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February 15, 2023
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Born Amanda Lynn Carlson on the 25th August 1999, in Taylor, Michigan USA, and is an award-winning actress and screenwriter, perhaps best known for the role in her first film, the 2011 action biopic “Machine Gun Preacher”, and for her subsequent appearances in indie films and TV shows, including “Gray’s Anatomy” as Jessica Tanner, among many others.

Have you ever wondered how rich Mandalynn Carlson is, as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Carlson’s net worth is as high as $1 million, an amount earned through her successful acting career which began at the age of just two years.

Mandalynn Carlson Net Worth is $1 Million

Mandalynn’s parents, Sherri and Eric Carlson, own Michigan Crafty & Motion Picture Company- a film catering company, and in fact her father, a chef, named her after a favorite cooking instruments, a mandolin, comparing her potential to the bright sharpness of the .

Mandalynn is an only child, and was homeschooled, becoming a straight-A student. She started college at the age 15, and by doing so achieved her goal of enrolling in college one year earlier than her grandmother who was 16 when she became Badger at UW. Actually, being on sets with her parents and meeting actors had already determined her choice of an acting career.

At the age of 10, she wrote her first screenplay, a short called “The Secret Recipe” showing early signs of what would later become an important part of her career. She began her acting career in 2010, with a supporting role in the Golden Globe Award-nominated action crime biopic about Sam Childers – “Machine Gun Preacher” – starring Gerard Butler, Michelle Monaghan and Michael Shannon. She then continued with local projects in Detroit, including the period piece based on the true story, “Mary’s Buttons” in 2012, and the same year was in a skit on the variety show “Jimmy Kimel Live!”. Other formative projects were a role in “CSI: NY” for TV, and a movie role in the romantic fantasy drama “Naked Angel”, alongside James Duval and Debra Wilson. Her net worth was already well set.

Carlson reunited with her “Mary’s Buttons” producer, to work on another film, “Small Town Santa” in 2014, with her character’s father played by Dean Cain who then returned to co-star with her on her next movie project, “A Horse for Summer” in 2016, in which she played the lead role of a troubled teen bouncing from one foster home to another, while her mother is in jail. This movie was Nancy Criss’s directorial feature debut, and the pair worked together again on the mystery thriller “Deadly Sanctuary” in 2017. That was her third film with Dean Cain, co-starring with Daniel Baldwin, Eric Roberts and Paul Greene. Concurrently, Carlson played the lead role in the family film “A Horse Tale”, as Patrick Muldoon’s daughter.

Mandalynn’s return to TV came with a role in “Gray’s Anatomy” in 2015, starring in the premiere episode of the show’s 12th season, which dealt with teen suicide and bullying, a rather important topic for Mandalynn.

She is currently working on a web series – “Roadside Stars”, paired with acting legend and academy award nominee Candy Clark, famous for his role in “American Graffiti”, Gene Loveland and Boti Bliss.

In her career, Mandalynn has won multiple awards, including “Best performance in an indie or film festival feature film” in 2016.

Regarding her personal life, Carlson is still living with her parents and her lab-mixed puppy Deli. She is an outspoken activist against bullying, as she suffered at school, an experience which persuaded her parents that homeschooling was a better way to go about their daughter’s education.

Mandalynn was a guest speaker on the TBTG ‘Music is My Language’ tour, around Southern California schools, advocating against bullying. She is also trying to communicate to young girls the idea of self-image, and has written articles on the topic. She visits underprivileged children in the Watts projects, supports Ronald McDonald house of Pasadena fundraisers, and visits chronically ill children at Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles.

Her favorite band is Led Zeppelin; she has taken up martial arts, and is now learning sword fencing for an upcoming movie role.

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