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April 18, 2024
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Laura Ramsey is a former TV series and movie actress, better known for minor roles in movies like “The Covenant”, and television series such as “Mad Men”. A mother of one, Laura has been very secretive about her personal life and relationships since retiring from the “big screen” in 2015.

Childhood, family, early career

Laura Ramsey was born under the Zodiac sign of Scorpio on 14 November 1982, in Brandon, Wisconsin USA, to Jill and Mark Ramsey; she has two siblings, Joe and Arica Leonard. Laura matriculated from Laconia High School, Rosendale, in 2001 at the age of 19, and afterwards graduated from Ripon College of Performing Arts, with a degree in Theater Studies.


Laura Ramsey then decided to move to Los Angeles, California, with the clear intention to find her way into show business and eventually the “big screen”. Nevertheless, at first she didn’t have any success while pursuing this endeavor, so that she had to work as a waitress at a bar on Sunset Boulevard for over a year. In early 2003, while she was working her shift, the tables turned and Laura finally found her lucky break – a scout spotted her, offering an audition for “The Real Cancun”, a movie-length reality show which followed real-life young people as they partied in Mexico during Spring Break. While the show performed badly in reviews and at the box office, it served as a springboard to launch Laura’s professional career.


Career and hiatus

Laura Ramsey’s career continued to grow progressively from 2004, after “The Real Cancun” and later an ABC-funded series entitled “The Days”, to 2015, when she suddenly retired from the profession and public life in general. Curiously, during this time she also featured in a supporting role in the movie “Lords of Dogtown” where she met Heath Ledger, the late award-winning actor who played The Joker in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”.

Laura had some success during the following years, featuring in some mid-range horror movies such as “The Covenant” and “The Ruins”.

Overall, she featured in several television series and more than 20 movies between 2003 and 2015 – in 2008 she landed a supporting role inaoe episode of the award-winning TV series “Mad Men”, which helped her feature in Zach Galifianakis’ comedy “Are You Here”, one of her last appearances in public and in the movie business.

After 2015, without any notice, Laura Ramsey withdrew from public life. It is still unclear whether she went on an hiatus or retired. Nevertheless, she hasn’t posted on social media or appeared in interviews since then.

Personal life

Laura Ramsey has always been very secretive in regards to her private life including relationships, so that only two relationships are partially known to the public.


First, a brief relationship with fellow actor Brian Geraghty between 2009 and 2010; Geraghty is a well-known actor who has appeared in big TV series such as “Boardwalk Empire” and “The Alienist”, and movies “The Hurt Locker”. Secondly, Laura Ramsey was in a relationship with entrepreneur and fashion designer Greg Chait, with whom she has a daughter, Dorothy Chait. It’s rumored that the couple is still together and live in Malibu, and that Laura retired from the big screen to raise her daughter.

Laura’s parents and siblings still live in Wisconsin and have preferred to keep a low profile throughout the years.

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While they have a great relationship, Laura’s parents have chosen not to feature in interviews, media articles or any other coverage, adding further the idea that Laura’s tendency to preserve secrecy in her private life may be fueled and inspired by her family culture.

Who is Greg Chait?

While not much is known about Greg Chait’s childhood, he was born in 1978 in Toronto Canada to South African parents; his mother was an artist while his father was a doctor. They moved to Arizona soon after Greg was born.

Chait graduated from the University of Arizona with a combined degree in Communications and the Entertainment Industry, and during which time he also landed an internship in Whitney Houston’s personal management team.


He immediately moved to Australia to ‘take a break’, amidst surfing and safaris, but his break was cut short when he had to return to Los Angeles, after landing a job for a talent scouting agency called The Firm. In 2004 he left “The Firm” and joined an Australian denim and blue jeans brand called Tsub”, soon after becoming CEO of the North American branch.

In 2007, he left the company in search of his own new venture; somewhat peculiarly, during this time a friend gave him a cashmere blanket, which inspired Chait to enter the cashmere market. As he once jokingly said, showing the blanket that his friend gave to him – ‘This is the blanket that started it all, this little fella’. According to Chait, all cashmere blankets in the market around that time were low-quality, which led him on a quest to find cashmere producers who would help him create a high-end brand of blankets.

After producing two of these, he sent them to a firm called Maxfield, whose stakeholders he knew from the time he worked at Tsubi. They bought them on the spot for $6000 apiece, and ordered further, which led him to create his own company, Elder Statesman, in 2008, a business which now accounts for more than 60 shops and high-end boutiques around the world.

It’s rumored that he and Laura Ramsey met in Hollywood in 2009, and soon became engaged, after Ramsey broke up with actor Brian Geraghty. In 2010 Laura gave birth to their only child, daughter Dorothy Chait, who is now 12.


The couple has not been active on social media or TV since 2015, with the few Facebook and Instagram accounts of Laura Ramsey currently outdated, or being run by fans. She, Greg and their daughter are rumored to currently live in Malibu.

Appearance and net worth

Laura Ramsey’s estimated net worth is close to $1 million as of early 2022. It’s unclear whether she’s started her own business or not.

In terms of physical features, Laura has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She stands at 5ft 3ins (160cm) and weighs around 110lbs (50kgs), with vital statistics of 34-25-35.

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