Method Man’s Wife Tamika Smith Wiki: Age, Height, Kids, Cancer

April 18, 2024
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Tamika Smith rose to prominence after marrying rapper Method Man of the New York hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan. She is a strong survivor of breast cancer, a fact that was revealed by broadcaster Wendy Williams without Tamika’s consent.

Early Life

Tamika Muldrow Smith was born on 14th July 1975 in the United States under the zodiac sign of cancer. She has a sister, Tonya Muldrow, who is married to another member of the Wu-Tang Clan group Lamont Jody “U-God” Hawkins. Tamika is an extremely private person, and this is all the information available about her personal life.

Breast Cancer

Tamika battled breast cancer for many years. In 2006, popular talk show host Wendy Williams revealed her diagnosis to the public, which angered both Tamika and her husband Method Man who stood up for her in the media, stating how uncomfortable it makes her feel to have people stare at her knowing she has cancer, while she was already going through the struggle of chemotherapy. They never intended this information to go public, but Wendy exposed it to everyone anyway. In an interview, he said, ‘You can attack me any way you want to, but you don’t attack my family.


You did not have to do that; her family members didn’t even know she was sick.’ Unfortunately, this was not the end of Wendy’s involvement in the couple’s private affairs. Sometime later, she exposed Method Man for having a one-night stand with her, revealing many details from the night in an interview, further shining the spotlight on Method Man’s family and embarrassing him.

Relationship with Method Man

Tamika and Method Man – Clifford M Smith Jr. – first met in the 1990s, and from 1997 to 2002 she was employed as his personal assistant.

They fell in love, started dating, and Method Man proposed in 1999; the romantic couple married in March of 2001, and are still apparently happily together, and have three children, born before the wedding, their eldest being their son Sha Smith followed by twins Cheyenne and Raekwon.

Method Man and Wendy Williams

When speaking of their one-night stand, Wendy revealed that her and Method Man smoked a blunt at a club together. While high, they were watching a fight at this club until they heard gunshots and police. Allegedly, he and the entirety of Wu-Tang Clan were in a car together, and she asked him over to her place. She said that he agreed and they went to her house, where she gave him a bath.


Then the two ‘went all the way.’ Tamika Smith later released a statement putting Wendy Williams on blast, as she was tired of always taking the high road. She stated that the interview was an ‘obvious attempt to increase ratings for her sad biopic by targeting my husband.’ Tamika also addressed her other information, such as revealing her cancer diagnosis and belittling celebrities with substance issues, when Wendy struggles with this as well.

Who is Method Man?

Method Man, one of the most well-known names in rap today, grew up in the Park Hill projects raised by his single mother, He has and older and a younger sister.

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The rapper has said that he dropped out of high school, and experimented with drugs when he was a teen. He doesn’t like talking about his early childhood, because he doesn’t want people to feel sorry for him since ‘there are other people who have it worse’. As a teen, he was always writing lyrics and rapping, knowing that music was his passion.

Producers Prince Rakeem and the Genius were the ones to bring Clifford along with the other Wu-Tang Clan members to the studio to make an album. The group of eight barely found enough resources to record their first single, “Protect Ya Neck/After the Laughter,” which sold 15,000 copies, and led to a record deal with Loud Records. They were also allowed to sign solo deals, saying they had ‘too much talent to be restricted.


At the end of 1993, the group Wu-Tang Clan released their first full album, “Enter the 36 Chambers” which sold over a million copies, with many hit singles that people love even today. A year later, Method Man released his debut solo album entitled “Tical,” which went on to gain platinum status. He started gaining his own popularity, and collaborated with famous artists like Notorious B.I.G., Redman, and Boyz II Men.

After all this hype, Wu-Tang Clan released their second album, “Wu Tang Forever”, which initially didn’t do as well as the first one, however, it later went triple-platinum, and even earned a Grammy nomination.

They were then set to tour with Rage Against the Machine and Atari Teenage Riot, and the tour sold out, but following issues with financials and scheduling, Wu-Tang Clan dropped out and disappointed their fans, the beginning of their fall in popularity as a group. Many people stopped listening to their music as a group but continued to support their favorite members individually.

Even though the Clan was starting to face problems, Method Man continued to grow his career by appearing on Jay-Z’s tour, during which they wrote and performed a duet together. In this time, he also focused on his acting career by appearing as a young gangster character on HBO’s drama show “Oz.”


He then appeared in the comedy “How High” with longtime friend Redman, which was released at the same time as the fourth Clan album “Iron Flag.” Wu-Tang Clan went on to release a total of seven studio albums, and Method Man released several more mixtapes. He made cameos in many TV series and movies (121 acting credits), including Marvel’s “Luke Cage,” “Keanu,” and “Teenage Bounty Hunters.” In some of these roles, he has portrayed himself.

Net Worth

There is no information available on the internet about Tamika Smith’s net worth. However, her husband, Method Man, has an approximate net worth of over $14 million.

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