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March 14, 2024
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James Nathaniel Toney was born on 24 August 1968, in Grand Rapids, Michigan USA. He is a professional boxer, best known for being a former three-weight world champion. He won multiple titles throughout his career and was given numerous accolades. All of his efforts have helped put his net worth to where it is today.

How rich is James Toney? As of mid-2016, sources estimate a net worth that is at $2 million, mostly earned through a successful career in boxing, earning a significant amount from big fights. He’s also tried his hand at mixed martial arts and acting. As he continues his career his wealth is expected to increase.

James Toney Net Worth $2 million

Before pursuing a career in boxing, Toney played football and had a scholarship offer from Western Michigan. However he didn’t feel that team sports were for him, so he switched to solo sports which led to boxing. James had a short yet successful amateur career, compiling a 33-2 record with 32 of those wins as knockouts. He then made his professional debut in October 1988, defeating Stephen Lee via a technical knockout. He started training with Gregory Owens and was given the moniker “Lights Out”. During his career he would work with Johnny “Ace” Smith, Jackie Kallen and eventually train with Emanuel Steward who developed his “old-school” style of fighting.

In 1991, James would win the IBF middleweight championship by knocking out Michael Nunn during the 11th round of their bout. although he was the underdog. He continued to fight in the middleweight division, defending his title several times though some of those fights were controversial, especially the fight against Dave Tiberi which prompted a government investigation into possible corruption in the sport. He won against Reggie Johnson in a split decision, and had a draw against Mike McCallum, retaining his title. After the McCallum match, Toney moved up to the Super Middleweight division. He then fought Iran Barkley for the IBF Super Middleweight title, winning in the 9th round as Iran’s trainer called for a stoppage to the fight because of his boxer’s injuries. Toney would go on and win five fights in 1993, defeating Tony “The Punching Postman” Thornton and the previously undefeated Tim Littles. He then knocked out Prince Charles Williams during the 12th and final round of their match, setting him up for a fight against the undefeated Olympic silver medallist Roy Jones, Jr. Roy would win in a clear decision against James, who then moved to the light heavyweight division only to be defeated by Montell Griffin. He continued to fight in the light heavyweight, heavyweight and cruiserweight division for his next bouts.

Toney then took some time out of the ring, coming back in 1999 to defeat former champions Steve Little, Saul Montana, and Adolpho Washington. He then beat Jason Robinson to set him up witha fight with the Cruiserweight champion Vassily Jirov in 2003, and Toney knocked-out the undefeated Vassily in the 12th round, solidifying his status as a three-weight World Champion, and was rewarded with “Fight of the Year” and “Comeback of the Year” by Ring Magazine. He then moved up to the heavyweight division, hoping to become champion, and won against Evander Holyfield and Rydell Booker, before facing off against John Ruiz, winning that match via unanimous division and the WBA heavyweight championship. However because of failing a drugs test, the match was considered a no-contest and he was stripped of the title. He continued to fight until 2013, and then went into retirement before coming back in 2015 with a loss against Charles Ellis.

For his personal life, it is known that James is married to Angie Toney though not much more information is available about their relationship. He enjoys bowling, but originally wanted to play in the NFL. He names ‘Sugar’ Ray Robinson as his childhood hero.

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