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June 7, 2023
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Thomas Richard Fogerty was a Berkeley, California-born American musician who is best known as the former rhythm guitarist of Credence Clearwater Revival, a popular rock band of the 70s. Also known by the name “Rann Wild”, Thomas was better known as Tom Fogerty, an accomplished musician born on 9 November, 1941, Tom deceased on 6 September 1990 at the age of 48 – he had been active in the field of music for decades, between 1958 and 1990.

One of the highly regarded musicians of his time, how rich was Tom Fogerty at the time of his death? As in 1990, Tom had a total net worth of $10 million which was mainly amassed by his successful career as a musician, in particular his involvement in music as a guitarist of the band Creedence Clearwater Revival was significant in making him a multi-millionaire artist.

Tom Fogerty Net Worth $10 Million

Raised in Berkeley, Tom was inclined towards music since his early teenage days; while he was still a teenager in high school, he started singing rock and roll. He was initially a part of the band Spider Webb and the Insects which was signed by Del-Fi Records, but, the band broke up before recording any songs. Later on, Tom joined his brother John Fogerty in his band, The Blue Velvets which was eventually renamed Creedence Clearwater Revival. The band was signed by Fantasy Records and the went on to gain considerable popularity and success in the market, worldwide.

The band went on to release their debut self-titled album in 1968 which reached #1 in Australia and Japan. The band went on to be very successful in the USA and earned popularity for all the members of the band. Tom was the lead guitarist of the band and did occasional singing and songwriting. The band gained more popularity when they released their album “Cosmo’s Factory” and it went on to top the charts in various countries including the USA and Australia; the album was platinum certified by RIAA for four times. In addition to this album, their songs like “Green River”, “Up Around The Bend”, “Fortunate Son” and many more became very successful and popular. Obviously, this was the pivotal point in the lives of each member of CCR as all of them found fame and wealth with the success of this band.

Although the band was doing well, Tom left it in 1971 as he was dissatisfied with his work in the band being overlooked. This was also the result of bitterness in the relationship between Tom and his brother, John Fogerty. Eventually, Tom started his solo musical career and was signed by Fantasy Records. Initially, his song “Goodbye Media Man” became a minor hit. However, later in 1971, he released his solo debut self-titled album which managed to reach #78 on the Billboard Hot 200. Later, he released more studio albums including “Excalibur”, “Zephyr National”, “Myopia” and “Deal It Out”. Needless to say, all of these album sales added a lot to Tom’s net worth over the years.

Later in his life, Tom started to live off the royalties from his albums, while residing in Scottsdale, Arizona. He remained unmarried throughout his life. He suffered from AIDS towards the end of his life, and actually died of tuberculosis. After his death on September 6, 1990, two more albums “Sidekicks” and “The Very Best Of Tom Fogerty” were released. Before his death, Tom lived his life as a successful musician while his daily life was complemented by his then net worth of $10 million.

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