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March 22, 2024
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Angel Dugard Wiki

In today’s age of social media platforms and advanced technology, girls around the world easily become famous due to their beauty, talent, or something else; this was not the case for Angel Dugard. She came into the spotlight after her mother, Jaycee Lee Dugard published her book entitled “A Stolen Life: A Memoir”, which revealed the truth about Angel’s birth.

Early life

Angel Dugard was born in California on 18 August 1994, when her mother was only 14 years old. Jaycee Lee became pregnant after being raped multiple times. The man who raped her, Phillip Garrido, kidnapped her when she was 11 years old, and kept her in his backyard in a tent. Jaycee watched television programs about childbirth, and this is how she prepared for the birth of her first daughter, Angel.

Jaycee gave birth to her second daughter, named Starlet, on 13 November 1997, when she was 17 years old. Phillip’s wife, Nancy Garrido was his accomplice in the kidnapping and holding of the girl captive.

While her daughters were growing up, they were raised as her sisters. Phillip and Nancy told them that Jaycee is their older sister.

Jaycee took care of them. She homeschooled them, and tried to give them as normal life as she could, since all three were actually captives in Garrido’s backyard.


How were Jaycee Lee and her daughters saved?

On 24 August 2009, Phillip took Angel and Starlet on a trip to the University of California, Berkley, and there they visited the campus police office, since Phillip was asking for permission to hold a special event. The officer noticed that something was wrong with his behavior, and the girls looked, as she said ‘submissive and sullen.’

The officer, namely Lisa Campbell asked him to make an appointment for the next day, and after he told her his name, Lisa checked and found that he was a registered sex offender. Since he was on parole for kidnapping and raping, after Lisa’s call, two parole officers went to Garrido’s house. They searched the house, but there were only his wife and his mother.

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The officers told him that he has to come tomorrow to the office, which he did. He came with his wife Nancy, Jaycee, and her daughters. Jaycee told the officers that her name is ‘Allissa’, and that she is hiding in Garrido’s house from an abusive husband. The officer did not believe her story.

They called the Concord police, and after a police sergeant came, Phillip Garrido confessed that he kidnapped and raped Jaycee and that he is the father of her daughters.

Where is Angel Dugard now?

After Jaycee was reunited with her family, she retained custody of her daughters, who at first were shocked when they realized that their father was arrested. Angela and her sister were traumatized by all that happened, and it was hard to lead a normal life.

Thanks to numerous therapy sessions, Angel continued her life. She matriculated from high school in 2012, and enrolled at the University of California. She prefers to keep her life away from the public eye, she has no social media accounts, and thus it’s hard to find where she is now.


The kidnapping of Jaycee Lee Dugard

Jaycee Lee Dugard was born on 3 May 1980, in Anaheim, California, the only child of her mother Terry, and her biological father Ken Slayton. Her parents divorced, thus Ken wasn’t involved in Jaycee’s life, and she lived in Meyers, California with her mother Terry, stepfather Carl Probyn, and half-sister Shayna.

On 10 June 1991, as many mornings before, Jaycee Lee was walking down the street from her home to a school bus stop. A gray car approached her and she thought that the driver wants to ask her for directions, so she stepped near the vehicle. Phillip Garrido rolled down the window and teased the girl who fell unconscious. Phillip’s wife Nancy, dragged Jaycee into the car, covered her with a blanket and they drove away.


Jaycee’s stepfather saw the abduction, and tried to catch the kidnappers on his bicycle, but it was impossible to overtake the vehicle. Jaycee’s friends from school also saw what happened, and the whole town was shocked.

After a few hours, local and national media converged on the town to cover the story, and dozens of volunteers assisted in the search effort, however, without success. Jaycee Lee Dugard subsequently  spent 18 years in captivity.


Where is Jaycee Lee Dugard now?

Following her reappearance, Jaycee Lee was said to perhaps have developed Stockholm syndrome, a theorized condition that hostages develop a psychological bond with their captors, which she denied. She stated that her willingness to interact with her captor and the compassion she showed only meant that she had to do such things to survive.

On her Instagram account, in her bio, she wrote ‘kidnap survivor’, although she tries to live a normal life after all the things she experienced as a young girl. She’s found solace in animals, especially horses.


Jaycee is the founder of The JayC Foundation, an organization that helps individuals and families who have experienced traumas, through educational and animal-assisted programs.

Net worth

Since Angel decided to keep her life under wraps, there is no information about her career and her net worth. However, after Phillip and Nancy Garrido were arrested, charged and sentenced to 431 years to life imprisonment, and 36 years to life imprisonment, respectively, Angel’s mother sued the state of California.


The California Department of Corrections approved a $20 million settlement with Jaycee to compensate her for failing to properly supervise the registered sex offender who kidnapped her, sexually abused and kept her captive for years. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governor of California at the time, signed the bill.

Jaycee filed a lawsuit in September 2011 accusing the US authorities of failing to monitor Phillip Garrido while he was on federal parole, however, the US Court of Appeals dismissed Jaycee’s civil claims, denying federal responsibility.

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