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Terry Gene Bollea, to the audience known by a stage name of Hulk Hogan, is a famous American actor, professional wrestler, enterpreneur, as well as a film and television producer. Hulk Hogan is perhaps mostly known for his many appearances on ring, both as a good guy and a villain of the New World Order (nWo), a professional wrestling stable signed to WWE, where Hogan is currently working as a wrestler. Hogan’s rise to fame begins in 1980s and it is mostly prominent throughout the 1990s. In 2003, Hogan’s salary for a WrestleMania XIX event amounted to $150 thousand. Hogan, who has been a World Champion 12 times, is truly a remarkable professional wrestler but he is as good of an actor too.


Hulk Hogan Net Worth $8 Million


Hogan made his acting debut in “Rocky III”, a third installment of the boxing saga with Sylvester Stallone and Mr. T Since his debut, Hulk Hogan has been a recurring face on the television screens. Due to his commercially successful performances, Hogan was able to purchase a Bel Air Mansion, the value of which is $6.2 million, as well as Clearwater Beach home that costs $3.3 million, among many other assets. How rich is Hulk Hogan then? According to sources, Hulk Hogan’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million. The majority of Hulk Hogan’s net worth and annual salary comes from his career as a professional wrestler and actor.

Hulk Hogan was born in 1953, in Augusta, Georgia, and attended the University of South Florida. Hogan’s mainstream success begins in 1979, when he was introduced to Vincent James McMahon, father of a professional wrestling promoter Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Hogan signed a deal with the WWF and made a debut on the ring that same year. Hogan’s wrestling career is truly spectacular. He has fought against some of the most famous wrestlers, including André the Giant, The Rock, Randy Orton, and Triple H among many others. Often referred to as “Hollywood Hogan” or “The Super Destroyer”, Hulk Hogan is a winner of not only World Championships, but also Heavyweight Championships, WrestleMania, as well as Royal Rumble events. As Hogan’s fame rose, so did his net worth. Hogan has never been short of offers to appear on television screens. Hogan made his debut in “Rocky III”, which was followed by a television series “The A-Team” with Mr. T, “Mr. Nanny” with Sherman Hemsley, “Spy Hard” with Leslie Nielsen, as well as “Thunder in Paradise”. In 2005, Hogan also premiered his own reality television series “Hogan Knows Best”, which aired for four seasons and spawned a spin-off series “Brooke Knows Best”. He then hosted several other series including “Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling”, a short-lived series which he co-produced and participated in as a host. Hogan was also a brief host of a competition show “American Gladiators”. A famous actor, television personality and a legendary wrestler, Hulk Hogan whose net worth is estimated to amount to $8 million currently resides in Florida, but spends a lot of time in Beverly Hills, California as well.

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  1. He owns $10M in real estate yet his net worth is supposedly only $8M. How do you people come up with something so ridiculous? His net worth is at least double the $8M.


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