About Måneskin leader Damiano David: Fiancée, Net Worth, Age

March 22, 2024
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Who is Damiano David?

The band Måneskin conquered Europe with the song “Zitti e Buoni”, and gathered an army of fans who are still crazy about them. For almost three years, bassist Victoria de Angelis, guitarist Thomas Raggi, drummer Ethan Torcchio, and lead vocalist Damiano David have been enjoying worldwide fame, and their popularity is growing day by day.

Although all of them delighted the audience, it was Damiano David who attracted the most attention, both because of his voice and his style and charisma. Women all around the world wanted to know more about this youngster, and if you are one of those interested in his life, his career, and what he’s up to now, let us tell you all about Damiano.

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Early life, family, and education

Born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn on 8 January 1999, Damiano’s just turned 24. He was born in Rome, Italy, thus he holds Italian nationality. Damiano was raised by his parents, Rosa (nee Scognamiglio) and Daniele David, alongside his brother Jacopo. Damiano said that they traveled around the world thanks to their parents’ occupations, since they are both flight attendants.

As a teenager, Damiano played basketball, and excelled for local club Eurobasket Roma. Damiano once said that basketball gave him discipline which helped him later in his life, however, music was Damiano’s, first love. During his high school days, Damiano met Victoria and Thomas with whom he formed the band. He attended Eugenio Montale (Liceo Linguistico equal to US high school), but dropped out to focus on his music career.



The band was formed in 2016, and for a while didn’t have an official name, but only had regular rehearsals, where they played covers of various popular songs. When it came to choosing a name, Damiano, Thomas and Ethan – who had joined them as a drummer, after seeing an ad on Facebook – told Victoria, who happens to be of Danish descent, to randomly pick a word from her native language. All four agreed on the name Måneskin, which means ‘moonlight’ in Danish.

A few months later, they started writing and composing their own songs, and at the beginning of their career, sang on the streets of Rome, where they always gathered a large audience. In this way, both their fellow citizens and tourists from all over the world heard about their talent.


The band rose to prominence in 2017, after their appearance in the show “X Factor” – their mentor during the competition was the famous Italian singer Manuel Agnelli, frontman of the band Afterhours. From the very beginning, the young four were favorites to win, but finished the competition as runners-up. Regardless, after that they signed a contract with the publishing house Sony Music, which opened many doors for them.

They recorded their first original songs and became famous all over Italy – Måneskin’s most successful track is “Torna a Casa”, which in a short time reached 100 million views on YouTube.


Måneskin won the San Remo festival in 2021 with the song “Zitti e Buoni”, earning them the opportunity to travel to Rotterdam, Netherlands for Eurovision, which they also won with 524 points. ‘A message for entire Europe and the entire world: Rock ‘n’ Roll will never die,’ Damiano David shouted into the microphone after the victory, and only a few moments later came the first accusations that he and the other members of the band used narcotics, specifically cocaine, during the competition.

In a video, which was broadcast on the final night of Eurovision, it seemed to some that Damiano was using drugs. Later analysis found that this was not true, as Damiano, Victoria, Thoma, and Ethan had insisted from the beginning – the singer voluntarily took a drug test to prove his innocence.

After Eurovision the band gained international fame, and Damiano stated for Vogue Italia that he’s never used drugs nor have his bandmates, and that they will not fall into the stereotype of rock stars who do drugs and drink alcohol, saying that they are anti-drug advocates. Damiano added that he believes that their creativity comes from a lucid, healthy mind.

Fans of the band will be happy to hear that their newest album entitled “Rush” is out now.



Damiano was frequently written about, and the issue of his sexuality was at the forefront of discussion, because after winning on stage in front of Europe, he kissed the band’s guitarist and drummer. Many assumed Damiano was gay because of this unusual move, as well as his controversial styling – leather costume, high heels, and make-up face – but he denied it, and details of his love affairs with some girls also surfaced.

It was revealed that he was engaged to Lucrezia Petracca, but who left him in 2017. The tabloids reported on the girl who broke Damiano’s heart, but the truth is that she left him because she was depressed, and didn’t want to ‘drag him to the bottom with her’, as she put it.


Damiano is currently in a relationship with Giorgia Soleri, an Italian model and social media influencer. The two have been together for more than four years, although they kept their relationship secret until in 2021, when Damiano decided to stop rumors about his sexuality, and posted a photo featuring himself and Giorgia, with the caption: ‘Four years later…’

Today, Damiano often posts photos of his girlfriend, with captions full of love.


Net worth

Damiano is referred to by many as a true leader and great frontman, and many believe that Måneskin’s time is yet to come, since Damiano has much more to show. Critics said that a big part of the band’s success has been connected to Damiano’s vocal performance, personality, and natural charisma.

If you have wondered how rich Damiano is, according to sources as of February 2023, his net worth has been estimated at over $4 million.

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