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February 10, 2023
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Morgan Stewart was born on 22 May 1988, in Beverly Hills, California USA, and is a blogger and reality television star, best known for being part of the E! reality television series “Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills”. She’s also well known for her blog Boobs and Loubs, which has a high number of followers and visitors. The various endeavors she’s been involved in have helped increase her net worth to where it is now.

How rich is Morgan Stewart? As of early-2016, sources estimate that her net worth is at $5 million, mostly earned through the success of her blog and television show. She’s said to own 200 pairs of Louboutin as a collection, which is the inspiration for her blog name. She also owns a yacht, and a collection of clothes from various luxury designers, which are often showcased in the show, her blog and her Instagram account. However, like many of the cast members of the show, her wealth is mostly a reflection of the success of her parents and family.

Morgan Stewart Net Worth $5 Million

Stewart was born into a rich family, being the daughter of Herb Stewart an internationally renowned architect and owner of H Construct Inc, which focuses on historical restoration and high-end retail. She once tried her hand at a college education, but it did not work out. She studied communications in New York and even contemplated going to medical school but she wasn’t very inclined to pass school. She then established the blog, chronicling her luxurious lifestyle. According to her the blog’s title comes from her collection and how she enjoys her own assets. The blog features various posts and is still regularly updated despite various opportunities that Morgan is now engaged in. She previews possible collaborations and opportunities that may be coming soon, and also details her fashion interests, ads, sponsorships, and her daily life.

Eventually she was approached by E! to be part of a new series entitled “Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills”. The show follows a few wealthy people in their twenties and how they go about their lives. The show is currently in its fourth season so has obviously been popular, and so airing and shooting continues. The series started in 2014, and has since had a few changes in cast. Other members of the show have included Taylor Ann Hasselhoff the daughter of David Hasselhoff, Dorothy Wang who is a real-estate mogul heiress, and many others. Since her debut in the show, she’s also made appearances in E!’s various other shows.

For her personal life, it is known that she is engaged to Brendan Fitzpatrick who also stars in “Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills”, and the wedding planning is extensively covered by the television series. The couple is also travelling around the world as a celebration of their engagement. Aside from these, she’s also been featured in publications in interviews especially for the upcoming luxury wedding. Morgan is also known to party excessively and admits that she is a dropout that just lives off her parent’s money. Despite that, her wealth that has been shared through the family’s success has been very high.

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