About Doughboy’s Health – What really happened to him?

April 18, 2024
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After many seasons of the Oklahoma-based “Street Outlaws”, it was inevitable that the franchise expanded, spawning several highly successful spin-offs such as “No Prep Kings”, “Fastest In America” and the popular “Street Outlaws: Memphis”. The latter which hasn’t only shown a different perspective of what the racing scene away from Oklahoma is, but also introduced us to many new faces who didn’t take long to become unforgettable.

One of the iconic adrenaline-prone drivers is Doughboy, who has recently been the subject of many speculations regarding his whereabouts, due to his lack of recent appearances in the show added to the several worrying rumors about his well-being.

So what is Doughboy doing now? What was the reason he left the show, and what is going on with his health? Stay here and know it all!

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What Happened To Doughboy?

Those who have been paying attention to “Street Outlaws: Memphis” know who Doughboy is and how much he’s grown since the first time he sat behind the wheel. Despite being the son of Memphis race legend JJ Da Boss, Doughboy didn’t start racing until 2018 during the show’s second episode.

Ever since, Doughboy, whose real name is Joshua Day, has developed his career as a race driver, and slowly gained followers on his own merit as the series advanced. That’s why his sudden disappearance from the show and social media altogether from early 2021 seems quite surprising.

Although Joshua himself hasn’t come out to say what’s happened to him, his father JJ Da Boss affirmed that a back disc injury had kept Joshua away from the race track, as The Sun reported in June 2021. Nonetheless, the fact that Joshua is absent from his family’s and friends’ social media has prompted several rumors about his well-being, the most popular started by a Reddit user, who affirmed that Joshua’s problems with the law caused his exit from the show.

However, it’s important to point out that the latter is an internet rumor, and that to date the only official information about Joshua’s well-being is still what JJ Da Boss affirmed about his health.


What Happened To Doughboy’s Car?

Those who remember Doughboy’s debut in “Street Outlaws” surely remember that he didn’t own a race car. In fact, it was thanks to fellow racer Lee Roberts, who kindly lent his 1973 Nova to the inexperienced Doughboy back in the day as an act of gratitude towards JJ Da Boss, whom Lee considers ‘his family’.

It wasn’t long until Doughboy took matters into his own hands and found himself a good ride. As seen in his Instagram posts from 2018, Doughboy actually bought and fixed-up a 1962 Chevrolet Impala with the help of his father, as he wrote: ‘thanks so much for helping me & always looking out for me! Truly is a blessing to be your son!’. From then on, Doughboy took his red Impala everywhere, and turned it into his preferred ride.

However, ever since Doughboy’s disappearances from the show and social media, the fate of the 1962 Impala is unknown. The car hasn’t been seen either on wife Chelsea’s or his father’s social media. It leaves us no other option than to wait for Doughboy’s hopeful eventual return, to really know whatever happened to his car.


His Family

For the Memphis-based drivers in “Street Outlaws”, racing is more than just money and adrenaline, but a family matter as well. Besides being the son of JJ Da Boss, Doughboy is married to the fellow Memphis-based racer Chelsea Day, who is the sister of the iconic racer Precious Cooper.

Unfortunately, not much is known about Joshua’s family on his mother’s side, but his paternal family is quite big, to say the least. As it happens, he was born from a relationship JJ Da Boss had years prior to marrying his current wife Tricia Day, with whom he has so far welcomed four kids, who are Joshua’s much younger step-siblings. Aside from them, Joshua has six other siblings on his father’s side who sadly haven’t been seen much in “Street Outlaws: Memphis” or other shows of the franchise.

That being said, Joshua and Chelsea have been married since September 2015 and have welcomed son Kamden and daughter Novaleigh. Aside from them, JJ Da Boss has another three grandkids whose names are unknown.

Who Is Doughboy’s Wife?

As one of the main drivers of JJ Da Boss’ team, Chelsea Day is certainly one of the most iconic drivers from “Street Outlaws: Memphis”.

Despite being a native from Joiner, Arkansas, Chelsea has seemingly been living in Memphis, Tennessee for some time. As seen on her social media, she’s been racing since 2013, and though it’s unknown where her inspiration to enter such a male-dominated scene came from, it’s for certain that Chelsea has been quite dedicated to it for the longest time. During those times, her preferred car for the street was her red 1973 Camaro, though as years passed she had other powerful drives, such as a 2001 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, a white 1973 Camaro, and the Tomkat, a 1966 Chevelle she currently races.

Besides her impressive facet as a race driver, Chelsea is a dedicated mother and wife, who also strongly supports the entirety of her racing family in their endeavors.


Who Else Is In Memphis Team?

While Doughboy is considered part of JJ Da Boss’ Team, the truth is that he isn’t an official member of it. However, other drivers from “Street Outlaws: Memphis” have been on the road with JJ for several years, and have brought many victories.

Precious Cooper

Considered one of the stars of the show and the Memphis street-racing scene, Precious Cooper is always a sight to behold when she’s behind the wheel. Just as her younger sister Chelsea, Precious has been loving Memphis’ racing scene since moving there from Arkansas as a teen. However, Precious’ time to take her rightful spot behind the wheel didn’t come until adulthood, when her talent and passion for speed quickly gained her the title of Queen Of The Streets.

