The Life and Career of Liana Brooker: Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Liana Brooker

Family and lifestyle vlogger Liana Jade Brooker – known as simply Liana Jade on social media – appears to lead an idyllic lifestyle. The content creator began uploading regularly on YouTube and Instagram in June 2019, joining TikTok three months later, and since then her followers have watched her grow and evolve into the multi-skilled mother-of-one she is today.

Liana was born on 9th January 1999 in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom. Most of her life prior to becoming internet famous is a mystery, but the blonde’s LinkedIn profile confirms that she used to volunteer part-time at Tenovus Cancer Care, as her father was a manager at the Wales-based charity.

According to Liana, her role consisted of stocking shelves, sorting donation bags, pricing stock and operating the till. The volunteering gig lasted two years – from 2014 to 2016 – while Liana was in full-time education and also working another job. ‘Every other volunteer was over the age of 50, and being the only young one there I feel like I was able to bring a brand new way of thinking,’ she explained.


Social Media Career

Not wanting to box herself into a particular niche, Liana began uploading a variety of content as soon as she became active on TikTok. Makeup, comedy, and day-in-the-life videos were her specialty, and she soon amassed hundreds of thousands of followers: however, her content with boyfriend Connor Darlington proved itself to be especially popular. These days, their joint YouTube channel has over three million followers – half a million more than Liana’s solo channel.

Upon discovering that they had a baby on the way, the focus of Liana and Connor’s content naturally shifted as they allowed their fanbase to accompany them throughout the pregnancy. Despite being adamant that they would not use their unborn child for content, they began uploading videos of the baby boy – whose name is Koazy, pronounced ‘Cozy’ – almost as soon as he was out of the womb.


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This sparked plenty of criticism, with one netizen going so far as to brand Connor and Liana ‘scumbags’. ‘They’re just using this baby as a content machine… Making videos, montages and shorts about the woman’s pregnancy, her giving birth but especially videos about the baby,’ the disgruntled Reddit user wrote.

According to other Reddit users, the social media couple make sure to delete all negative comments under their videos. However, this isn’t strictly true: in an October 2022 video that was uploaded three months after Koazy’s birth, Connor made a few passive-aggressive comments about their unmarried status.

This is a sensitive topic for Liana, who has herself admitted that she would often argue about Connor not proposing to her. Although the couple reached a compromise and agreed that they would only marry when Connor specifically proposed, instead of when Liana wanted, he shows no interest in making things official just yet. Needless to say, the comments under the aforementioned video were overwhelmingly negative, as many netizens felt that Connor was rubbing salt into Liana’s wounds.


Now that we’re on the topic of marriage, Connor and Liana actually uploaded a wedding video in March 2020, which led many to believe that they were husband and wife. The couple later denied the rumors, although Liana has always been vocal about her desire to be legally married to Connor after being in a committed relationship for so many years.

As for Liana’s latest uploads, in December 2023 she revealed that she, Connor, and Koazy would be moving into a new place. ‘After living in a house with damp and black mold for 6 months, we honestly could not be any happier,’ the influencer gushed.

Apart from motherhood and coupled life, vulnerability and body issues are key to Liana’s content. Lately, the TikToker has started a new ‘series’ of videos in which she deliberately makes herself uncomfortable: for example, in one video, she ran errands in a midriff-revealing shirt and skirt combo, as she’s felt insecure about the loose skin on her stomach since giving birth.

In the last few years, Liana has also been vocal about her struggles with eczema – although, as many of her followers have pointed out, she’s continued to get lip fillers despite being advised not to. (Dermal and lip fillers can be detrimental to those who suffer from long-term skin conditions).

Connor Darlington

Born on 23rd July 1995, Connor Darlington became known for his comedy videos on TikTok, differentiating himself from American content creators with his blunt British humor. In 2020, a year after the ‘Connor And Liana’ YouTube channel was launched, Connor embarked on his eponymous channel, which has also been a roaring success.


Connor is no stranger to rubbing people up the wrong way with his sarcastic and sometimes hurtful comments. As we said earlier, he’s known to poke fun at Liana for her wanting to marry, and has even mocked her in the past for not being a Darlington. The internet comedian previously revealed that he is neurodivergent, and has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), so some of his followers believe that he genuinely isn’t aware of how his jokes are received.

Despite his millions of YouTube and TikTok followers, Connor is far less active on Instagram, and has uploaded just three photos on the platform. The first dates back to December 2021, which was when he and Liana announced her pregnancy by taking a selfie with two pregnancy tests. Near the end of July 2022, when Koazy was around two weeks old, the couple shared the unique name that they’d chosen for their son, and were met with plenty of backlash from the internet.

‘Do you wanna explain why we went with Koazy?’ Connor asked Liana in a TikTok video which was recorded in the baby’s nursery. According to Liana, she and Connor came up with the name months before Koazy was born – and when he was overdue, they thought it would be a cute play on words, due to everyone saying that he was ‘cozy’ in the womb.

As Connor and Liana are unmarried, we have no way of knowing how they divide their earnings. However, the couple has a joint net worth of around $1.5 million, thanks to social media, brand partnerships, and other internet-related revenue.

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