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April 19, 2023
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Joseph Walter “Joe” Jackson, also known as Papa Joe, Mr. Jackson, Joseph but most commonly as Joe Jackson, was an American actor, musician, talent manager, music executive producer, musician and also a former professional boxer, who was most famous through managing his children in their careers in the music industry, in particular The Jackson Five and Michael Jackson. He passed away in 2018.

So just how rich was Joe Jackson? Authoritative sources estimate that Joe’s net worth at the time of his death was  $500,000, which may seem rather low in comparison to the wealth earned by his offspring.

Joe Jackson Net Worth $500,000

Joseph Walter “Joe” Jackson was born on 26 July 1928, in Fountain Hill, Arkansas, and was the older brother of four other children of Crystal Lee and Samuel Jackson. After his parents divorced, Jackson lived with his mother and step father, but also maintained a relationship with his biological father. Before becoming involved in a very active life of music and show business, Joe met his future wife, Katherine Scruse. They married in 1949 and went to live in Gary, Indiana. Jackson was working as a crane operator, and was even a food store worker before he had the idea of creating a family band.

Joe and Katherine were the parents of 11 children who became extremely popular in the world of show business, but of course the most popular was his son, Michael Jackson. It was in 1960 that Joe raised his net worth seriously for the first time, as he created the music family group initially called “The Falcons” with his older sons Sigmund Esco “Jackie” Jackson, Tariano Adaryll “Tito” Jackson and Jermaine La Jaune Jackson. Later the group increased with the addition of two other of Jackson’s sons, firstly Marlon and then Michael to actually become “The Jackson 5”. As the group was gaining fame, father Joseph’s net worth was rising too.The group became extremely popular after their album entitled “Destiny” was certified Platinum,  the net worth of father Joe increased even more after the release of the album “Triumph”. However, in 1979 Michael Jackson and Jermaine Jackson decided to leave their father’s band, after which Joseph spent more time managing daughter Janet Jackson’s career, as she became an actress as well as a noted recording artist.

Of course, the biggest star in pop music was not Joseph Jackson, but his son Michael, who died in 2009,  but  Joe’s net worth only increased after he promoted his children to reach stardom in their musical careers. This is actually a quite rare example of a famous family band; some members of “The Jackson 5” later became much more popular than the creator of the band. Conversely, there were some accusations that Joe was far too strict with his children, even after they became famous, with suggestions that he was living his far less noted career in music through his offspring, and why the group actually split-up over time, and why in later years he was estranged from his wife and surviving children.

Joe Jackson died on 27 June 2018,in Los Angeles, California,  having suffered from cancer in his later years.

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    • Because Katherine receives 40% of her deceased son Michaei Jackson’s estate. Before he died MJ gave her a substantial monthly stipend. View the KJ Family vs AEG trial where she testifies about it. MJ left nothing for his father.

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