Who is Casie Baker’s mother? Her Age, Height, Dating, Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Casie Baker is the daughter of the renowned American rapper, singer, and actor, Machine Gun Kelly (MGK). Despite her father’s wild reputation, he’s been dedicated to providing Casie with a comfortable and enriching environment. Casie’s mother was MGK’s then long-time girlfriend way before he became famous. Despite her decision to part ways with Casie’s father, she has maintained a low profile while co-parenting with MGK.

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Early Years

Casie Colson Baker, born on 24 July 2009, in Cleveland, Ohio, is the daughter of Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) and Emma Cannon. Named after her father, whose real name is Richard Colson Baker, Casie’s early life was marked by financial challenges. Born during a period when her father, a cannabis enthusiast, faced severe financial difficulties, the family was on the verge of eviction as MGK had lost his job. Despite these hardships, MGK, with his musical talent and compelling rap verses, managed to reverse their fortunes.

As her father’s music career gained traction, Casie’s life improved significantly. MGK has consistently expressed his desire for Casie to have a different upbringing from his own, being vocal about providing her with a comfortable life, reflecting on the struggles he faced growing up. The exact timeline of her parents’ separation remains undisclosed, but they’ve maintained a positive relationship, driven by their shared commitment to Casie’s well-being.

Meet Casie’s father – Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly, born on 22 April 1990, in Houston, Texas, to Christian missionary parents, embarked on a global journey during his early years. Spending only two weeks in Houston, he lived in Egypt for four years, then relocated to Germany and also spent time in Africa before returning to the US. When his parents separated, his mother left MGK with his father and then his father relocated to Denver to live with his aunt. At the conclusion of his freshman year, he made the pivotal decision to settle in Cleveland, Ohio.


Despite his diverse travels, MGK found a strong connection to Cleveland, describing it as a blue-collar city that resonated with his identity. He took on various jobs, including flipping burgers in fast-food establishments and carrying steel rods at construction sites. Facing the challenges of a difficult life, MGK reached a crossroads when his girlfriend became pregnant with Casie. In need of financial stability, in 2009 he turned to his rap skills, taking a chance at the Amateur Night at the Apollo Theatre in New York and emerging victorious, becoming the first rapper to win at the Apollo.

By 2011, MGK had secured a contract with Sean Combs, also known as P Diddy, and signed with Bad Boy Records. He released his debut album, “Lace Up,” within a year, which debuted in fourth spot on the Billboard Charts 200, and received gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of America or RIAA – the lead track, “Wild Boy,” reached 98th spot on the Billboard Hot 100, marking the beginning of MGK’s consistent success in the music industry, solidifying his status as one of the most accomplished rappers.

Over the years, MGK explored various music genres, venturing into rock, punk and pop. His commercial success expanded with most of his music releases earning top spots in the Billboard Charts, and earning him nominations from prestigious award-giving bodies, including a Best Rock Album nomination at the Grammy Awards (2023). He also clinched awards such as Top Rock Artist (2022) and Top Rock Album (2021) from the Billboard Awards, as well as Favorite Rock Album from the American Music Awards (2021/2022).

MGK’s versatility extends beyond music into acting, as evidenced by his involvement in films since 2014, when he first appeared in “Beyond The Lights.” Balancing his passion for acting with his music career, he took on roles in various films, including “Nerve” with Emma Roberts (2016), “Bird Box” with Sandra Bullock (2018), “Captive State” with John Goodman (2019), and “Project Power” with Jamie Foxx (2020).

Meet Casie’s mother – Emma Cannon

Among all the casual flings and serious girlfriends in Machine Gun Kelly’s life, Emma Cannon remained relatively unknown. This wasn’t due to a lack of interest in Casie’s mother; rather, it was Emma’s deliberate choice to lead a low-key life.

Emma and MGK’s relationship began during their teenage years, after they met at a Blink-182 concert, a period predating his professional entry into the music scene. When Emma became pregnant, MGK was determined to find a way to financially prepare for the baby, which led him to New York to compete at the aforementioned Apollo Theatre. Fortunately, by the time Cassie arrived, MGK’s future was gradually taking shape, albeit not without its challenges.


The exact timeline of their relationship remains somewhat unclear, as they were private about the details of their past. Despite the relationship ending due to their youthfulness after Casie was born, they maintained a strong bond as co-parents. MGK’s interviews suggest an amicable relationship, with fans speculating that his 2013 “Her Song,” was dedicated to Emma. – ‘I’m just out here chasing my dreams, girl. But it’s crazy cause that dream cost me my Dream Girl.’ The lyrics hint at the sacrifices made for his dreams, resulting in the loss of his relationship with her.

In addition to Emma’s preference for staying out of the limelight, some fans believe that the absence of negative stories about their past is a testament to MGK’s active role as a father. Supporters argue that he provided both financially and emotionally for Casie, preventing any grievances from emerging on social media. If the situation were different, fans speculate that Emma might have taken a more public approach, as is often observed with former partners or spouses of celebrities. As of now, Emma doesn’t maintain any public social media accounts, contributing to her overall privacy.

