La Toya Jackson Net Worth

February 19, 2023
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La Toya Yvonne Jackson, known simply as La Toya Jackson, is a famous American businesswoman, television personality, author, actress, as well as a singer and songwriter. La Toya Jackson is a sister of Rebbie Jackson, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Marlon,  and Tito Jackson, with whom she appeared on a popular variety show called “The Jacksons”. In 1980, she released a debut album called “La Toya Jackson”, which signified the beginning of her solo career. The critical reception of the album turned out to be generally positive, which inspired La Toya to continue performing as a solo artist. Her big breakthrough came in 1984 with the release of “Heart Don’t Lie”, which peaked at #149 on the Billboard 200. The album proved to be Jackson’s most successful studio work, as it spawned such singles as “Heart Don’t Lie”, “Hot Potato” and “Private Joy”. Up to date, La Toya Jackson has released 10 studio albums, the most recent of which entitled “Stop in the Name of Love” came out in 1995. For her contributions to the industry, Jackson has been awarded a Grammy Award, five Outstanding Song Awards, and received a US Congressional Tribute for taking part in the “Stay in School” campaign.

La Toya Jackson Net Worth $4 Million

A well-known singer and songwriter, how rich is La Toya Jackson? According to sources, in 1996 she received $5 million from her contract with “Moulin Rouge” in Paris. In regards to her overall wealth, La Toya Jackson’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million, most of which she has accumulated due to her involvement in the music industry, both as a solo artist, and a member of the Jackson family.

La Toya Jackson was born in 1956, in Indiana, United States. She started her career when she was 16 years old, after joining her siblings on various shows in Las Vegas, and other cities. She caught a lot of attention when she appeared opposite her family in a series called “The Jacksons”, and later appeared in a musical entitled “The Wiz”. Initially, La Toya, Janet and Rebbie formed a trio, yet the group disbanded before they released any material together.

Following the success of her debut album, La Toya ventured into business and became partnered with the “David Laurenz for La Toya” fashion line. She then became a model for “Mahogany Image” company, and launched her own perfume called “La Toya”. Jackson’s later career was overshadowed by abuse, exile from the Jackson family, as well as seclusion. Le Toya returned to the music industry in 2004, with the release of a single called “Just Wanna Dance”. In 2007, she co-starred in a reality television series called “Armed & Famous” with Trish Stratus, Jason Acuna, Erik Estrada and Jack Osbourne. Her most recent work entitled “Starting Over” was released in 2011.

In regards to her personal life, La Toya Jackson married her former manager Jack Gordon in 1989, yet the couple split up in 1996, due to Gordon’s abuse. She is currently in a relationship with Jeffre Phillips.

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