or if Susana was an unwitting victim. The incident propelled her into the global spotlight, earning her the title of the “World’s Hottest Weather Girl.”

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Early Years and Family

Susana Almeida entered the world on 22 November 1988, in Guadalajara City, Jalisco, Mexico. Growing up in the midst of a bustling family, Susana shared her childhood with a brother and four sisters. Their upbringing was characterized by a middle-class lifestyle, and fortunate to have supportive parents who provided guidance under the watchful eye of a strict father.

Despite her ascent to internet fame, Susana Almeida has been resolute in preserving the privacy of her personal life, especially when it comes to her family. Though details about her family background remain elusive, glimpses into their lives occasionally grace her social media pages. She never forgets to pay tribute to her parents on social media On Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, often accompanied by a heartfelt caption and photo. She loves traveling to different parts of the globe, and notably had a great time exploring Europe with her sisters. Additionally, she frequently shares video reels or photos with her adored nephews and niece. In those moments, she affectionately portrays the warmth and love that defines their familial bonds.

From a young age, Susana exhibited a profound interest in meteorology, foreshadowing the trajectory of her future career as a weather presenter.



Susana Almeida pursued her passion for meteorology by attending the University of Mexico, where she diligently earned her degree in Meteorology, laying the academic foundation that would serve as a stepping stone for her illustrious career in the dynamic realm of weather reporting.


Susana Almeida embarked on her professional journey in the media industry, initiating her career as a meteorologist with Channel 4 Televisa Guadalajara Network in Jalisco, Mexico. While the exact commencement date of her tenure with the TV network remains undisclosed, the earliest available record on YouTube featuring her delivering a weather report dates back to 2010.

Learning from the Best

In the formative years of her career, Susana Almeida had the privilege of learning from seasoned professionals in the field, ensured by Channel 4 Televisa Guadalajara Network from some of the most renowned local and international meteorologists and weather forecasters, in from Norway and Cuba. This invaluable experience played a crucial role in honing her skills, allowing her to adeptly deliver weather reports at various times throughout the day.

Susana’s commitment to her craft was evident; a glimpse into her dedication to continuous improvement is found on her Instagram account, in which she shared a photo with her esteemed colleagues. This exposure not only expanded her knowledge, but also equipped her with the proficiency to navigate new software for enhanced weather forecasting.

That Fateful Viral Video

Throughout her career, Susana consistently demonstrated her expertise in delivering weather forecasts with a blend of precision and charisma. Her remarkable ability to translate complex meteorological information into accessible insights swiftly garnered her recognition within the industry. However, it was a singular live broadcast that thrust Susana into the spotlight.

In a notable incident during a live weather news report in 2016, an unforeseen event unfolded, capturing the attention of viewers worldwide. Referred to as a “wardrobe malfunction,” this incident deviated from the usual accidental exposures, taking an unusual turn in Susana Almeida’s case. Instead of the typical accidental and unintended exposure of undergarments, the focus was on an issue with her trousers, colloquially termed a “camel toe.”

During the broadcast, Susana was clad in a sleeveless black top paired with gray leggings, an ensemble that would typically be deemed appropriate. However, the unforgiving lens of live television subjected every detail to scrutiny. The incident, which involved a “camel toe,” a slang term describing the visible outline of a woman’s genitalia from the resemblance of the shape to the split in a camel’s hoof, when tight-fitting clothing creates a distinct shape, generated widespread discussion.


While the incident itself may have been cringe-worthy, Susana’s handling of the situation with grace and humor showcased her resilience and ability to navigate challenges in the public eye. This unexpected turn of events marked a pivotal moment in her career, leading to a surge in popularity, and further solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the world of meteorology.

“World’s Hottest Weather Girl”

The video clip vividly captured the moment when Susana, seemingly unaware of any wardrobe issue, continued to deliver the weather report. This footage quickly spread across the internet, becoming a viral sensation shared countless times, reaching millions around the globe. The incident became a prominent feature on various online tabloids and entertainment sites, initially sparking second-hand embarrassment for Susana among many viewers, particularly women.

As the discussion evolved, male viewers presented a different perspective, appreciating what they perceived as an “exposure.” This alternative viewpoint gained traction, and international tabloids, recognizing Susana’s captivating presence, began dubbing her the “World’s Hottest Weather Girl.” Despite the initial context of embarrassment, the moniker gained widespread acceptance, highlighting Susana’s recognition as a beautiful, captivating, and charismatic figure.


