Who is José F. Daccarett? His Age, Height, Spouse, Child, Bio

April 18, 2024
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José F. Daccarett is widely recognised as the father of Sofia Carson, the acclaimed star of “Descendants.” Sofia has made a significant mark in Hollywood, starting her acting journey in 2012 and contributing to various films and TV series. In addition to Sofia, José is also a parent to another beautiful and talented daughter, Paulina Char.

So who is José really? Let’s find out as we take a closer look at his life and career to get a better understanding of the man who raised Sofia, a star and truly talented young woman, and her equally talented sister.

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Early Personal Life

José F. Daccarett was born on 8 September 1966, in Barranquilla, Colombia. His youth saw a significant transition when he moved to the United States.

Regrettably, there is limited reliable information available concerning José’s early life beyond these key points of interest. The details of his experiences and endeavours during that period remain undisclosed, leaving a certain degree of privacy surrounding his formative years.


José pursued his higher education at Florida Atlantic University. However, the specific details regarding the type of degree(s) he pursued during his time aren’t clear.



Maintaining a reserved and private demeanour, José ha ‘ot explicitly disclosed details about his profession. However, it’s widely believed that he’s engaged in business and entrepreneurship, particularly within the automotive industry, in which he’s accumulated years of experience.

José doesn’t exhibit a high level of social media activity. He maintains a minimal online presence, primarily using X, with a modest following of just over 1,000.

Interesting Facts

José provided his children with a culturally rich upbringing, shaping their musical preferences to be equally diverse. The musical palette of his children reflects a fusion of influences spanning Spanish boleros and reggae, alongside the timeless sounds of beloved American musicians such as Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.

Later Personal Life

José is married to Laura Char Carson, and the two celebrated their love and union in a private and intimate ceremony. Laura holds connections to the prominent Char family, involved in Colombian politics.

It was José’s journey from Colombia to the USA in his youth that eventually led him to Florida, where he crossed paths with Laura.

The couple went on to have two daughters, Sofia born in 1993 and Paulina two years later.

Sofía has made a name for herself as a popular and beloved singer and actress. Her initial foray into television began with a guest appearance on “Austin & Ally.”


In 2015, she gained widespread recognition for her role as Evie in the musical fantasy movie “Descendants,” a role she reprised in its subsequent sequels. Venturing further into the world of film, she starred in the Netflix romantic drama “Purple Hearts,” and showed the world that she really is a great actor.

Sofía’s musical journey took flight in 2015 with the soundtrack album for “Descendants,” marking her debut in the music industry. The same year saw the release of her single “Rotten to the Core.”

In 2016, she signed with Hollywood Records, releasing her first single, “Love Is the Name.” Fast forward to 2022, Sofía released her self-titled debut studio album, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

Her talent extends beyond music, as demonstrated when she sang the Oscar-nominated song “Applause,” penned by Diane Warren for the film “Tell It Like a Woman” in 2022. This accomplishment earned her a performance slot at the prestigious 95th Academy Awards, further solidifying her status as a multifaceted and accomplished artist.

Paulina has forged her own unique path to success, diverging from her sister Sofía’s career trajectory.

Her passion lies in the realm of beauty, thriving as a beauty and makeup product developer. This role showcases not only her professional dedication but also her genuine enthusiasm for the world of beauty and cosmetics. Her journey in this field traces back to her early years, marked by a profound fascination with makeup products.

Currently, Paulina holds an executive position at Tower 28 Beauty, where she contributes significantly to the development of the company’s makeup lines. Her active involvement in the beauty industry is a testament to her lifelong affection for cosmetics, a passion that has been nurtured since her formative years. Paulina’s distinctive career highlights her commitment to and success in a field that aligns with her genuine interests and expertise.


Paulina’s journey into the world of beauty and cosmetics can be traced back to her early experiences, where she playfully explored her mother’s makeup collection. Fond memories include convincing her parents to acquire every new product she spotted in TV advertisements, showcasing an early passion for beauty.

Her career in makeup product development brings Paulina profound fulfilment, particularly in the intricate process of creating a product from its inception to completion. Witnessing the positive reception from people adds an extra layer of joy to her work.

Physical Characteristics

Because José is such a private man, there are no details available about his weight or height.

Net Worth

José’s net worth is also a matter of mystery, as it’s not known what his financial status looks like. However, both his daughters are well into the low millions in wealth.

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