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April 18, 2024
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Karent Sierra was born in 1974 in New York City, USA, and is known to be one of the top American celebrity dentists as well as a television star and even a singer, a mixed-bag which has helped her build considerable net worth.

So just how rich is Karent Sierra? Sources estimate that Karent’s net worth is over $5 million, accumulated from her main activities of ‘dentist to the stars’, TV appearances, and singing – quite a variety.

Karent Sierra Net Worth $5 Million

Karent she was brought up in South Florida, and actually competed in beauty pageants, being crowned as ‘Miss Carnival Miami 1992’. She was also featured as a model on Latin TV. Then she attended dental school in Wisconsin, and following graduation and gaining some experience, Karent decided to open her own private practice in Coral Gables, Florida. Karent‘s business model is also one of a kind – in order to take care of her older parents, Karent moves them into her home, which is a mansion. Of course they pay for this privileged treatment, but Karent believes in creating the perfect smile for her celebrity patients, which she has stated several times in her opinion confidence and positivity comes from inside, essential for the perfect smile.

So Karent offers her care and her dental work to affluent people who can manage higher than average cost for fixing their teeth, and also their smile, of course. Her practice provides them with personal iPods, massage chairs, flat screens and all the equipment to make her patients more comfortable.Naturally, Karent’s net worth has grown along with her primary business.

Karent’s good looks, and previous experience in beauty contests, plus a knowledge of TV productions, has helped her to obtain several offers of business, such as numerous commercials – perhaps unsurprisingly promoting Colgate – and info commercials. She has also become a reality television star and singer. Sierra was cast as a member of “The Real Housewives of Miami” in its second series.

The year Karent was cast, Bravo, the production company decided to start with the new concept of this show, so they renewed the format completely, as the first season wasn‘t successful, so new housewives were introduced to the show; Karent was one of them. The goal was to show everyone the real intelligence and beauty of Miami women, so Karent decided to join the show because of that. Although the show is called “The Real Housewives of Miami”, Karent entered the program not being married but in a relationship. However, after the season ended Karent Sierra broke up with her boyfriend Rodolfo Jiménez, who she had been dating for a few years.Regardless, the show did her net worth no harm at all.

Nowadays, she is apparently dating several businessmen. Also, she is a pretty good business woman herself. Her dental clinic attracts not only people from Florida, but also from other states, which really adds to her net worth. Reports that Karent Sierra was apparently forced to close several properties that belong to her, are unsubstantiated. However, even if the speculated rumors are true this shouldn‘t be such a big deal for the lady, as she still guests as a reality show star, is also a part-time model and continues as a front-person for Colgate. These types of product endorsement and all of her activities combined really help to boost her income.

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