What does Shannon Gunz do? Her Age, Height, Spouse, Family

April 18, 2024
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Shannon Gunz is a prominent American radio host, whose dynamic presence resonates across the airways from various SiriusXM stations. Renowned for her passion for rock ‘n’ roll music, Shannon has seamlessly blended her love for the genre with her career, establishing herself as a key figure in the radio industry. Her journey has been marked by engaging conversations with some of the biggest names in rock, including iconic figures such as Ozzy Osbourne, Brent Smith, Jacoby Shaddix, Taylor Momsen, and Vinnie Paul. As an avid rock enthusiast and skilled interviewer, Shannon Gunz continues to captivate audiences, providing an unparalleled insight into the world of music through her distinctive radio hosting.

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Early life, family, education

Shannon ‘Gunz’ Turner was born on 8 July 1984, in Chino Valley, Arizona, USA. The radio host has kept much of her early life private – details about her childhood, including the names and professions of her parents, remain undisclosed. As for her educational background, Shannon hasn’t provided information regarding the specific schools she attended or whether she pursued higher education at a university before embarking on her career. Shannon has shared glimpses of her parents on her Instagram page, occasionally featuring them in pictures alongside her beloved dog Milly.


Shannon ‘Gunz’ Turner has dedicated her entire professional journey to SiriusXM, where she began as an intern in 2006. Fueled by her genuine love for music, Shannon’s passion steered her towards a successful career as a radio host within the broadcasting company. Progressing steadily, she climbed the ranks and gained popularity, evolving her skills over time. Embracing new responsibilities at the station, Shannon found herself in the exciting role of interviewing rock stars, an experience that not only bolstered her courage, but also enriched her knowledge for the road ahead.


Undeterred in her ascent, Shannon’s unstoppable trajectory eventually led her to be recognized as a seasoned radio host. While the specific station where she first held this title isn’t documented, her journey soon expanded to include multiple stations. Presently, Shannon can be heard on Octane 37, Ozzy’s Boneyard 38, and Turbo 41, where her genuine love for rock music aligns seamlessly with her role. As a rock enthusiast, Shannon effortlessly combines her love for the genre with her job, curating playlists and engaging in interviews with various rock stars.

Since stepping into the role of a radio host, Shannon ‘Gunz’ Turner has had the privilege of interviewing renowned celebrities, solidifying her status as a star within the SiriusXM family. Her success in the realm of radio has not only elevated her career but has also significantly contributed to her increasing wealth, marking Shannon as an influential figure in the world of music broadcasting.


Personal relationships and marriages

Shannon ‘Gunz’ Turner’s personal life has been marked by both tragedy and resilience. She was previously married to music producer Kato Khandwala, whose life was tragically cut short following a motorcycle accident on 25 April 2018. Despite the adversity, Shannon has shown strength in moving forward, and in her journey toward healing has found companionship with Chad Gray, a renowned musician recognized as the vocalist of the heavy metal band Mudvayne. Both Shannon and Chad are keen on keeping their relationship private, and only occasionally posting photos online. However, it’s revealed that the two met back in 2020.


Husband Chad Gray

Chad Gray was born in Illinois on 16 October 1971, and his life is marked by ongoing successful musical career. The band Mudvayne, known for their distinctive sound and visual style, gained popularity in the early 2000s with albums such as “L.D. 50” and “The End of All Things to Come.”

The musician is also associated with the band Hellyeah, a supergroup formed in 2006. including members from other well-known bands, have released multiple albums including “Hellyeah” (2007), “Stampede” (2010), “Band of Brothers” (2012), and “Welcome Home” (2019). The band’s name, “Hellyeah,” also serves as the title of one of their popular songs. The albums are recognized for blending elements of hard rock and heavy metal Apart from his musical endeavors, Chad Gray has been part of various collaborations and projects within the metal genre.


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Social media presence

Shannon Gunz has cultivated a prominent social media presence, gaining celebrity status over the years with a substantial following across various platforms. Particularly on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, she boasts hundreds of thousands of dedicated followers. On her official Instagram page alone, Shannon has amassed over 150,000 followers, utilizing the platform to provide glimpses into her recent career endeavors, including interviews and attendance at various concerts.

Beyond her professional life, she offers a personal touch, sharing moments with friends, family, and her dog, creating a well-rounded online presence. She also showcases her passion for fitness and has an Instagram highlight dedicated to working out.


Her Twitter account, which commands a following of more than 55,000, serves as a platform not only for career promotion but also for sharing personal opinions, ideas, and interests.

Additionally, Shannon maintains a presence on Facebook, on which she’s garnered over 50,000 followers.

Appearance and body stats

Shannon’s height is approximately 5ft 5ins (167cms), but her weight remains undisclosed. A defining aspect of her appearance is her long, colored hair, complemented by multiple nose piercings. Her distinctive style is a testament to her passion for rock music, often showcasing outfits that include flannels combined with band T-shirts and ripped jeans.

Net worth and salary

As of 2024, Shannon Gunz’s estimated net worth is estimated at over $1 million. While specific details about her salary aren’t provided, her substantial net worth is reflective of her successful career in the broadcasting industry, particularly working as a host at Sirius XM.

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