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Online Discourse about the Viral Video Clip

It’s crucial to approach discussions about such incidents with sensitivity and respect for the individuals involved, considering the potential embarrassment they may feel. However, Susana’s role as a public personality intensified the scrutiny, with many feeling entitled to voice their opinions.

While some offered support and encouragement to Susana after the wardrobe malfunction, a segment of the audience expressed skepticism, doubting her claim of unawareness. Unfortunately, in the online sphere, where anonymity often breeds negativity, some individuals resorted to making nasty and malicious comments, insinuating that the incident might have been a deliberate ploy to gain popularity. This online discourse reflected the complex dynamics of public perception and the challenges faced by individuals in the public eye.

Turning Embarrassment Into Something Positive

The incident propelled Susana into internet stardom almost overnight. Despite the unexpected twist of events, Susana embraced her newfound popularity with admirable grace, demonstrating resilience as she continued to pursue her career in meteorology. Her employer, Televisa Guadalajara, remained firmly supportive, so to continue in her role as a weather reporter.


Learning from the experience, Susana took measures to ensure a similar mishap wouldn’t occur again. Undeterred, she leaned into the title bestowed upon her as the “World’s Hottest Weather Girl.” During her weather reports, she confidently sported stylish and alluring attire, living up to the glamorous and sexy image associated with the title.

Susana expanded her role within the network beyond meteorology, taking on hosting duties of various TV shows, showcasing her versatility and earning recognition not only for her meteorological expertise but also for her engaging on-screen presence.

Social Media Presence

Much like numerous public figures, Susana actively engaged with various social media platforms. Her viral video not only piqued the interest of local viewers in Mexico, but also garnered attention from global enthusiasts. While some accused her of leveraging the incident solely for social media attention, Susana’s case differed significantly. She’d established herself as a meteorologist well before the wardrobe mishap, holding a legitimate television job.

Among the social media platforms, Facebook became a significant platform for Susana, amassing a considerable following, on which as of February 2024, she boasts 1.5 million followers. Her updates on this platform go beyond weather reporting, offering glimpses into her personal life. On Instagram and TikTok, she’s collectively amassed around 1.3 million followers, regularly sharing short video reels on both platforms. On X (formerly Twitter), Susana has garnered over 100,000 followers, typically reposting content from friends or the network station.

Brand Endorsements and Sponsorships

Following her surge in popularity, Susana secured notable brand endorsements, with one of the most significant being a car deal. A sponsorship contract with Suzuki is evident from her social media pages in which she continues to post promotional content for the brand, maintaining a lasting business relationship with them.

Her involvement with various endorsements showcases Susana’s diverse partnerships. In 2019, she was associated with an energy drink, in 2017 with a beauty salon, and in 2016 with a credit financing firm. These endorsements underscore her commitment to maintaining a positive reputation and image throughout her career, reflecting her hard work and dedication over the years.

Personal Life

Maintaining a remarkable level of privacy despite her public profile, Susana Almeida has skillfully guarded details about her personal life. She has been discreet about her dating life, and if she was involved romantically, she took care not to overshare on her social media platforms.


However, a delightful surprise awaited her fans on the day before Christmas in 2023, when Susana uploaded a wedding photo, accompanied by a caption that read, ‘Mr. & Mrs Delgadillo’ with hashtags #weddingday #mylove, and tagging Roberto Delgadillo Gonzalez. A visit to his Instagram profile reveals that he’s a ‘Lawyer specialized in labor and social law,’ indicating his professional background.

In response, Roberto shared a photo from their honeymoon, affectionately tagging his new wife. The image captured a moment of intimacy, with Susana kissing her new husband on the cheek. Notably, Roberto had been married previously, and had children from his former marriage.

This unexpected revelation into Susana Almeida’s personal life adds a touch of romance to her public persona, as she enters this new chapter of life with her husband, Roberto Delgadillo Gonzalez; perhaps unsurprisingly, it gained mixed reactions from the public.


Susana Almeida has been known for possessing an impressive figure that accentuates her overall allure. Standing at 5ft 6ins (168cms) tall and weighing 132lbs (58kgs), her well-proportioned physique and toned body are a result of working out diligently in the gym. Her black eyes complement her black hair, which she sometimes dyed in brown or with blonde highlights.

Net Worth

As of February 2024, Susana’s net worth is estimated to be close to $1.5 million. Her success in the field of meteorology, coupled with her rising popularity on social media, has contributed to her financial prosperity.

The recognition of her dedication has resonated through the compliments she’s received, affirming her commitment to delivering accurate and insightful weather reports. This period of learning and growth laid the foundation for Susana Almeida’s successful career in the challenging and dynamic world of meteorology.

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