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April 18, 2024
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Jenesis Sanchez

Jenesis Giselle Sanchez became a public figure thanks to her relationship with the tragically slain rapper XXXTentacion (birth name Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy), who passed away in June 2018 at just 20 years old after being shot in a premeditated attack.

Not much is known about Jenesis’s family or early years. According to online sources, the brunette was born on 6th March 1998, in Providence, Rhode Island USA, but the family moved to Tampa, Florida, USA not long afterwards. As for her height and ethnicity, Jenesis is of Hispanic descent, is 5ft 4ins (163cms) tall with a petite physique of 120lbs (54kgs).

Personal Life

At the time of Jahseh’s death, he and Jenesis were living together, with three cats and two dogs. However, some fans of the emo rapper doubt that their relationship was as serious as Jenesis would have them believe, given that Jahseh was romantically linked to a number of women throughout the course of his career – many of whom, like Jenesis, had tattooed his government name on their necks.

It’s safe to say that Jahseh and Jenesis, who reportedly began dating in 2017, weren’t a picture-perfect couple. Months before the rapper’s death, a video of him arguing with Jenesis due to girls texting his phone began circulating online; he was also rumored to have hooked up with singer Billie Eilish while she was underage, although Billie has always maintained that they were merely close friends.


Abuse Allegations

Back in September 2017, when Jahseh and Jenesis were already in a relationship, the musician’s public image (which was on the rise thanks to his breakout single “Look At Me” and the commercial success of his album “17”) was tainted by domestic abuse allegations made by ex-girlfriend Geneva Ayala.

Geneva and Jahseh reportedly began dating in 2016, although they first met in November 2014. According to Geneva, Jahseh began physically abusing her when they moved in together in May 2016. Two weeks after the move, the rapper reportedly broke Geneva’s phone and slapped her when she complimented a male friend.

According to Geneva’s chilling abuse claims, Jahseh also assaulted her when she hummed along to a verse from a featured artist on one of his tracks, leaving her with scratch marks, bruises, and black eyes. The worst incident took place in October 2016, when he and Geneva – who had slept with another man while Jahseh was in jail on unrelated charges – discovered that she was pregnant.

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As per the testimony, Jahseh elbowed, head-butted, and punched Geneva, also strangling her until she almost passed out. He then took her to the bathroom and demanded for her to tell him the truth, threatening to kill her in the bathtub if she didn’t obey.

Jahseh pleaded not guilty to the charges, which included witness-tampering, aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, false imprisonment, and would have faced up to 30 years in prison if he’d been convicted on all counts. At the time of his death, the musician was awaiting trial on domestic violence charges, and still suffering the impact of Geneva’s testimony, having lost several brand deals and industry affiliations.


Jenesis herself has never addressed the abuse claims, spoken negatively about Geneva, or claimed to have been mistreated by Jahseh. With that said, in the 2022 Hulu documentary “Look at Me”, some of the rapper’s family members admitted to believing that Jahseh had been physically abusive to his ex-girlfriend, with his mother Cleopatra describing Geneva as ‘the love of his life’.

Of course, Jenesis briefly appeared in the documentary as well, in which she discussed some of the lesser-known aspects of her relationship with the hitmaker. According to Jenesis, Jahseh initially wanted to hire her as his assistant and saw her as a ‘nurturing, caring person’, adding that the pair always felt safe around each other. However, she also said: ‘There were some days I definitely felt like I was walking on shards of glass, because you didn’t know what you were going to get.’

Gekyume Onfroy

Weeks after Jahseh’s death, his mother Cleopatra announced Jenesis’s pregnancy with an Instagram post captioned: ‘He left us a final gift.’ For the next few months, many of the rapper’s long-time followers were dubious about the unborn child’s paternity – remembering, perhaps, that Geneva had become pregnant after cheating on Jahseh.


Thanks to Cleopatra keeping her identity a secret, nobody knew that Jenesis was the pregnant woman in question. She was also able to enjoy a peaceful pregnancy due to all the focus being on Geneva in the aftermath of Jahseh’s death, as Geneva had complained about being kicked out of a candlelit vigil held by Jahseh’s family and friends.

In January 2019, Jenesis publicly announced the birth of her son Gekyume Onfroy, and gave a brief interview with a local news station, saying that she would tell Gekyume all about his father and keep his legacy alive. Gekyume’s unusual moniker means ‘different state or next universe of thought’, and it was apparently created by his father, who learned that Jenesis was pregnant a few weeks before he was killed.


Legal Issues/Net Worth

Any doubts regarding Gekyume’s paternity dissipated when Jenesis uploaded the first photos of her adorable son, who bears a striking resemblance to his deceased father. Even so, the Floridian requested for Jahseh’s DNA to be used to legally establish Gekyume’s paternity – a request which was refused by Cleopatra.

The months-long legal feud between Jenesis and Cleopatra became a hot topic of discussion in online spaces, with many netizens believing that Cleopatra didn’t want Gekyume’s paternity to be legally established so as to leave her grandson without an inheritance. Although Jahseh was only worth around $5 million while alive, his music sales and streams received an enormous boost after his death, and the rapper also has major successful independent releases such as “?” and “A Ghetto Christmas Carol”.

Ultimately, a judge granted Jenesis permission to obtain a DNA sample of Jahseh from a medical examiner. In May 2019, it was revealed that Gekyume had been officially recognized as Jahseh’s son, and the following year Jenesis and Cleopatra worked out a deal to ensure that Jahseh’s estate provided for the child. (Although the rapper wrote his will in November 2017, he named Cleopatra and his two brothers as his beneficiaries, given that Jenesis hadn’t become pregnant at that point.)

The musician’s estate, which is overseen by Cleopatra, is keeping Jahseh’s legacy alive to this day, with music, merchandise, and other deals. In December 2018, his third album, “Skins”, was released and became an enormous hit, with over 120 million streams despite being just 20 minutes long. In 2019, his fourth album, “Bad Vibes Forever”, was also a commercial success.


Back to Jenesis, she currently has over 620,000 Instagram followers and frequently posts photos of Gekyume on her social media. These days, the brunette is working as a brand ambassador for the likes of Fashion Nova and Savage x Fenty. Although her exact net worth isn’t known, authoritative estimates put it at $1.5 million. Jenesis is clearly making enough to provide herself and Gekyume a lavish lifestyle complete with vacations to Europe, designer clothing, and other luxuries.

As far as we’re aware, Jenesis has been single for a while, or is choosing to keep her partner out of the spotlight. This is, perhaps, for the best, as Jahseh’s fanbase follows her every move and never fail to mention the deceased rapper in her comments section.

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