Karen Huger Net Worth

April 2, 2023
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Karen Huger – nee Carter – is an American TV reality star and socialite, born on 3 May 1963, and is best known for featuring in “The Real Housewives of Potomac” Bravo’s reality television series.

You must be wondering how much wealth she has accumulated? How rich Karen Huger is? According to sources, her overall net worth is estimated at $10.8 million as of early 2016, although with her husband jointly assessed at over $40 million. It has been accomplished mostly through her small screen appearances as well as some business ventures.

Karen Huger Net Worth $10.8 Million

Karen Huger wasn’t always so wealthy and glamorous. Before coming to Potomac, Maryland and making a name for herself and a fortune afterwards, she was just another country girl, coming from Spring Grove, Virginia, where she grew up on a big family farm. At the age of 18, she enrolled at the University of Virginia. Even then, she showed dedication and worked hard to accomplish where she is today – a lady with an impressive net worth.

In 1997, Karen married Raymond Huger, a successful technology entrepreneur. Raymond worked for IBM for almost 25 years, before he founded his own company, Paradigm Solutions International, of which he is the president and the CEO. The “Black Bill Gates“, as Karen often refers to her husband, was listed by US Black Engineer & Information Technology magazine as one of the top entrepreneurs of 2005.

Karen Huger has two children, a son and a daughter. She currently reside in Potomac, Maryland with her daughter and husband: their son now has a life of his own. Her husband’s business career has undoubtedly contributed to an impressive overall net worth.

As a “real housewife”, even before the show “The Real Housewives of Potomac” was on, Karen announced, throughout social networks, her own hair line. This business venture has certainly added a decent sum to her overall net worth.

Apart from engagements in the reality series, Karen Huger, “Grand Dame of Potomac” is widely known for throwing extravagant parties at her home, paying attention to even the smallest details, just to ensure that her guests have a really great time at her events. She is very active in social segments, in the local community as well as on social networks, and she also supports several charities.

Although the wider audience have an insight into her life as cameras invade her house, Karen manages to keep the more personal aspects of her life very private, hidden from camera. Although she is certainly outspoken, some have said ‘competitive’, in her appearances in the TV series, and apparently can be somewhat cool towards other participants in the show – and is not necessarily appreciated for that – no one has been able to start any rumors, or unearth any controversies or scandalous affairs connected to Karen Huger, except that her son is aged 27, so apparently an issue from a previous relationship.

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