What happened to Steven Tyler’s ex Julia Holcomb? Biography

April 18, 2024
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Who is Julia Holcomb?

Julia is an American celebrity, best known to the world for her highly-publicized and rather controversial romance with Steven Tyler, which started when she was just 16 years old.

Julia Holcomb Biography: Age, Childhood, and Education

Julia Holcomb was born on 4 August 1959 under the Leo zodiac sign, in the USA.

Her childhood was rather challenging the middle child of three born into a financially struggling family. Her biological father left the family soon after the third child’s birth, after piling up gambling debts. Her mother struggled to make ends meet. and remarried, but made yet another wrong choice, as Julia’s stepfather was an alcoholic and was later committed to a mental institution.

To make things worse, her brother died in a horrible car crash that also killed her grandfather, and her grandmother lost a leg.

Her mother divorced for the second time and married for the third time, but Julia’s second step-father and her didn’t get along, and the entire family couldn’t recover from the tragic accident in which her younger brother died.

Her older sister had already run from home, and gone backpacking with her then-boyfriend, so Julia herself felt that she was an obstacle between her mother and her new man. As a result, she started spending less and less time at home, and more with teenagers and older who drank and were using drugs.


She met a girl whose name she hadn’t revealed but said that she was 24 years old and had access to backstage parties at concerts. Julia quickly learned that sex could get her anywhere, and she began dressing in skimpy clothes. The two eventually crashed in Aerosmith’s V.I.P. lounge after the concert, and Steven Tyler immediately became infatuated with the teenager.

Relationship with Steven Tyler

Over the course of their romance, Steven didn’t show signs of long-term commitment, but she still went with him on his tours, and they moved to Boston after Julia’s mother had signed guardianship over her daughter to Steven.

Julia was surprised that her mother had handed her over to the famous rock star, and when she asked him how he convinced her, he simply said that he needed her signature to enroll her in school.

Julia and Steven spent the next three years together, enjoying sex, drugs, and alcohol. She was known as Diana Hall to hide her true identity in the media, but sources have confirmed it was Julia. They were often criticized, primarily because of their age difference, as Steven was 27 years old when they first met.

Julia and Steven talked about having children together, and after a few months, Julia announced to him that she was pregnant, which made them both happy at first.


They went to Steven’s parents to share the news and their intention to marry. However, his parents expressed concerns because of her age and immaturity, and Steven had a change of heart.

Problems started brewing in their relationship, and they spent less and less time together. A fire engulfed Steven and Julia’s apartment in 1975; at the time, she was living alone, pregnant, and with no money, while Steven was touring. He sent his childhood friend Ray Tabano to their home to check up on Julia and give her some money for groceries. After opening the door to Ray, Julia didn’t remember anything until she woke up in a cloud of dense smoke fighting for air.


Ray wasn’t in the apartment, and she somehow survived until the ambulance and firefighters came to her rescue.

She was rushed to hospital unconscious and woke up with an IV in her arm. After a thorough check-up by the doctors, it was established that she had no brain damage and that her baby was unharmed. Doctors feared that she would not survive or that a lack of oxygen and smoke would damage her brain and lungs. Luckily, both the baby and she were fine, but Steven convinced her that it would be best that she get an abortion.

At the time, Julia was five months pregnant and objected for a while, before Steven told her that he would leave her and send her to her mother’s.


Unwillingly, she agreed to go through with the abortion which went without any complications, but it changed the entire relationship between Steven and her. Upon realizing that their baby was a boy, Steven was left heartbroken and with a sense of terrible guilt and dread over what he’d done.

She became reticent and withdrawn after the abortion, and grieved the loss of her baby. She felt cheated and betrayed, angry at Steven, and eventually she left him in 1977.

Life After Steven Tyler

Julia returned to her mother and step-father and found peace with herself. She became close with her step-father, and started attending church with her mother. They were supportive of her, and she took care of her young stepbrother, which helped her overcome her inner demons.

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She’d dropped out of school when she started her romance with Steven, but Julia obtained her GED, and she got her first job as a receptionist.

After some time, Julia moved out of her mother’s house and enrolled in college. She rented a room near the college campus, where she spent the following years, during which Julia met her future husband, Joseph, with whom she now has six children, and they are guardians of a girl whose mother chose to give birth, despite her difficult surroundings at the time.


They have been married for more than 40 years now, though she hasn’t revealed the exact date of the wedding ceremony.

She is now a pro-life Roman Catholic, and has stated that she doesn’t hold a grudge against Steven, that she has forgiven him for his actions, and has prayed for him.

Tyler published the book in which he wrote about their relationship, stating that she was pregnant before him and already had an abortion, which she’s refuted. He also claimed that she started the fire, in which she almost lost her baby and her life.

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