Stellan Skarsgård’s wife My Skarsgård: children, height, biography

April 18, 2024
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Who is My Skarsgård?

Born on 3rd July 1965, in Kalmar, Sweden, My Sonja Marie Agnes Skarsgård is a physician, but known for having been married to the actor Stellan Skarsgård. The couple had six children together, with four going on to become famous celebrities: Alexander, Gustaf, Bill and Valter. My is 5ft 3in (1.62m) and weighs about 130lbs (64kgs). My’s short-lived acting career consisted of a role as the mother in “Jim & Piraterna Blom” in 1987. Since then, the matriarch of the Skarsgård family has only made guest appearances on Swedish shows such as “Skavlan” and “Efter Tio”.

Personal Life

My and Stellan welcomed their first son Alexander in 1976, followed by Gustaf in 1980, Sam in 1982, Bill in 1990, Eija in 1992, and Valter in 1995. Dubbed as one of the women who “stole Stellan’s heart”, My met her now ex-husband in the early 1970s, and would tie the knot with the famous actor in 1975 shortly before their move to Stockholm. Following 22 years of union, Stellan and My shocked the world with news of their divorce in 2007. A mere two years later, the Swedish A-lister married for the second time, to Megan Everett. The couple have two children together: Ossian, born in 2009, and Kolbjorn in 2012.


Following her divorce, there hasn’t been any more news regarding My’s personal life. It appears that the homemaker and physician is happy to focus on her career and loved ones, including her brood of grandchildren.

Alexander & Gustaf

Alexander was the first sibling to follow in his father’s footsteps. Active in the industry since 1984, the handsome blonde was given his first role at just seven years old, thanks to a friend of his father, the director Allan Edwall. His performance in the Swedish drama film paved the way for a long and fruitful career and was also an entry at the 57th Academy Awards’ Best Foreign Language Film category.

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After landing his first recurring role in 1999, in 10 episodes of the series “Vita Logner”, the early 2000s proved to be a bustling time for Alexander’s career. In 2006, the actor transitioned into English-language productions such as “Never Be Mine”, while continuing to work on Swedish shows and films. To date, Alexander’s most famous role has been his portrayal of Eric Northman in the supernatural series “True Blood”. Between 2008 and 2014, the thespian dazzled viewers in 76 episodes before playing Monroe in the critically acclaimed “The Diary of a Teenage Girl”. Other popular projects include his depiction of Adam in “Zoolander No. 2” and his role as Randall Flagg in the thrilling mini-series “The Stand”.


Other works to date include roles in “The Northman” and “Infinity Pool”, with both movies in the post-production stages as of February 2022. As for Gustaf, the second Skarsgård brother’s on-screen debut came in 1989, with a role in the short film “Ballerina Prima”, followed by other minor portrayals in “Kontrakt”, “Euroboy”, and “Sommaren”. From 1998 to 2003, the successful celebrity studied at Stockholm’s Swedish National Academy of Mime and Acting, before joining the city’s Royal Dramatic Theatre, and upon completing his studies, Gustaf performed in “Evil” and was nominated for the Guldbagge Award in the Best Supporting Actor category, the first of many accolades with which he would be rewarded.

Other career highlights include winning the Shooting Stars Award presented by the European Film Academy in 2007, and a Guldbagge Award for his role in “Kidz In da Hood” in 2006. In 1999, Gustaf married the Swedish actress Hanna Alstrom, with whom he shares a child.

Bill & Valter

Perhaps the most famous Skarsgård brother of the moment, Bill’s career began in 2000 with his depiction of Klasse in “White Water Fury”. Two years later, he appeared in two episodes of “Laura Trenter – Dad, the Policeman” before a five-year hiatus to focus on his studies. Notable roles include his work on “Simple Simon” and “Hemlock Grove”.


Doubtlessly, Bill’s big Hollywood break came in 2017, when he was cast as Pennywise the Dancing Clown in “It”, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. Reprising the role two years later in “It Chapter Two”, Bill’s stellar performance terrified millions around the globe, and made him a household name, with the two movies grossing over $1 billion in the box office against a combined budget of $114 million. In a rare September 2019 interview, Bill spoke on fame and his family as well as sharing with fans his preparation process upon being given the role. “I used it [the book] as a blueprint from which ideas could branch.

I communicated with Andrés [the director] to find what we could agree was a fun, new approach to the character… Something that inspired us to continue down certain routes”. Valter, despite being one of the lesser-known Skarsgård siblings, has also managed to earn a living doing what he most loves. With a role in the 2003 short film “Details”, the Stockholm native unleashed his passion for acting and proved his prowes,s to a worldwide audience. With unforgettable portrayals in “Arn: The Knight Templar” and “Arn – The Kingdom at Road’s End”, Valter firmly established himself in the entertainment industry, especially in the supernatural genre. Some recurring roles of the attractive thespian include his interpretation of Lippi in 16 episodes of “Black Lake”, and his role as Bjorn in “Katla”, a 2021 mystery-drama series.


Interestingly, Valter shies away from giving interviews or divulging too many details of his personal life, and can very rarely be seen at glossy celebrity events or awards ceremonies. The celebrity clearly prefers to keep his private and professional lives separate, and treats the industry as a job instead of as a lifestyle.

Net Worth

My is estimated to be worth over $250,000, thanks largely to her lucrative career as a physician. Leading a modest lifestyle away from the public eye has helped Stellan’s ex-wife to slowly build her fortune, while apparently enjoying middle age. As for her children, they are thought to be worth a combined $30 million.

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