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April 18, 2024
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Emanuel Steward was born On 7 July 1944, in Bottom Creek, West Virginia USA, and is a name very well-known in the boxing world, as he was a boxer, trainer, and even commentator for HBO Boxing, beginning in the 1960s .

So just how rich was Emanuel Steward? According to authoritative reports, the estimated sum of Steward‘s net worth at the time of his passing in 2012 was over $15 million,, accumulated during a career spanning over 40 years. Emanuel Steward .

Emanuel Steward Net Worth $15 Million

From a relatively young age Emanuel worked in the auto industry in Detroit, Michigan to where he had moved with his mother after her divorce. That was until he got into into boxing – everything changed when Emanuel began attending the local recreation center, where he started to train as a boxer. Leisure time activity became a way of life of his as well as becoming an astonishing career – as an amateur he lost just three bouts in 98, including winning the 1963 national Golden Gloves tournament in the division of bantamweight. However, in order to support the family, he became an electrical lineman until in the 70‘s, when he started training boxers.

Steward achieved his most notable success in early life while training welterweight Thomas ‘The Hitman’ Hearns, changing him from a light hitting boxer into a heavy puncher, who eventually won world titles in five divisions. These successes had a significant effect on Emanuel’s net worth too.

During his career as a boxing trainer, Emanuel Steward trained more than 40 boxers, many of them to a very high level including Wladimir Klitschko, Tony Tucker and Lennox Lewis to name just a few; all of these men at some point became world champions. These further notable successful athletes saw Emanuel prove himself to be one of the most respected boxing trainers in the world, and significantly helped his net worth. However, it is also worth mentioning that Steward trained many of the nation’s top amateurs.

However, Emanuel was not only a boxing trainer, simultaneously he was working as a commentator on HBO Boxing, beginning in 2001 and covering many championship fights also an an analyst, which added considerably to his net worth.

Such was Steward’s standing that he was inducted into the International Boxing Hall Of Fame, as well as the World Boxing Hall of Fame.

Steward was also known for his charity work, as he helped under privileged youths to obtain an education when working as a volunteer in Detroit. He eventually helped them to achieved success and some wealth too, through introducing them to boxing.

Unfortunately Emanuel passed away on 25 October 2012 in hospital in Chicago. He died due to complications after undergoing surgery for diverticulitis, although colon cancer contributed as an equal factor to his death. At the time of death the great man was 68, mourned by many of those he had trained, who respected the effect that he had had on them. He had married Marie Steele in 1964, and they had a son but divorced in 2004.

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