Angus Young Net Worth

April 19, 2023
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Angus Young is a well known musician, who is famous for being a member of the hard rock band called “AC/DC”. The group has released 15 albums, which have all became very popular all over the world, and “AC/DC” have become one of the most famous bands in music history. Angus together with his group has won the Grammy Award, APRA Awards, ARIA Music Awards and was also nominated for many other awards. If you wonder how rich is Angus Young, his estimated net worth is $140 million. This sum of money has mainly come from his success as a musician. There is a possibility that Young’s net worth will grow in the future as he is still active with his group.

Angus Young Net Worth $140 Million

Angus McKinnon Young, better known to the world as Angus Young, was born in 1955 in Scotland. From a very young age Angus was interested in music and started to learn how to play the guitar. Later, Angus became a part of the group,called “Kantuckee”. Other members of this group were Jon Stevens, Trevor James and Bob McGlynn. When Young was only 18 years old, he and his brother formed the group now known as “AC/DC”. The recent members of this group are Phil Rudd, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, Stevie Young and of course Angus Young. The first single that the band released was called “Can I Sit Next To You Girl”. It was the time when Angus Young’s net worth began to grow.

In 1975, “AC/DC” released their first album, entitled “High Voltage”. It included such songs as “Baby, Please Don’t Go”, “Little Lover”, “You Ain’t Got a Hold on Me” and others. In 1979 they released one of their most successful albums “Highway to Hell”. This album had a huge impact on the growth of Angus Young’s net worth. Other albums that have been released by “AC/DC” include “Back in Black”, “Fly on the Wall”, “Stiff Upper Lip” and many others. In 2003 the group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In addition to this, Angus has also collaborated with the Gibson Guitar Corporation and they created the Angus Young SG. This also added to Angus’ net worth. When Angus was asked who influenced him to start a career as a musician, he said that the biggest influences in his life were his brother, Freddie King, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters and Keith Richards.

All in all, one can say that Angus Young is one of the best musicians of all time and that “AC/DC” is well known all over the world and they have a huge following of fans. Angus will probably continue to create music and perform together with “AC/DC” for a long time. As mentioned before, there is also a chance that Angus Young’s net worth will become even higher in the future. Let’s hope that the “AC/DC” will not disband for a very long time to come.

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