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May 8, 2023
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Eric Koston was born on 29 April 1975, in Bangkok, Thailand, and is a Thai-American skateboarder, actor, film producer, as well as a company owner.He has been active for over 20 years, and his net worth has contributions  from all his aforementioned activities.

So just how rich is Eric Koston? According to authoritative sources, Eric Koston’s net worth is estimated to be over $15 million, with the basis being his successful skateboarding career.

Eric Koston Net Worth $15  Million

Eric Koston was brought up in San Bernadino, California, and began skateboarding at a very young age, since it was always his passion. Soon enough Koston’s abilities earned him a sponsorship and in 1993 he was given the status of a professional skater. One of the first companies to sponsor Koston was “H-Street Company” co-created by a former professional skateboarder Tony Magnusson.

Koston  then went on to join a larger company and ended up with the “Girl Distribution Company” and even made appearances in several of the company’s videos. Koston, however, did not focus on one company only. He later joined the éS brand, which resulted in the creation of “Eric Koston éS Game of Skate”, an event that was held every year. When he left the éS brand, Koston joined the Lakai roster, and then went on to join Nike SB, which is a brand for skateboarding clothing. Koston’s constant shift from one sponsor to another gained him public exposure as he was constantly appearing in their events and promotional videos, which in turn increased his net worth as well. Since 2013, Koston has been sponsored by some of the most famous brands, including “Girl”, “Spitfire Wheels”, “Fourstar”, “Oakley”, as well as “Independent Truck Company” among many others. All contribute to raising Eric’s net worth.

In addition to many sponsorships, Eric Koston has his own shoe model called “Eric Koston 2” and has appeared in advertisements for the shoes together with Tiger Woods and other members of Nike SB.

In addition to the revenue collected from his promotional shoots, videos and skateboarding events, Eric Koston has managed to accumulate a decent amount of money from his business ventures. In 1996, Koston together with his friend Mariano who is a professional skateboarder as well, co-created a clothing line called “Fourstar”. The success of “Fourstar” company grew over the years, and since 2013 it has included a team of thirteen professional skateboarders under their sponsorship. Koston’s entrepreneurship, however, did not end with “Fourstar”. Currently Koston has shares in another shoe company called “Lakai” and together with professional skateboarder Steve Barra, owns a private skatepark “The Berrics”, which also has its own website, where various announcements and media related to skateboarding are included.His net worth continues to rise.

Often referred to as the “Michael Jordan of skateboarding”, Eric Koston is a truly inspirational and influential figure in the industry. He is a winner of such events and competitions as 2000 X Games, Gravity Games and 2002 Gravity Games Street. Koston has also been featured in Tony Hawk’s sports game series called “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater”, as well as a series of skateboarding games titled “Skate It”.

In his personal life, Eric Koston has been married to Ashlee Gaston since 2012, and they currently live in Los Feliz, California with their daughter..

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