Perez Hilton Net Worth

April 28, 2023
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Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr., to the public known as Perez Hilton, is a famous American television personality, writer, as well as a blogger. Perez Hilton is perhaps best known for his controversial and often offensive blog posts on his website, where he usually posts celebrity gossips, discusses various events and award shows and outs different celebrities. Hilton initially started blogging as a hobby but it soon expanded to become a largely successful and profitable career choice. However, Perez Hilton’s career suffered from many issues and he was constantly surrounded with controversy. Hilton’s responses to such occurrences as Michael Jackson’s death, which he claimed to have been a public stunt, or the Miss USA 2009 pageant where he insulted one of the contestants, have deemed him an unwelcomed face among many celebrities. A well-known blogger, how rich is Perez Hilton? In both 2010 and 2013, Hilton earned $450 000 from banner advertising, while his daily earnings from banner advertising usually amount to $4 500. In regards to his wealth, sources state that Perez Hilton’s net worth is estimated to be $30 million. A lot of Perez Hilton’s wealth comes from television appearances, advertising and his blogging career.

Perez Hilton Net Worth $30 Million

Perez Hilton was born in 1978, in Miami, Florida, where he studied at Belen Jesuit Preparatory School, graduated from New York University in 2000 prior to becoming a blogger, Perez Hilton tried to work as an actor, however this aspiration was not fulfilled at the time. In addition to trying out as an actor, Hilton was writing various publications for gay magazines and for a brief period was even a managing editor in a monthly gay magazine called “Instinct”. Soon after that, Perez Hilton created his blogging website, which turned him into a celebrity. Unfortunately, not many famous people approved of Hilton’s harsh and blunt comments that he usually makes on his blog posts. So far, Hilton has made enemies with Ariana Grande, who filed a lawsuit against him for slander, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Taylor Momsen and many others.

As Perez Hilton began to be noticed by the public, he also started making appearances on television screens. Since his first credited role in “The Sopranos” in 2001, Hilton has been featured on such shows as “America’s Next Top Model” with Tyra Banks, “Degrassi: The Next Generation”, “When I Was 17”, and even hosted his own television show entitled “Perez Hilton Superfan”, where he got to interview several celebrities before the show was taken off air.

In addition to being a blogger and television personality, Perez Hilton is also a published author. In 2011, Hilton came out with a children’s book called “The Boy With Pink Hair”, which was largely inspired by Hilton’s own childhood. Hilton kept himself busy as he also released a song under the name of “The Clap”, which is about a sexually transmitted disease called gonorrhea. Perez Hilton is perhaps one of the few celebrities who relishes in being controversial and blunt.

Currently, Perez Hilton’s net worth is estimated to amount to $30 million.

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