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March 31, 2023
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Todd Tucker was born on 17 May 1976, in Atlanta, Georgia USA. He is an actor, singer, songwriter, television producer and personality, best known for being part of the reality television show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. Prior to his appearance in front of the camera, he was the line producer for the show and has also worked on programs like “Oprah” and “Heart of the City”.

How rich is Todd Tucker? Sources estimate that his net worth is over $200,000, most of his wealth coming from his career in production, past jobs for both television and film. As he has continued his career, his net worth is slowly rising. His marriage to Kandi Burruss may have also affected his overall net worth positively.

Todd Tucker Net Worth $200,000

The Atlanta-based producer Todd was first noticed when he started working for the television and film industry, on different productions like music videos, television shows, commercials and film. For the most part, he focused on documentaries and television programs as a production manager and coordinator. He’s worked on projects like “106 & Park Top Ten Live”, “Run House”, and “Hip Hop vs. America II: Where Did the Love Go?” He also became the line producer and production manager for “BET News” and the “Behind the Scenes” series. One of the more popular series he’s worked on was the final season of “Oprah”, gaining part-credit for the large viewing figures. His net worth kept steadily rising at this point.

During 2011, he became the line producer and production manager of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. He started dating cast member Kandi Buruss, although both tried to keep the relationship a secret. Eventually, both of them confirmed a relationship, and Bravo decided to make Todd part of the show as well as becoming a production manager for the channel itself. The show now displays part of the couple’s daily life, including of course some of their ups and downs.

Since their relationship, the couple has started to work on various projects, one of the more notable ones being the stage play called “A Mother’s Love”, with the story loosely based on Kandi’s personal life.

In his sometimes less-than-private personal life, Todd Tucker married Kandi Burruss in 2014, and they recently had a son; both of them have a child from their previous relationships. It is known, mainly because of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, that Todd doesn’t have a very good relationship with Kandi’s mother Joyce, as she openly regards him as a ‘gold digger’ bearing in mind the difference in wealth. She’s also given Todd’s daughter a hard time and tried to spread rumors of infidelity. Their blended family (excluding Joyce), apparently gets along well, and the children are said to be close friends. Todd and the family reside in Atlanta. Not much is known about Todd’s past, his life from a young age up to his education has been mostly private.

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