How rich is Epic Games CCO Donald Mustard? Fortnite, Age, Wiki

April 18, 2024
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Who is Donald Mustard?

Donald is a Canadian entrepreneur, best known to the world as co-founder and creative director of Chair Entertainment, while he currently serves as the worldwide creative director of Epic Games – one of his major works is the video game “Fortnite”.

Donald Mustard Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Donald Mustard was born on 15 August 1976 under the Leo zodiac sign, in Calgary, Alberta Canada. He hasn’t revealed the names of his parents, but he has a brother named Geremy Mustard, with whom he started Chair Entertainment.

After matriculating from a local high school in Calgary, Donald enrolled at Brigham Young University’s School of Engineering and Technology in Salt Lake City, from which he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Design.

Career Beginnings

Interested in video games from an early age, in 2005 Donald started Chair Entertainment with his brother and Ryan Holmes. His first creation was the sci-fi action-adventure video game “Advent Rising”, being the director of the video game, while Orson Scott Card and Cameron Dayton served as video game writers.


Two years later, his Chair Entertainment released the new video game “Undertow”, of which he again served as director, while Cameron Dayton was again credited as writer.

His first video game as a writer was the first part of the “Infinity Blade”, released in 2010.

The video game became a massive hit, which resulted in two sequels – “Infinity Blade II” (2011), while in 2013 Donald was credited as writer and director of “Infinity Blade III”, which became the most popular in the franchise, with Donald and Geremy presenting the video game during the 2013 Apple iPhone 5S conference.

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Rise to Prominence

Donald was gradually becoming more successful as a game creator, and as a result, he was recruited as Chief Creative Officer by Epic Games in 2016.

The first game that he worked on was “Fortnite”, an action-adventure video game, in which four players team up to fight off zombie-like husks, defending objects with fortifications that they can build. Moreover, the video game has a mode in which up to 100 players fight to be the last person standing.


“Fortnite” has become a huge success, winning numerous awards including the BAFTA Film Award. Thanks to its success, Donald became an international star as the main person behind it; as of December 2019, the video game had generated more than $9 billion in gross revenue, with more than 125 million players drawn to it.

The second installment of the game is entitled “Fortnite: Chapter 2” , which came out in 2019. In contrast to the first part, Donald worked only as a writer and not as a director, as this role was given to Tim Sweeney.

This chapter tells a story about how the black hole swallowed the original Fortnite Battle Royale Island, and players are presented with a whole new world.

His most recent creation is the action video game “Spyjinx” (2019), on which he’s worked with creative director J.J. Abrams.

An Accomplished Actor

His uprising popularity opened many doors to him, and rejuvenated his career. He exercised some of his interests, and in 2019 he provided additional voices in the Academy Award-nominated fantasy action-adventure film “Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker”.


The same year, Donald voiced The Visitor, a character in the video game “Fortnite: Chapter 2”, while in 2021 he appeared as Deus Machina Employee #2 in the highly anticipated fourth installment of the eponymous sci-fi action “Matrix” franchise, entitled “The Matrix Resurrections”, with Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in the lead roles.

Net Worth

As of early 2022, Donald Mustard’s net worth has been estimated to be over $10 million, earned through his successful career as a video game creator.

Personal Life, Marriage, Wife, Children

When it comes to his personal life, Donald is very secretive, but some details have reached the surface. According to reports, he married Laura in 2006, with whom he has two daughters, but there’s no information about their names and ages.

He met his future wife while working on his first video game, and she’s been his support through all these years.

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