Jeff Probst Net Worth

July 12, 2023
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Jeffrey Lee “Jeff” Probst, better known as Jeff Probst, is a famous American journalist, executive producer, occasional actor and games host who has estimated net worth of $40 million. As a host of the popular CBS reality show called “Survivor” he earns $200,000 per episode. Also Probst is known as the host of American syndicated talk show called “The Jeff Probst Show”. On September 21, 2008, Jeffrey Lee Probst received the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program. Also Jeff Probst is known as a frequent quest star on American sketch comedy TV show “MADtv”.

Jeff Probst Net Worth $40 Million

Jeffrey Lee Probst was born on November 4, 1961, in Wichita, Kansas, but he was raised in Bellevue, Washington. He attended Newport High School and after graduation in year 1979 Probst was accepted to Seattle Pacific University. At that time he also worked as a narrator and producer of marketing videos at multinational corporation called “The Boeing Company”. The serious career and the beginning of a building future Probst net worth was in year 1994, when he became host of “Backchat”. This show definitely was a success for Jeff and he started to be recognized by the spectators in the United States. Moreover, thanks to this show J.L. Probst was chosen as one of the most beautiful people by People Magazine. Of course, this opportunity to show himself also added some amount of money to Jeff Probst net worth. Since then Jeff started to court popularity even more intense. And about that time people started to realize how rich is Jeff Probst. Of course, the biggest part of Jeff Probst net worth was earned as the host of “Survivor”. Thanks to this show Jeff has become one of the most popular hosts in United States after over twenty seasons which were running on TV for more than thirteen years until now. Jeff Probst also had many roles as a TV guest. He appeared in “You Guys Are Dumber Than You Look”, “Surivor’s Jeff Probst”, “Jodie Foster/Jeff Probst” and many others.

In year 2001 Jeff Probst increased his amount of net worth even more by writing and directing a film titled “Finder’s Fee” which features an all star cast like Robert Forster and James Earl Jones. The movie was released in June 2001 in USA.

Jeff Probst married for the first time in year 1996. His wife was a psychotherapist Shelly Wright, but they weren’t happy together and divorced in 2001. Since 2004 Probst started to date Julie Berry, one of the contestants of “Survivor”. However, this relationship didn’t last for a long time too. They broke up in year 2008 and Probst again was able to concentrate all his attention to his career and raising net worth. His second wife, Lisa Ann Russell, Probst married on December 5, 2011. Because of this marriage he has become a stepfather to the Lisa’s children – Ava and Michael. As Jeff said in an interview, his children now assert they have four parents, not two as everyone else.

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