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April 18, 2024
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Who is Philipp von Bernstorff?

Phillip von Bernstorff is a businessman and German count, but probably best recognized as the husband of CNN reporter Clarissa Ward. His exact date of birth and age remains a mystery, but according to many online sources, and photos from Clarissa’s social media accounts, it’s believed that he’s 40-45 years of age, as of early 2022.

Early life and Family

Philipp likes to keep his matters away from the public, and has never revealed any information about his family, any siblings, and childhood. The only available information is that he comes from a noble family.


According to his Linked In account, from 2009 to 2012, he worked as a Fund Manager for Artradis, a former Asian equity arbitrage fund. Since January 2013, he has been working as Trader Equity Lon/Short Russia CIS at Vulpes Investment Management.

Personal Life

Nothing is known about his dating history. He and Clarissa reportedly met in Moscow in 2007 at a dinner party, where he shared his particular view on war journalists, saying that they were egomaniacs. Interestingly, the two hit it off and soon began a romantic relationship.

After nearly 10 years of dating, they tied the knot in 2016 in London at the Chelsea Old Town Hall. Proving Philipp wrong, she wanted a minimalistic wedding rather than a lavish ceremony with a long guest list.


Instead, Clarissa bought a wedding dress at a Harvey Nichols department store just a couple of days before their wedding, and was also brave and bold enough to do her own make-up and hair. However, Clarissa did receive help from her CNN make-up artist, who was adamant about being the finishing touch for her special day. The wedding celebration was held at their house in Notting Hill, with 46 guests. Regarding her choice of a simple wedding, she said: ‘Perhaps covering war does give you a slightly different perspective in the grand scheme of things to freak out about – this is not one of them.’

When it comes to the ceremony, Clarissa was barely able to contain her emotions, revealing: ‘I was weeping so much, but in a beautiful way. I mean not that I looked beautiful, but that it was a happy kind of weeping.’

They welcomed two children together; on 2 March 2018, Clarissa gave birth to Ezra Albercht Nikolas Nour von Bernstorff, and on 29 June 2020, they welcomed Caspar Hugo Augustus Idris von Bernstorff.

What is his net worth?

As there’s not much information known about his professional life, it’s not possible to calculate his net worth. On the other hand, his wife’s wealth is estimated at well over $1 million, earned through her long career as a correspondent.


Physical stats

Philipp’s weight and height are currently unavailable. His hair is brown and curly, while his eyes are brown.

Is he active on social media?

It appears that Philipp is not a fan of social media platforms and does not use Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. However, it seems that he has a LinkedIn profile. Even though Philipp does not like sharing photos of himself, Clarissa is very active on social platforms and is known to post family photos featuring Philipp and their children on her social media accounts.

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Briefly about Clarissa Ward

Clarissa was born under the Zodiac sign Aquarius on 31 January 1980, in London, England, to a British father and American mother, so she spent her childhood in London and New York City. Regarding her education, she attended Godstowe School, and later enrolled at the nearby all-girls boarding school, Wycombe Abbey. Enrolling at Yale University to study comparative literature, she graduated in 2002, and in 2013 she garnered an honorary doctor of letters degree from Middlebury College in Vermont.

After obtaining her degree from Yale, she began working as a desk assistant for Fox News. The following year, she resumed her association with Fox New, doing various international desk co-ordinating coverage for various stories such as the deaths of Yasir Arafat and Pope John Paul II.


Building her career, she started working as a field producer for Fox New, and covered the Israeli-Lebanese war, the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit, and the trial of Saddam Hussein, among others. From 2007 to 2010, she was a correspondent for all ABC News broadcasts and platforms, situated in Moscow. She mainly covered the Russian Presidential elections, Russian intervention into Georgian territory, before she was later transferred to Beijing, where she covered the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

In 2011 she started working for CBS as a part-time correspondent for the TV news magazine entitled “60 minutes”, and a fill-in anchor for CHS “This Morning”. In 2015 she joined CNN, and after nearly a decade working as a war correspondent, she remained in London. Three years later, she was appointed as a chief international correspondent, filling in the shoes of Christian Amanpour, covering numerous controversial stories and events, including the suspicious poisoning of Alexei Navalny, who according to her reports, was stalked by Russian Federal Security Service members (FBS) and later poisoned.


In 2019 she became the first Western journalist allowed to report on life in areas controlled by the Taliban in Afghanistan, so was already in the capital city, Kabul before it was taken by the Taliban in August 2021.

While there, she had exclusive access to a former military base and was able to capture and report on the chaos that ensued, including the terrifying footage and attempts of numerous citizens to flee from the country.

Throughout her lengthy career, she’s received numerous awards for reporting, including seven Emmy Awards, a George Peabody Award, and a Murrow Award.

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