Not only is Precious a great driver, but she’s also provided some of the most iconic moments in the show, such as the driver from Nevada who crashed his car after bad-mouthing Precious’ abilities behind the wheel. Just as she affirmed in the early 2022 episode of “Street Outlaws: Memphis”, she was quite doubtful of whether her competitor Jeff Haggard’s car was allowed on the streets. Although Haggard said his Blazer was ‘street legal’, he also boasted at being able to ‘kick her ass’, which in the end wasn’t possible as he crashed before the finish line and Precious was the resulting in the winner.

That being said, Precious is undoubtedly one of the most skillful drivers in the “Street Outlaws” franchise, and has made sure to prove it several times.

Tricia Day

Honoring her spot in her husband JJ Da Boss’ team, Tricia Day makes sure to always go to the limits, and bring home the money when she’s behind the wheel. Tricia, whose real name is Patricia Wayne but is also known as Trisha or as Midget for her small height, doesn’t let anything stop her while on the track field, even challenging her husband, and some of the most reckless drivers from all around the country.

Despite her expertise, Tricia also has had her fair share of accidents. Before obtaining her favorite ride Heifer in 2019, she suffered a terrible accident behind the wheel of the 1966 Chevrolet Nova II called Ziptie, which is JJ’s signature ride and the same model of Heifer. However, it seems that Ziptie and Tricia really don’t have a good history together, as in early 2022, she suffered yet another accident while filming “Street Outlaws: America’s List”.

The latter accident occurred when JJ lost control of his Hummingbird while he and Tricia raced against each other, resulting in him crashing against the Ziptie and sending her rolling over in the air onto the sideroad. Despite sustaining terrible injuries as a result, in late 2022 Tricia and JJ finally drove the Ziptie again, to prove that nothing can really stop Memphis’  drivers.


Lee Roberts

Despite not officially forming part of JJ Da Boss’ team, Lee Roberts is quite close to the Day family, and has lent them his help when needed. Lee’s preferred ride is the NightForce, a stunning electric blue 1983 Chevy Nova, which has gained him some of the most difficult races all around the country.

By far Lee’s best year behind the wheel was 2019, when he won 11 races of a final $10,000 prize each, added to being placed as a semi-finalist in other highly competitive contests. Nonetheless, besides being an excellent driver, Lee is a dedicated member of his community, even joining forces with the local Memphis-based Carl Perkins Center to spread awareness about child abuse and family neglect.

Other than that, Lee is an avid hunter and dedicated family father and husband, often showing his followers some of his outdoors adventures with his kids.


JJ Da Boss

Known as one of the staple drivers of Memphis, JJ Da Boss, whose real name is Jonathan Day, is definitely an unforgettable man when he’s on the track. Jonathan’s early stories with cars go back to when he was a small child in his native Joiner, Arkansas, and worked building roofs to sustain himself.

According to his website, JJ was ‘always country, poor and happy’ but apparently always willing to do what was needed to gain a couple of dollars. Taking on gambling and hustling was enough to earn as many dollars as he could, though at the early age of 10 years he was already racing on Mississippi’s gravel roads.

Growing up, JJ already had sorted out how to sustain himself, but even that didn’t stop him from allegedly committing several errors which landed him in jail. After over eight years behind the bars of a Federal prison, Jonathan was a new man, and did his best to build a life doing what he loved the most. Soon enough, his long-acquired skills at fixing and building cars resulted in him making enough money to invest in his passion for racing, eventually buying and flipping several cars which he has put on the streets through his team, or driving them himself.

In the end, Jonathan Day truly deserves his reputation as the most feared man of the streets for his resilience and resourceful ways.


Legal Issues

Although no one denies that drama is usual in the street racing scene, most of the time the personal problems or discussions between drivers don’t have any legal consequences. Nonetheless, in 2018 J,J Da Boss and Discovery were actually sued for an alleged event which occurred while on the tracks.

As it happened, back in late 2017 the couple formed by racer Chad Larkin and his wife Genny were apparently contacted by Discovery channel to appear in “Street Outlaws: Memphis”. Nonetheless, what was assumed to be a friendly competition resulted in the several drivers being pushed to compete against JJ Da Boss’ team, and the situation only worsened when in a sudden move, Larkin was physically attacked by Jonathan Day and race driver Kenneth Gulley and pushed to the grown: ‘he felt immediate pain in his leg, as though his ‘muscles and tendons were ripping.’ At that point Larkin was on his back with his face exposed’, as court documents stated.

As affirmed by Larkin, he ‘feared for his life’ as the assault continued, and Discovery producers allegedly did nothing to help him. During the incident, Genny was attacked by an unidentified female member of the show. Larkin’s asked for a $5 million compensation for damages, but it’s unclear what the case resulted in.

Has “Street Outlaws: Memphis” Ended?

As one of the most popular shows from the franchise, “Street Outlaws: Memphis” has surely kept a stable place in Discovery channel’s programming. Nonetheless, while the latest and fifth season of the show wrapped up in late 2021, no further comments about its return have been announced either by the network or the cast members.

Although the show’s prolonged absence from TV might worry fans, the truth is that the Memphis drivers have been quite busy appearing in some other series of the franchise. The whole cast have become regulars in “America’s List”, added to Precious Copper and Tricia Day forming part of the all-women show “Gone Girl”.

While the future of “Street Outlaws: Memphis” is not clear these days, it’s for sure that its beloved will surely keep appearing in other shows. This also means that Doughboy will most likely have a place in the franchise, in the hopeful case that he returns to TV.

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