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March 21, 2024
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Who is Christina Khalil?

Christina is a Lebanese-American online personality, famous for her YouTube vlogs, OnlyFans, and other social media content.

Early life

Christina Khalil was born on 19 November 1993, in Beirut, Lebanon, but later moved with her family to Santa Barbara, California, USA – on 10 January 2022 she posted a video on Instagram stating that it’s been 20 years since she moved to the US. Although she doesn’t talk about her education, it’s safe to assume that she finished her education in Santa Barbara. She was born into a family of six, her dad Habib, mother Svetlana, and her three brothers Ali, Alex and Kareem. Christina is also part Russian, from her mother’s side. As of 2021, Christina lives in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

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How Christina ended up in America

When Christina was a child, Lebanon was on shaky grounds due to civil “disputes”, and her parents were scared for the safety of their children. This is when they decided to move to Santa Barbara, where she had some relatives and where they knew they’d be safe. Unfortunately, her mother couldn’t get her Visa approved, so she wasn’t allowed to enter the country. Svetlana moved to Ukraine and wouldn’t see her daughter for the next 18 years.


Christina applied for US citizenship, and after a while received her Green Card, but in 2014 her card was revoked, and it would be in 2018 before she finally got it approved again. With all the documents gathered and the whole painstaking process of becoming a US citizen done with, she was finally able to go to Ukraine and see her mother for the first time in 18 years.



Before launching her YouTube channel, Christina Khalil was a track and field athlete, specifically hurdles and jumps. She joined YouTube on 27 October 2011 but only posted her first video on 27 February 2016. What started out as a simple fitness and workout channel with a handful of subscribers later grew considerably when she introduced other types of content, such as vlogs and try-ons in which she, as the name implies, tries on various outfits, usually lingerie and swimwear. Over the course of six years, Christina’s channel has gained over 150 million views, with her most viewed video on video gathering over 11 million views. She doesn’t have a strict upload schedule, usually between two and five videos a month. Her content focuses on lifestyle type videos, which include vlogs, try-ons, and sharing her love of motorcycles and cars. So far her YouTube channel harbors around 735,000 subscribers.

Other platforms

Christina can be found on numerous other platforms: OnlyFans, Instagram, Twitch and TikTok. While she isn’t really active on Twitch, her OnlyFans has almost 100,000 likes and over 450 posts. It costs $25 to subscribe, and she provides NSFW content that she can’t share on other social media. Her Patreon is also a place where you can pay for premium content, and the levels range up to $500 for those die hard Christina Khalil fans, or Worshipers as her Patreon calls them.


Her Instagram account dates back to 2012 and so far she’s gathered around 280,000 followers with a little over 1300 posts. She almost lost her account a few years back, when she was banned due to a misunderstanding. Christina also had her first TikTok account removed, but this time she couldn’t get it back. This didn’t stop her from gaining massive popularity with her second account with almost 700,000 followers and over six million likes.

Personal life, boyfriend Jaret Campisi

Christina doesn’t usually post pictures of her family, only on special occasions. Her boyfriend Jaret Campisi, on the other hand, can be seen by her side not only on her Instagram page, but on her YouTube channel and his YouTube channel. The two started dating in 2014, but for reasons unknown, they still haven’t tied the knot, or at least not publicly. They met thanks to YouTube and their love of motorcycles. After living together in Santa Barbara, Christina and Jaret moved into a huge mansion in Pennsylvania, to be closer to Jaret’s family.


Jaret Campisi, born on 7 February 1983, in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, is a YouTuber/Online Coach. He created his YouTube channel in 2008, but couldn’t really be characterized as a content creator until 2014, when he started posting regular fitness and workout videos. So far Jaret has gained over 500,000 subscribers, and more than 110 million views with his most popular gaining 6.7 million views. His popular videos mostly feature his girlfriend, and like hers, tend to focus on their shared passion for motorcycles and cars. His popularity spans over multiple platforms, mainly Instagram, with over 1600 posts and 85,000 followers. You can find and support him on Patreon, from which you can gain early access to his YouTube videos, as well as insight into how his bikes are customized. The levels range up to $15, with the highest level allowing access to Patron Only Polls for choosing specific parts that will be incorporated into his custom bikes and cars.


Christina’s height is around 5ft 6ins (1.7m), and she weighs around 140lbs(64kgs). Seeing as her fame is mostly accredited to her appearance, she keeps fit by working out regularly; some of these workouts can be viewed on her YouTube channel.


Net worth

Christina Khalil’s earnings for the most part come from her successful YouTube career, and her net worth is estimated at close to $1.5 million.

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