What movies has Irene Choi played in? Her Age, Height, Husband, Bio

April 18, 2024
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Who is Irene Choi?

American actress and producer of Asian descent Irene Choi, was born under the zodiac sign Scorpio on 15 November 1992, in Los Angeles, California USA. She has 54 acting credits, and is probably known best for playing Annie Kim in three episodes of the popular comedy series “Community”, which Dan Harmon created, and which starred Donald Glover, Danny Pudi and Joel McHale. It follows a suspended lawyer who’s been forced to attend a community college, the series aired from 2009 through 2015, and won 19 of its 90 award nominations.

Irene’s today highly active in the film industry and is currently shooting for the upcoming short movie “Cipher”.

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Early life and education

Irene was raised alongside her brother in Los Angeles, by their mother and father about whom Irene doesn’t speak in public, but whom she’s still featured in some of her Instagram pictures.

She became interested in acting while attending a local elementary school, and thus appeared in a couple of school plays. Irene became more serious about it upon enrolling at high school, as she began going to auditions, and was 16 when she made her debut film appearance, portraying one of the main characters Jessica in the 2009 short comedy “The Curse of the Sapphire Pendant”, which Andrew Yamaguchi wrote and directed, and which also starred Michael Carollo and Yan Cui. It follows a boy and a man who both want a sapphire pendant.

Irene matriculated in 2011, and then focused on her career in the film industry.


Roles in movies

In 2009, Irene played Isabelle in the short comedy “Parkside Symphony”, and the year 2011 saw her portray Kaneko in the popular action thriller “Arena”, which Jonah Loop directed, and which starred Samuel L. Jackson, Kellan Lutz and Johnny Messner. The film follows David Lord who’s been forced to become a modern day gladiator.

A couple of Irene’s following roles were in the mystery thriller “The Nightmare Nanny”, the short comedy “The Perils of Growing Up Flat-Chested” and the comedy “Two Wrongs”, all released in 2013. The year 2015 saw her play Girlfriend in the action mystery “Bleeding Heart”, written and directed by Diane Bell, and which starred Jessica Biel and Zosia Mamet. The movie follows a yoga instructor as she’s trying to protect her prostitute sister from her violent boyfriend.

Irene appeared in a couple of other movies in 2015, including the romantic thriller “The Perfect Guy”, the short horror “Angie + Zahra” and the horror science fiction comedy “Freaks of Nature”. In 2017, she played Front Desk Girl in the comedy “Fixed”, written and directed by Alonso Mayo, and which starred Andy Comeau, Mindy Sterling and Courtney Henggeler. It follows the life of married man Allan who has three children, and is about to undergo a vasectomy.

Irene’s since appeared in three movies: the 2017 comedy “The Outdoorsman”, the 2018 comedy “Little Bitches”, and the 2019 romantic drama “Marriage Story”.

Roles in TV series

Irene’s debut TV series role was playing Connie in the 2010 episode “The Intern” of the comedy “It Casting”, and the same year saw her play Angie in three episodes of the critically acclaimed family comedy “Greek”, which Patrick Sean Smith created, and which starred Spencer Grammer, Scott Michel Foster and Clark Duke. It follows Rusty Cartwright who’s just enrolled at college, the series aired from 2007 through 2011 and was nominated for seven awards.


Irene could then have been seen appearing in an episode of the action thriller “Undercovers”, the mystery comedy “Wilfred” and the comedy “Entourage”, and the year 2015 saw her star as Ellen in all six episodes of the comedy “Just Go with It”, which also starred Hayley Huntley and Ashley Clements, and follows the lives of three best friends.

In 2017, Irene played Tina Atkins in five episodes of the drama “Scandal: Gladiator Wanted”, which starred George Newbern, Katie Lowes and Cornelius Smith Jr, and is the spin-off of the popular 2012 series “Scandal”.

Some of Irene’s most recent roles in TV series have been playing Katie Foster in the 2021 episode “Just Because You’re Paranoid” of the crime drama “Rebel”, Blaine in four episodes of the crime mystery “Truth Be Told”, and Alicia Krentz in the 2022 episode “Uncle Jim and Aunt Susie in Duluth” of the biographical comedy mini-series “Pam & Tommy”.


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Other credits

Irene produced the 2015 short horror movie “Angie + Zahra”.

She’s made a guest appearance in talk-shows “Sugar Rush” and “The Funny Dance Show”.

Love life and relationships

Irene’s one of the most secretive women in the film industry, as she hasn’t mentioned a single man whom she’s possibly been with; this has led some of her fans to start rumors on the internet, most of which concern Irene’s relationship status and sexual orientation.

There are many who believe that the popular actress is today in a relationship with a non-celebrity American man, and that she prefers to keep this away from media, but no evidence has been provided to support these claims.


There are also those who believe that she’s perhaps lesbian, making this the reason why she won’t speak about her love affairs, but this hasn’t been addressed by Irene either.

She seems to be unattached as of January 2024, doesn’t have children and hasn’t married.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Irene’s quite popular on Instagram as close to 80,000 people are following her on the network, while she’s shared nearly 300 pictures and videos; most of her content features her acting, spending time with friends and family and relaxing at the beach.

She’s a lover of animals – cats are her favorites, and she’s featured her pet cat Lizard Eyes in a couple of her Instagram pictures.

Irene likes to travel and has been to Asia multiple times, wanting to stay close to her roots; her favorite city to visit is Beijing, China.

She likes Italian food the most, and her favorite dish is spaghetti with meatballs.

One of Irene’s favorite actresses is Emma Thompson, and a couple of her favorite films are “Love Actually”, “Cruella” and “Sense and Sensibility”.

Net worth, height and age

Irene’s age is 31. She’s 5ft 4ins (1.63m) tall, weighs around 110lbs (50kgs), and has brown eyes and hair.

Irene’s net worth’s been estimated at over $750,000, as of January 2024.

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