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May 6, 2023
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Mike Fleiss is a Fullerton, California-born American television producer, screenwriter as well as film producer best known for creating and producing numerous popular television shows including “The Bachelor”. Born on 14 April 1964, Fleiss is the second cousin of Heidi Fleiss, a popular television personality and noted columnist.

A famous writer, producer one might wonder how rich is Mike Fleiss as of 2015? Currently, Fleiss has an estimated net worth of $80 million, which he has obviously amassed from his career in Hollywood. Although he is noted for being a screenwriter, he has clearly earned a lot from being a producer for many Hollywood movies as well as television shows.

Mike Fleiss Net Worth $80 Million

Raised in California, Mike started his involvement in Hollywood movies by being a producer during the 1990s. His initial projects include television movies such as “Television’s Comedy Classics”, “World’s Scariest Police Shootouts” and many more which could not bring fame to him, but paved the way for him to become a producer of many more Hollywood movies. Eventually, Mike became a prominent personality in Hollywood as he came out with the successful horror movie “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” in 2003. This movie was followed by “Hostel”, released in 2005, both notable products, so his net worth started skyrocketing from this time on.

Next, Mike directed his mind to creating and producing television reality shows and initiated them with “Who Wants to Marry A Multi-Millionaire?”.Although the show was not as successful as he had hoped, Mike survived this dip in his career and went on to entertain his viewers with successful shows like “The Bachelorette”, “High School Reunion” as well as “The Will”. These shows helped Mike earn a reputation in the television industry as the “Donald Trump of television”. Of course, his eventual net worth of $80 million has been supporting this nick name for him over the years.

Apart from his very successful career as a writer as well as a producer, he is also an owner of the production company, Next Entertainment, which has also been very successful in the business. In 2008 alone, the company earned a total of $100 million. The utterly successful profile made by this production company has also been serving Mike in adding to his wealth for many years now.

Although a highly regarded personality in television, Mike is also noted for his notorious behavior, that have made him an eye candy for the news and media. This screenwriter and creator was recently in the news for being criminally charged with harassing famous actors Brooke Burke and David Charvet. Although, these legal charges may have poked a hole into his wealth, the running seasons of “The Bachelor” have been adding to the pile.

Talking about his personal life, Mike Fleiss has married twice. His first marriage was with his high school sweetheart Alexandra Vorbeck which, after 24 years of marriage, ended in a divorce in 2012. Later in 2014, married 2012 Miss America winner, Laura Kaeppeler. As of now, Mike shares his life with Laura while enjoying his current net worth of $80 million.

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