Froggy Fresh Net Worth

May 9, 2023
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Tyler Stephen Cassidy, better known under the stage names Froggy Fresh or Krispy Kreme, was born in 1990, and is best known for being a hip hop artist, who has released a number of absurd YouTube videos, including one of the most popular called “The Baddest”. He has also released two studio albums – “Money Maker (Reloaded)” and “Dream Team”. His career in the entertainment industry has been active since 2012.

Have you ever wondered how rich Froggy Fresh is, as of mid-2016? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that the overall size of Froggy Fresh’s net worth is $10,000, which has been accumulated through his involvement in the American music scene as a rapper.

Froggy Fresh Net Worth $10,000

Froggy Fresh was raised by his father, Bradley and his mother Renee Cassidy. He attended Bendle High School, Burton Michigan which suggests that it was his hometown..

Froggy Fresh`s career began as early as 2012, under the moniker Krispy Kreme, when he uploaded a video for the rap song “The Baddest”, on his own video channel. In no time, the video went viral, and his popularity began to grow. During 2012 he released several more videos, for songs “Best Friends”, “Haters Wanna Be Me”, “Girl Work It”, “Stolen Bikes”, and “Christmas”, among others, reaching a total number of 11.

All of the songs became popular, which only increased his net worth, as well as his popularity, which only encouraged him to continue making music. However, before the end of the 2012, he needed to change his name, as the ‘Krispy Kreme’ doughnut company wanted to sue him for taking their trademark name. He soon posted a video in which he asked fans to choose his new name, between Froggy Fresh, Lil Kuntry, White Chocolate, or Jelly Bean Jack. The fans went for Froggy Fresh, a name which he still uses.

His debut album was released in December 2012, entitled “Money Maker (Re-Loaded)”, through iTunes, which proved extremely popular, reaching No. 3 on the US Billboard Comedy chart. Immediately after the album was released, Froggy Fresh continued with releasing music videos on his You Tube channel, including the song “Halloween II”. Until 2014, he had several new songs on his You Tube channel, including “Dunked On”, “Friday the 13th”, “Street Rangers 2″, “Nightmare On My Street”, and “Jimmy Butler Is Your Father”, which is dedicated to Chicago Bulls` basketball point guard Jimmy Butler.

He then started working on his new album, which was released in October 2014 entitled “Dream Team”, which also received positive reviews, increasing further Froggy`s net worth. Undoubtedly, positive critiques certainly encouraged Froggy Fresh to work further on his musical career, which only means that his net worth will very likely become higher in the forthcoming years.

When it comes to speak about Froggy Fresh’s personal life, there is no information about his private in the media. In addition to his career, Froggy is very active across many social networks, such as Twitter, and Facebook, on which he has a great number of fans.

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