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March 21, 2023
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‘’Survivor Second Chance’’ is a reality television show, also known as ‘’Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chance’’ and ‘’Survivor: Cambodia’’, and is the 31st season of the competitive series ‘’Survivor’’, in which a group of people is left in the wild to compete for the title of Sole Survivor.

So just how much income has “Survivor Second Chance” generated as of early 2018? According to authoritative sources, this television series has earned the total of over $3 million from the airing of the show.

Survivor Second Chance Net Worth $3 Million

Unlike all previous season of ‘’Survivor’’, the cast of ‘’Survivor Second Chance’’ featured 20 contestants who weren’t chosen by producers, but by the audience via an online poll. Initially, there were 75 people who had already participated in the show who were in consideration to join the cast, as Jeff Probst, the executive producer stated. The online poll was posted on the official site of CBS, and each potential participant produced a video clip explaining why they should be chosen. People such as Vytas Baskauskas, Terry Deitz and Jeremy Collins were selected, whereas Brad Culpepper and Mike Holloway, among others didn’t have enough votes to enter.

After the participants were chosen, in late 2015 they were immediately taken to Cambodia, where they’d compete for the winning title. The 20 final contestants were divided into two tribes, Bayon and Ta Keo, with the former being led by Andrew and Jeremy who asked the members of the tribe to promise to stay loyal which, however, some of them failed to do as Ciera Eastin and Kass McQuillen made an alliance with the Ta Keo tribe. The first participant to be eliminated was Vytas Baskauskas of the Ta Keo tribe, and after that Shirin Oskooi from the same tribe. On the ninth day of the competition Peih-Gee Law was voted out and on the 11th – Jeff Varner. Eventually, the co-runners-up were Spencer Bledsoe, who was originally a member of Ta Keo, and Tasha Fox, who was the member of Bayon. However, the winner of the season was Jeremy Collins, who remained in Bayon throughout the whole season.

During the final episode, Jeremy was praised for playing with honor, and his cast-mate, Spencer for his strategy. Nevertheless, both of them were criticized for being arrogant and short-tempered. The episode ended with the jury proclaiming Jeremy, a former participant of the ‘’Survivor: San Juan del Sur’’ the winner of ‘’Survivor Second Chance’’, and the holder of the title Sole Survivor. Generally speaking, the whole season was enjoyed and enthusiastically watched, receiving a positive response from both the audience and critics. Overall, ‘’Survivor Second Chance’’ achieved vast popularity among the audience, with its episodes being watched by more than nine million people in the US alone on a daily basis.

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