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March 12, 2023
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Ivy Calvin is an American reality television personality born on 10 September 1971 in Palmdale, California, best known for his being featured in the reality television series “Storage Wars” since 2012. Ivy is an owner of the thrift store named “Grandma’s Attic”, located in Palmdale. He was formerly an Arena Football player and MMA fighter, but has been a no nonsense buyer for the past sixteen years.

A well-known television reality show star, one may wonder how rich is Ivy Calvin? As estimated by sources, Ivy counts his net worth at an amount of $2 million as of late 2017. He has been able to amass this wealth being a buyer, the owner of his thrift store and also from being a former MMA fighter and Arena Football player. Moreover, his appearance on television as a buyer in the show “Storage Wars” is also significant in adding to his wealth.

Ivy Calvin Net Worth $2 Million

Calvin started his career as an American Football player. Initially, he played as a linebacker at Cal State Northridge, and later became a professional playing in the Arena Football League. Later, he shifted his focus from football as he developed an interest in MMA fighting. However, Ivy had to change his career yet again and this time, he chose a considerably different career path- to be a buyer. He began attending auctions and buying items, and eventually his forward and no nonsense buying skills earned him a spot on reality television – in 2012, Ivy was featured in the third season of “Storage Wars”. Although he was only a recurring member in the show in its third and fourth seasons, Calvin was cast as a series regular in its fifth season. Until today, Calvin has appeared in over 50 episodes of the show.

In 2009, Calvin took his interest in storage lockers and his buying skills to the next level, as he opened a thrift store – “Grandma’s Attic” – in Palmdale. The store is famous in California as it features one-of-a-kind items and goods that he bid for in the television show “Storage Wars”. Due to his success on the auction circuit, Calvin refers to himself as “The King of Palmdale”. He also manages to attract loyal and general customers thanks to his ability to buy and retain standout goods in his store. He has also made himself well known on the auction circuit as he does not mind travelling to various places across the country to find an outstanding item. Also, his out-going nature and self-confidence as a buyer keeps him on top of his game in the reality show. Of course being a part of reality television show and an owner of a thrift store has been adding well for Ivy to take him into the millionaire club at the present.

A family man, Calvin currently resides in Acton, California. In his personal life,  with wife Wendy he is the parent of two sons; he still likes to coach football, including at Vasquez High School.

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