Casie’s Relationship with Her Parents

Not all, but some children of famous fathers face abandonment when their parents’ relationships sour. This can result from post-separation animosity or the parent’s hectic schedule prioritizing fame and fortune over spending time with their offspring. Fortunately for Casie, the situation is quite the opposite. It is widely known that Machine Gun Kelly has a remarkable relationship with his daughter, but it’s unclear whether Casie lives primarily with her father or her mother, although it’s evident from social media platforms that she’s enjoying her teenage years.


Contributed to Her Father’s Album

In various interviews, MGK has openly expressed his love for being a father to Casie. She was featured in one of his albums, and even contributed to one of his songs. This desire to involve his daughter in his work materialized during compiling his sixth studio album, “Mainstream Sellout,” in 2022. To make this collaboration even more memorable, MGK enlisted the participation of American comedian, writer, and actor Pete Davidson for the track called “Wall of Fame (interlude)”; it was a funny 32-second interlude about Los Angeles wall of fame, and the three go back and forth about it.

Fought with a Boy at School Because of Her Father

During an appearance on Drew Barrymore’s talk show in December 2021, MGK shared heartwarming stories about Casie. He acknowledged her rebellious streak, but mentioned her efforts to make things right. One incident that stood out was when Cassie got into a fight at school because a boy had said derogatory things about her father. MGK, acknowledging her loyalty, encouraged her but also emphasized the importance of handling such situations differently, expressing his love for her. He told her ‘Good job. But don’t do that again and I love you so much.’


Part of MGK’s Documentary

Casie made appearances in her father’s 2022 documentary entitled “Life in Pink.” The documentary chronicled MGK’s life beyond the spotlight over two years, offering fans an intimate look into the musician’s pursuit of his entertainment industry goals. The documentary provided insights into the creation of MGK’s latest two albums, “Tickets to Downfall” and “Mainstream Sellout,” both of which achieved top positions on the Billboard charts. To the delight of his fans, it also showed his role as a father to Casie, with various clips about her accompanying him to several events, and how they treat each other without the lights on.

“Best Mother” Greeting

In 2013, during Mother’s Day celebrations, MGK posted a rare tribute on his Instagram account dedicated to the mother of his only child. He wrote, ‘Happy Mother’s Day to the best mother I’ve seen first hand.’ The post was later deleted, leading people to assume it was possibly at Emma Cannon’s request to maintain her privacy. Regardless of the reason, the post underscored her role as a great mother to Casie. There was a heartwarming video clip shared with the public when Casie was still a toddler, which fans assumed was recorded by Emma who was heard crying in the background. The video showed MGK talking to Casie who was doodling on some paper, oblivious to what her father was saying. He was explaining to her why he couldn’t be there all the time for her. They all knew that Casie was too young to understand him, but MGK still felt the need to explain things to her.

Casie’s Future Stepmother, Megan Fox

After her parents’ separation, MGK, was rumored to be romantically involved with various women before officially announcing his engagement to “Fast and Furious” actress Megan Fox. Megan, previously married to actor Brian Austin Green, had three children from her previous marriage.

The connection between MGK and Megan began during the filming of the movie “Midnight on the Switchgrass”, from which sparks flew between them. Rumors of their dating surfaced a month after Brian Austin Green confirmed the end of their 10-year marriage. Contrary to the assumptions that MGK caused the split, Brian stated that they were already growing distant before Megan filmed the movie with MGK.

Megan took on the role of MGK’s love interest in his “Bloody Valentine” music video, confirming their relationship for fans. In July 2020, they gave their first joint interview on the podcast “Give Them Lala … With Randall.” A week later, they became Instagram official, with MGK expressing how he’d waited an eternity to find her. Megan reciprocated a month later with a post declaring, ‘Achingly Beautiful Boy… My heart is yours.’ Interestingly, Megan’s ex-husband Brian posted a photo on Instagram with their children and a similar caption, suggesting some form of response to Megan’s post.


When the engagement between Megan and MGK was announced, there were no concerns about Casie’s relationship with her future stepmother, as there were no previously reported incidents of issues between them. Despite facing challenges and even weathering breakup rumors in early 2023 (leading to Megan deleting her Instagram account), the couple has shown resilience. Megan has established a positive relationship with Casie, evident in video clips and photos shared by MGK. He’s also shared stories about the three of them enjoying vacations together in various countries.

Casie was initially expected to have a new sibling, but in November 2023, Megan revealed in her poetry book that she’d unfortunately suffered a miscarriage.


Casie’s about to turn 15 years old this year, and she continues to undergo physical growth. With her skin tone, she presents a striking blend of her Caucasian father and her mother’s mixed colored lineage. Although there are no circulating photos of Emma Cannon in the social media sphere, fans often comment on MGK’s Instagram posts about Casie, noting the resemblance between Casie and her mother.

Net Worth

Estimating Casie Colson Baker’s net worth at this stage of her life is challenging, given her focus on education as a teenager. However, considering her father’s estimated net worth of $25 million, it can reasonably be assumed that she enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. MGK’s evident devotion to her suggests that, if she desires, Casie could attend the best schools he can afford, so ensuring her future financial security.

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