All Truth About Christine Quinn’s Husband Christian Richard

April 18, 2024
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Who is Christian Richard?

Christian Richard or Christian Dumontet, is perhaps known best as the husband of the famous actress and TV reality show star Christine Quinn, however, in the world of technology, he’s a well-known, very successful tech entrepreneur. Thanks to his success in software engineering, he was able to retire aged 38.

Speaking of his age, he was born under the zodiac sign of Cancer on 9 July 1979, which makes him 44 years old as of March 2023. He is a native of Middletown Township, New Jersey USA, thus he holds American nationality, and his ethnicity is Caucasian.

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When it comes to his educational background, he attended a local high school, and upon matriculating in 1997, he enrolled at The College of New Jersey, from which he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2001. He continued his education at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he specialized in engineering of all types, including software platforms.

Subsequently, he co-founded the company Foodler, one of the first online food ordering and delivery services, where he served as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO); the company was later sold to GrubHub Incorporation, so he was able to retire in 2017.


How he met his future wife?

Christian met his future wife, Christine thanks to a mutual friend – actually, this was a female friend who went out on a blind date with Christian, but they didn’t feel romantic sparks, so she decided to introduce him to Christine. Also, Christian was looking for a house to buy, so Christine was the logical choice.

Christine and Christian went out for a dinner, and as she said, they had an amazing night. They got to know each other, and just hit it off right away, and as she added, he was all she ever wanted. Their first encounter happened in early 2019, and by the end of that same year, the two were married.


The wedding ceremony was held on 15 December 2019, at a downtown Los Angeles cathedral, in California; it was a gothic winter wonderland-themed wedding in front of 75 of their closest family members and friends. Christine wore a black wedding dress and ruby-red shoes, and came to the cathedral in a Victorian carriage.

They wanted to marry in December, so that they could start the New Year as a husband and wife.

On 15 May 2021, Christine and Christian welcomed their son, Christian Georges Dumontet.


How rich is Christian Richard?

You must have wondered how much money Christian got for his company. Well, according to Forbes, the Foodler Company was sold for $65 million. In one of her interviews, Christine said that Christian bought her the house which was her dream house before she even met her future husband; the house cost $5 million.

According to sources, as of March 2023, Christian Richard (Dumontet) has a net worth estimated at over $20 million.

In April 2022, the couple started their company called RealOpen, which uses software to verify crypto funds in the purchase or sale of houses.

About his wife, Christine Quinn

A native of Dallas, Texas USA, Christine Quinn was born under the zodiac sign of Libra on 14 October 1988, which makes her aged 34 as of March 2023. She holds American nationality and comes from a family of Caucasian descent, raised by her parents, about whom little is known. Actually, she hasn’t spoken about her father, but she shared that her mother, Barbara, was twice diagnosed with breast cancer, aged 40 and 41, and so that she could spend more time with her mother, Christine was home-schooled.

However, she never matriculated from high school, as she was four days in jail for marijuana possession, and after that she didn’t complete her General Educational Development Test. Christine once stated that her lack of education made her feel like a ‘fraud’.


Aged 21, Christine moved to Los Angeles, with the hope of becoming a famous actress. She had some modeling gigs before she made her acting debut playing Lisa in the 2010 movie “Father of Invention”, starring Kevin Spacey.

In the following year, Christine was seen in the movies “Shark Night” and “Humans vs Zombies”, while she made her first television appearance as Ashely Baumgrader in the comedy-drama “The First Family” in 2013.

Some of Christine’s notable roles have been in the movies “Hot Tube Time Machine 2” (2015) and “The Perfect Match” (2016), but she rose to prominence after her appearance in the reality TV series “Selling Sunset”, which premiered in March 2019.

The show followed the agents of the high-end real estate firm, called Oppenheim Group, as they navigate their personal and professional lives. Her co-stars were Brett Oppenheim, Jason Oppenheim, Maya Vander, Mary Fitzgerald, Heather Rae El Moussa, and Chrishell Stause with whom Christine shares two MTV Movie + TV Award nominations for Best Fight (Unscripted).

Christine was part of the series from the first to the fifth season, and during the second season, her husband, Christian was also seen in the series. Chrishell Stause and Christine were rivals, and Chrishell claimed that Christine married Christian because of his money.

Known as someone who never misses an opportunity to bring drama to the show, Christine appeared in 33 episodes from 2019 to 2022, and was remembered as a villain. When she left the show, Christine said she had to make a business decision that was better for her, while Jason Oppenheim told Page Six that he believed fans of the show were tired of the drama Christine was serving up on the show, so her departure came at the right time.


One way or another, Christine left a mark as ‘the most-talked-about woman on television’, and has been called ‘the villain 2020 needed’. She showed that she has confidence, all the while dressed in full glam.

She wanted to show other women how to own power in business and life, so she shared her story and journey from high school dropout to self-made millionaire. On 17 May 2022, Christine published her book entitled “How to Be a Boss B*tch”, which candidly covers money and sex, fame and fashion, gratitude and gossip, and consciousness and confidence. According to Christine, her book is a modern guide to living an authentic, bold life.

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