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May 4, 2023
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David Benioff Friedman was born on the 25th of September 1970 in New York City USA. The Hollywood screenwriter, producer and novelist who later on let go of his last name (to avoid confusion with another writer) is famously known for his book “25th Hour” and is currently the co-creator of the hit TV series “Game of Thrones”.

So how rich is David Benioff? The writer’s net worth as of early 2016 is reported by authoritative sources to be $18 million as of early 2016. He has garnered his value from translating books into film, writing the scripts of hit movies and television series, and writing books of his own.

David Benioff Net Worth $18 Million

Benioff is the son of Barbara Benioff and Stephen Friedman, the former head of Goldman Sachs. Growing up in New York, he is the youngest of three children. Benioff graduated from Dartmouth College and earned his Masters degree in Creative Writing from the University of California-Irvine, and Master of Arts at Trinity College, Dublin. The writer was also a jack of all trades, working as a disc jockey, a club bouncer and later on a high school teacher at Poly Prep in Brooklyn, New York, where he wrote his novel “The 25th Hour”. The would-be movie was dismissed by 13 publishers before it was actually turned into a book.

The former teacher’s value and career took an interesting turn when his book was later on adapted into a movie. “25th Hour” starred Edward Norton and directed by Spike Lee. After the success of his first book, Benioff went on to write his second work “When the Nines Roll Over (And Other Stories)” in 2004. His net worth was growing steadily.

Fresh from the print of his latest work, he then commenced to draft the screenplay of “Troy”, later realized into a movie starring Brad Pitt, and which placed Benioff’s name on the Hollywood map. In 2005, he wrote the script for “Stay”, subsequently another star-studded production directed by Marc Foster. Benioff once again worked with Foster for the movie adaptation of the book “The Kite Runner” written by Khaled Hosseini in 2007. His net worth was still rising.

The screen-writer took a break from the screen and wrote another book entitled “City of Thieves” in 2008, a coming of age story and black comedy set against the background of World War II. Some of Benioff’s other projects that catapulted his career and value are “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, “Brothers”, and the television series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.

In 2007, Benioff was once again set to reach new heights when he and his friend D. B. Weiss adapted George R.R. Martin’s book “A Song of Ice and Fire” into a TV series. Benioff enjoyed the series so much that he and Weiss reached out to Martin and developed it into the successful series that we know now as “Game of Thrones”. In April 2011, the first episode aired and the rest has been history. Benioff’s work on the show paid off when he and Weiss won an Emmy for the show in 2015.

In his personal life, Benioff married actress Amanda Peet in 2006. The pair has two daughters and a son, and now reside in New York City.

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