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June 25, 2023
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The songwriter and lead guitarist of the rock band “The Who”, Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend was born on 19 May, 1945 in Chriswick, London, United Kingdom. “The Who” is considered to be one of the most popular and the most influential bands from the 1960s to 1970s. In total, the band released 11 studio albums, and Townshend wrote more than 100 songs for these albums.

How rich is the famous English musician Pete Townshend? Pete’s net worth has been reliably estimated at $105 million, accumulated during a very active career in the music industry since 1962.

Pete Townshend Net Worth $105 Million

“The Who” was formed in 1964 with members drummer Keith Moon, singer Roger Daltrey, bassist John Entwistle and, of course, guitarist Pete Townshend. The band was active in the period from 1964 to 1982, and in 1989, and since 1996 they have been active until today, amd its current members still include Pete and Roger. “The Who`s” first album was released in 1965 and named “My Generation”. Its other albums include “Tommy” (1969), “The Who by Numbers” (1975), “Face Dances” (1981) and many others. The incomes from the albums, numerous hits and tours helped Pete to enlarge his net worth considerably. The most famous singles of the band “The Who” are considered to be “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, “Pinball Wizard” and “Magic Bus”, but there are many others.

Pete Townshend has also released a couple of solo albums, the first in 1972 called “Who Came First”. Others include “Empty Glass” (1980), “White City: A Novel” (1985), and “The Iron Man: The Musical by Pete Townshend” (1989). Pete has certainly received considerable incomes from his solo career, too, and that also increased the overall sum of Pete Townshend’s net worth.

Pete has earned further revenues while writing television theme songs and radio jingles, too. What has also contributed to the increase of Pete Townshend’s net worth is Pete`s talent to play many instruments, including not only guitar and drums, but also violin, harmonica, accordion and many others, even though he has never had any formal training, but is self-taught. Thus, Townshend has contributed to many recordings of various famous artists.

Pete Townshend`s ability to write music, and in general, has also added considerably to his net worth. There is no specific genre on which Pete focuses: he writes articles, scripts, book reviews, essays and books. He has published such books as “The Who’s Tommy” (1993), “The Story of Tommy” (1977), “Horse’s Neck” (1985), and “The Who: Maximum R&B” (2004). “Who I Am”, published in 2012, is Pete`s autobiography.

Pete Townshend has been acknowledged as one of the three Best Guitarists, including in “The New Book of Rock Lists”. Pete was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990. Other awards include being rewarded with Kennedy Center Honors in 2008, an Honorary Doctorate from the University of West London in 2010, and with BRIT and Tony Awards in 1983 and 1993 respectively. Pete received a Grammy Award in 1993 for Best Musical Show Album.

In his personal life, Pete Townshend married Karen Astley in 1968, and they have three children before finally divorcing in 2009. Pete now lives with long-time girlfriend, musician Rachel Fuller. In 1989 during a radio interview, Townshend was mistakenly believed to have acknowledged his bisexuality, which he later clarified as actually a reference to gay friends..

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