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May 30, 2023
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Born Francis McCourt on the 19th August 1930 in Brooklyn, New York USA, he was a writer and teacher, best known to the world for his book “Angela`s Ashes” (1996). He passed away in July 2009..

Have you ever wondered how rich Frank McCourt was at the time of his death? Although his net worth has never been specifically accounted, his creations made him a millionaire, and also his teaching career added considerably to his wealth.

Frank McCourt $1.2 Billion Net Worth

Frank was the oldest of five children born to Irish parents; his father Malachy McCourt, was a part of the Irish Republican Army and Angela Sheehan. He spent his early childhood in New York, however, his family moved to Ireland, as the great depression started to take its toll. His financial status worsened as his father gave way to alcoholism; the whole family slept in one bed, and little by little, the health of his brothers got worse, and they died at a young age; Frank himself had a typhoid fever when he was 11. While in Ireland, his mother gave birth to two more boys, however, his father left the family, and also one of his brothers. After his education abruptly ended at 13 years of age, expelled by the Irish Christian Brothers, Frank became responsible for the family, and in order to support them Frank worked several jobs, but in the end he had to steal bread and milk.

When he turned 19, Frank moved back to New York, as he saved some money, but confessed to stealing the 55 Pounds he needed for the trip from a female moneylender after her death.

In New York Frank found a job in hotel, as he befriended a priest during his trip, who then got him hired in a hotel, which also gave him a room. Frank earned around $26 per week, and sent his mother almost a half of his earnings.

During the Korean War, Frank joined the Army, but was sent to Bavaria where he worked as dog trainer, and later as clerk. Upon returning, he enrolled at New York University, using the G.I.Bill education, which provided leverages to War veterans. He was admitted to the University, but on probation, with condition that his grades are at least B. He graduated with a BA degree in English in 1957, and 10 years later he obtained his MA at Brooklyn College. Soon after he graduated Frank found engagement as a teacher at McKee Vocational and Technical High School. He subsequently switched five more schools in New York, including New York City College of Technology, Stuyvesant High School, High School of Fashion Industries, and others, which only increased his net worth.

Frank came to prominence in the second half of the 1990s, releasing an autobiographical book “Angela`s Ashes”, depicting his childhood and all the struggles his family had been through. The book became an instant bestseller, which increased his net worth by a large margin. Encouraged by the success of the book, Frank continued with his writing, and three years later published the sequel – “’Tis” – continuing the story of his life, and in 2005 he published his third book “Teacher Man”, which speaks about his life and experience as a teacher.
To speak further of his accomplishments as a teacher, Frank wrote the book, which was used for the musical “The Irish… and How They Got That Way” in 1997.

For his book “Angela`s Ashes”, Frank won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography in 1996, and in 1997 as well, making it as a hallmark of his career.

Regarding his personal life, Frank was married three times, firstly to Alberta Small(1961-79) – the couple had a daughter. His second wife was Cheryl Floyd, from 1984 until 1985, and his third marriage was to Ellen Frey in 1994; the couple was together until his death. Frank died from melanoma on19th July 2009, in Manhattan, New York just months after he was diagnosed with the incurable disease.

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