The Untold Truth About A. J. Cook’s Husband Nathan Andersen

April 18, 2024
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Who is Nathan Andersen?

Nathan Andersen is known for being the actress A.J Cook’s husband. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, on 25th May 1978, the charismatic Gemini married A.J in August 2001; they have since had two sons and are living in Hermosa Beach, California. Currently, Nathan’s height and weight are unknown.

Nathan’s Early Years

Nathan grew up near Utah’s Wasatch range, and as a youngster was a great fan of nature; he loved climbing and exploring, and was always testing his limits. Thankfully, both his parents and his grandfather were adventurous people as well, and Nathan states that they “lovingly indoctrinated me with the confidence to blaze his own trail”.

After graduating from college, Nathan soon realized that the entertainment industry wasn’t for him, and instead worked at a friend’s startup for almost ten years. The company was hugely successful, but Nathan loathed his office job and began doing more athletic activities in his free time; Nathan’s busy lifestyle helped him birth his clothing company “Walter Sky” after years of meticulous research.

Nathan’s Business Ventures

Nathan and brother Wes founded the clothing company “Walter Sky”, after researching a wardrobe suitable for all environments and climates, and being unable to find one.


Nathan, who had already designed his own clothing for many years, worked with fabric mills and made a small collection that was both functional and stylish.

The aim of “Walter Sky” clothing is simple: Nathan and Wes wanted chic, minimalist pieces that were also odor resistant and suitable for all weathers. The company website states that their clothing is “simply a fit for those who seek betterment – those who see the possibilities in a minimal wardrobe of quality pieces that fit countless environments”.

As for the brand name, Nathan and Wes came up with “Walter Sky” thanks to Walter Pelton and David Sky Andersen, two influential figures to the co-founders.

Nathan Andersen and A. J. Cook

Walter Pelton was a rail rider who invented the Spudnut – a doughnut made of potatoes – and launched the first American franchise overseas. As for David, Nathan and Wes’s father, he was an award-winning athlete and gifted student who went on to conquer the business world. He worked in Haiti and South America before graduating from law school, and accepting a role in Salt Lake City.

Nathan’s Personal Life

Not much is known about Nathan’s love life before he met A.J. The couple hit it off at a film class at Utah Valley University, and tied the knot on August 3rd, 2001. The actress surprised many by moving to Salt Lake City, Utah, to be with her partner.


A.J and Nathan’s sons, Mekhai Allan and Phoenix Sky, were born in 2008 and 2015 respectively, and have even appeared in “Criminal Minds”, the series which launched their mother into stardom way back in 2005. The couple are relatively private regarding their sons, but do upload family snaps on social media from time to time.

In 2019, A.J stunned the public by revealing via Instagram that her husband had beat cancer. She penned a sweet post for Nathan celebrating the good news which said: “It’s been a hell of a year @nathanandy. I know you hate when I get all sentimental but #Cancer picked the wrong guy to mess with. You won baby! You’re #cancerfree.

It’s like the weight of the world has been lifted”. Nathan also confirmed the news by uploading a photo of a scar on his neck, captioned with the hashtag #cancerfree.

A.J’s Controversy

Over the years, A.J and Nathan have been seen practically everywhere together, be it a star-studded red-carpet event or doing something as simple as a workout at home. It’s no surprise, then, that Nathan was by his wife’s side during one of the toughest moments of her career.

In February 2019, A.J filed a lawsuit against her former manager, David Guillod, for concealing his multiple sexual assault accusations. An in-depth report claimed that A.J wanted $1.6 million compensation.


In her lawsuit, she claimed that David’s past as a “sexual predator” could negatively impact her reputation, and she asked him to return the money she’d paid him for his services.

For his part, David always denied the accusations and eventually Cook left his company in November 2017; actresses Paula Patton, Gina Rodriguez and Kristin Chenoweth followed her lead. At the time, Jessica Barth of “Ted” fame accused David of drugging and sexually assaulting her in 2012 after a dinner meeting. Many unnamed women also came forth with their own sexual misconduct claims, including a former assistant who worked at David’s company.

A.J’s scathing lawsuit added new details, including allegations that David had made sexually inappropriate comments about a famous child actor who was underage at the time. David’s spokesperson vilified the lawsuit and claimed that the actress had “lected in her own greed and self-servicing manner to piggyback on a very important movement in an effort to circumvent her paying commissions owed”.

Although the lawsuit between A.J and David appears to be ongoing, she did win her lawsuit against her former attorneys, whom she stopped paying after leaving Guillod’s management company “Primary Wave”. Nathan never spoke publicly about these lawsuits, but quietly supported his wife throughout the ordeal.


Nathan’s Net Worth

Several sources have previously claimed that Nathan’s net worth is around $4 million. This figure is unlikely, although his “Walter Sky” clothing brand is in the pricier range with products costing up to $225. More reliable sources have confirmed that Nathan is currently worth $2 million.

As for his wife, A.J Cook is said to be worth over $5 million, having amassed this tidy sum thanks to her acting career, especially her role in “Criminal Minds” which made her a household name. However, A.J could be worth much more if it weren’t for the gender wage gap.

Back in 2017, she and her co-star Kirsten Vangsness negotiated with the show’s producers for a pay rise to earn as much as their male costars. It appears that until then, the female stars had earned less than half their male counterparts, Matthew Gubler and Shemar Moore, made per season. Even so, A.J was still earning at least six figures per episode.

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