Islah Koren Gates: The Youngest Star of Kevin Gates’ Family

April 18, 2024
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Who is Islah Koren Gates?

American celebrity child Islah Koren Gates was born under the zodiac sign Scorpio on 30 November 2012, in Los Angeles, California USA. She’s only known for being a daughter of Kevin Gates, a popular American rapper, singer-songwriter and entrepreneur.

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Early life and education

Islah’s being raised in Los Angeles, alongside her sister Khaza, by their father Kevin and mother Dreka Haynes who’s an American actress, businesswoman and model; Dreka and Kevin married in October 2015 and Kevin’s revealed that he has several other children with different women and that he often spends time with them, as well as helping their mothers financially.

Islah’s being kept away from media because her parents want her and her sister to be able to lead normal lives; it’s widely believed that Islah’s recently begun taking dance lessons, and is today also appearing in school plays, however, this hasn’t been addressed by her parents.

Islah’s attending a local elementary school in Los Angeles and should be progressing to high school in 2027.


Age, height and net worth

Islah’s age is 11. She’s 4ft 5ins (1.34m) tall, weighs around 85lbs (38kgs) and has brown hair and eyes. Her father Kevin’s net worth’s been estimated at over $1 million as of December 2023.

Who is her father Kevin?

American rapper, singer-songwriter and businessman Kevin Jerome Gilyard aka Kevin Gates was born under the zodiac sign Aquarius on 5 February 1986, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA. He’s quite popular for his music, and made his breakthrough with his first album “Islah”, which was released in January 2016 and reached #2 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Kevin was raised in Baton Rouge alongside his twin brother Brandon and younger sister whose name remains undisclosed, by their African-American father who eventually abandoned the family, and Puerto Rican mother who worked multiple jobs to put food on the table. Not having a father figure led Kevin to turn to a life of crime, and he was only 13 when arrested for the first time after he and his friends stole a car; he reconnected with his father around the same time, however, Kevin was still just 14 when his father died from AIDS. He matriculated from high school in 2004 and then continued his education at Baton Rouge Community College, only to drop out after a couple of months.

Kevin’s journey into the rap scene began with a series of mixtapes that showcased his lyrical prowess and distinctive flow; amongst his early mixtapes was “Pick of Da Litter”, released in 2007, and which provided a glimpse into his potential. It was his 2013 mixtape “The Luca Brasi Story” that truly catapulted him into the spotlight; it was named after the fictional character Luca Brasi from the critically acclaimed film trilogy “The Godfather” and featured Kevin’s storytelling and revealed his willingness to confront personal demons.


Following the success of “The Luca Brasi Story”, Kevin continued to expand his fanbase with his next mixtape “Stranger Than Fiction”; it showcased his ability to ‘blend street narratives with emotionally charged lyrics’.

In 2013, Kevin released his new mixtape “By Any Means”, and it went on to solidify his reputation as a rising star in the rap industry; the project featured collaborations with artists such  as 2 Chainz and Plies, further expanding Kevin’s reach within the industry. The mixtape’s hit singles “Don’t Know” and “Arm and Hammer” helped establish Kevin as one of the best newcomers to listen to.

As he became more popular, he signed with Atlantic Records in 2013, marking a significant milestone in his career; the deal allowed him to reach a broader audience and provided the resources to release his debut studio album “Islah” in 2016. The album’s title is a reference to Kevin’s daughter Islah and thus showcased a more personal and introspective side of the artist.

“Islah” received widespread acclaim for its emotional depth and honest portrayal of Kevin’s life experiences; its lead single “2 Phones” became a commercial success, earning Kevin his first Grammy nomination. The album also spawned hit singles “Really Really” and “Time for That”, further solidifying Kevin’s presence in the hip-hop industry.

Following the success of “Islah”, Kevin continued to deliver with his 2016 mixtape “Murder for Hire 2”, maintaining his reputation for unapologetic lyrics; the mixtape’s title hinted at the intensity and rawness that fans had come to expect from his music.

In 2018, Kevin released his second studio album “By Any Means 2”, serving as a sequel to the earlier mixtape; it featured popular songs such as “Had To” and “Imagine That”, showcasing Kevin’s ability to seamlessly blend street narratives with melodic hooks. Despite being released while he was serving a jail sentence, “By Any Means 2” received mostly positive reviews.


Kevin continued to impress his fans with his new mixtapes, such as “Luca Brasi 3”, released in 2018 and “Only the Generals Gon Understand”, which came out in the following year; both continued to showcase his versatility and growth as an artist, with “Luca Brasi 3” revisiting the character from his earlier mixtape and demonstrating Kevin’s commitment to his roots.

In 2019, Kevin released his highly anticipated album “I’m Him”, which further explored his personal journey and experiences; songs such as “Push It” and “By My Lonely” delved into themes of resilience and self-discovery, earning praise for their emotional depth.

Kevin’s impact on the rap scene extends beyond his music. His approach to storytelling and willingness to address mental health and personal struggles has resonated with his fans; he’s been open about his experiences with depression, as well as about his incarcerations and problems with the authorities.

Kevin’s career continues to evolve, with the artist consistently releasing new music and staying true to his unique style; his most recent mixtape “Only the Generals, Pt. II” was released on 19 February 2021 and he’s since teased his third studio album “Khaza” but it’s yet to be released, with most of Kevin’s fans believing that it will come out in February 2024.

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