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April 18, 2024
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Troy Lane Brirklett, better known by his stage name “Lil’ Troy” is a rap singer and actor born on 24th February 1966, in Houston, Texas USA. and is probably best known for his 1998 single “Wanna Be a Baller”, which reached no.70 on the Billboard Hot 100 and launched his debut album “Sittin’ Fat Down South”.

Have you ever wondered how rich Lil Troy is? According to sources, it has been estimated that Lil Troy’s overall net worth is $300,000, acquired through a singing career which started in the mid 1990s, building his name among the Houston rap scene. Since he is still active in the music industry, his wealth continues to grow.

Lil Troy Net Worth $300 000

Before emerging on the hip-hop/rap scene, Troy earned money as a drug dealer, using the money he obtained to fund his music business, founding Short Stop Records in 1988. However, his first notable success came when he joined the Mass187 group in 1995, whose song “Gangsta Strut” was featured on the local radio. Unfortunately, this led to him being convicted of using a communications device to commit a felony, and he was then sentenced to 18 months in prison, served in Beaumont, Texas.

Despite this setback, Lil Troy continued to make music and featured with numerous members of Houston’s rap scene during the ‘90s. With his hit single “Wanna Be a Baller”, which was produced by Bruce “Grim” Rhodes, Troy reached no.70 on the Billboard Hot 100, and then launched his debut album “Sittin’ Fat Down South”. The album turned out to be pretty successful, as it entered the Top 25 albums on the Billboard 200, thanks to which he was signed by Universal Music Group, which re-released the album a year later, this time distributing it worldwide, so “Sittin’ Fat Down South” was certified platinum by the RIAA as it sold almost two million copies. In 2001, Troy released his second album called “Back to Ballin”, this time by Short Stop Records, which reached no.24 on U.S. hip hop charts but failed to achieve the success of the previous one. His last album so far, “Paperwork”, came out in 2006.

Apart from his music career, Lil Troy also appeared in three movies: Back to Ballin’ (2003), “Hustletown Mobbin’”(2003) and “Diggin’ for Dollars”(2004), adding to his net worth.

In 2006 he also released a clothing line, which consisted of contemporary, upscale and casual clothes by his design.

His more recent activity apparently involves Troy working as a contractor for an Industrial Construction Company in Houston.

When it comes to his private life, Lil Troy manages to keep it away from the public, so not much information is shared, other than that he now lives in Houston..

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