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April 18, 2024
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Bridgette Doremus

Bridgette Doremus, better-known by the name Bridgette Feuerstein, is the wife of American rapper and record producer NF, and the founder of the health and wellness brand Halfway Hippie. According to online sources, the motivational speaker is 5ft 5ins (165cms) tall and weighs about 125lbs (57kgs).

Born on 25th July 1990 in Washington D.C, USA, Bridgette first rose to public prominence thanks to the success of Stripped Fitness, her first lifestyle and workout brand. Nearing the end of 2014, the brunette shared her story for the first time with a four-minute YouTube video.


Regarding the launch of Stripped Fitness, Bridgette explained: ‘I was unhappy with my life, I was unhappy with my weight, I was unhappy with the way that I looked, and I just had to make a change.’ After enrolling into the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Bridgette learned about the links between spirituality and physical wellbeing and took the first steps towards becoming a certified health coach.

However, the driving force behind Bridgette’s radical lifestyle change was her father, a former bodybuilder who later struggled with obesity, heart problems, and depressive episodes that ultimately led to his demise.

Just two months after launching Stripped Fitness, Bridgette received a phone call from her aunt and learned that her father had passed away after overdosing on his prescription meds. Since then, the health coach has been more inspired than ever to help people make long-lasting changes to their habits, while avoiding crash diets or other unorthodox weight loss methods.


After her first video, Bridgette continued to upload frequently on YouTube, from healthy recipes and motivational talks to workout routines and vlogs. Although her social media following increased exponentially when her relationship with FN became public, she gradually stopped posting on the video-sharing platform after their wedding day, preferring instead to cultivate an Instagram and Facebook fanbase.

Over time, Stripped Fitness became Halfway Hippie and Bridgette began uploading more lifestyle content instead of basing her whole brand around fitness and a vegan diet. In 2021, she and FN welcomed their first child together, Beckham John; two years later, the Feuersteins became a family of four with the arrival of Leighton Christine.

Although Bridgette still uploads recipes from time to time, her workout videos have slowly been replaced by motherhood tips and tricks, such as ways to treat postpartum hair loss and non-toxic product guides. The influencer currently follows the 80/20 rule when it comes to clean living, which is described as aiming to lead an organic and non-toxic lifestyle 80% of the time.

NF: Career

Nathan John Feuerstein was born on 30th March 1991 in Gladwin, Michigan, and raised alongside two younger sisters. The rapper’s childhood was far from idyllic: a few years after his parents divorced, he was taken in by his father after being abused by his mother’s boyfriend. In previous interviews, the musician also divulged that he suffered from anger issues, and lived in a trailer during his formative years.


In 2009, Nathan’s mother passed away from an opioids overdose, but he still matriculated from high school. Although he was a promising basketball player who played for his high school team, the musician opted for a creative career, after attending a local Fine Arts Festival organized by Connection Church.

Nathan’s rap skills date back to his childhood, when he recorded songs on a karaoke machine and used the creative outlet as an escape from his dysfunctional environment. In November 2010, he independently released his debut studio album, “Moments”, which was followed almost a year later by his debut single.

Record label Xist Music became aware of Nathan’s work in 2012, and in May of the same year he released his debut EP, “I’m Free”, which contained nine songs and more sophisticated production work. Although Xist and Nathan were working on a second EP, internal disputes and delayed production on the project led to the rapper parting ways with the label.


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After leaving Xist, Nathan released the single “Beautiful Addiction” and inked a deal with Capitol Christian Music Group. His second EP, “NF”, peaked at number four on the Top Gospel Albums chart and number 12 on the Christian Albums chart, becoming his breakthrough release and receiving positive reviews. Two years later, he signed to Capitol Christian Music Group and released his first studio album, “Mansion”, under the label.

Despite making a name for himself in the Christian music scene and mentioning God in his raps, Nathan shies away from the Christian rapper label. ‘I didn’t really like it. It’s not where I see myself today,’ he previously told Guardian.


Around this time, Nathan’s songs featured in popular TV shows such as “Shades of Blue”, “Empire”, and “Grimm”. In 2016, he released two singles from his second studio album, “Therapy Session”: “I Just Wanna Know” and “Real”, which were both well-received. A non-album single, “Warm Up”, was released in September of the same year.

The release of Nathan’s third studio album, “Perception”, in October 2017 helped change his career trajectory for the better. The project became Nathan’s first chart-topping album as it claimed the top spot on the Billboard 200; he also became the second artist of the year to release a number-one album without having charted on the Hot 100. “Perception” also spawned a sleeper hit as “Let You Down”, its lead single, debuted at 87 on the Hot 100 and steadily climbed up to the 12th position.

Thanks to the success of “Perception”, Nathan toured with rappers Kyle and Logic in mid-2018. As of January 2019, the album had become certified platinum after selling over one million units. Although the Michigan native’s subsequent projects failed to sell as many copies, Nathan continued to steadily release music such as his fourth album, “The Search”, and the singles “Paid My Dues” and “When I Grow Up”.

In early 2022, Nathan took a well-deserved break from the recording studio that lasted over a year. He announced his fifth studio album, “Hope”, in February 2023 with a single of the same name.

NF: Personal Life

Although 2018 was a happy time for the rapper as he adjusted to life as a married man, he was also diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder after attending therapy sessions. The musician has a long history of anxiety and depression and often references his mental health in his songs, which is appreciated by his fans. According to Nathan, “Hope” took over a year and a half to create due to his OCD.


Nathan, who currently resides in Nashville with Bridgette and their children, recently opened up about fatherhood in an interview with NME. ‘I’m definitely still growing,’ he said. ‘Having a kid, you have to look at your issues even more, because now you’re raising a human being.’ Nathan also credited his son with helping him to become more patient, and figure things out about himself.

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