What does Jennifer Williams do for a Living? Her Age, BF, Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Jennifer Williams, an American reality television star and entrepreneur, rose to prominence as one of the original cast members of VH1’s “Basketball Wives,” a reality TV show that explores the lives of women involved with professional basketball players mostly in the USA; she was married to and subsequently divorced from former National Basketball Association (NBA) player Eric Williams. Following a substantial divorce settlement, she delved into the fashion-beauty business, and content creation, establishing ventures such as Redefined Glam and Jennifer Williams Productions. Recently, she took the lead in another reality TV series – “My True Scam Story” – and publicly disclosed her engagement to Christian Gold, an investment portfolio manager who is two decades her junior.

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Early Life and Family

Jennifer Williams was born on 17 September 1974, in South Orange, Newark, New Jersey, where she grew up as an only child in a comfortable home. There isn’t much detailed information about her parents but from interviews and social media posts, it seemed she had a good relationship with her mother who passed away in 2016 after battling cancer, and reconnected with her estranged father in 2019.

Even as a child, she was said to have been highly interested in everything connected with fashion and beauty-related topics, which later manifested in a string of businesses that she founded.


She matriculated from Columbia High School, and then graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland.


Upon graduating, Jennifer relocated to Boston, where she secured a position at a real estate company, spending several years as a real estate agent. Later, she moved to Miami with aspirations of making a mark in the real estate industry, but it was during this time that she made pivotal personal decisions leading her into the entertainment world. Achieving a noteworthy level of popularity, she joined a reality TV series on VH1, becoming a staple for many seasons. Leveraging her fame, she ventured into several business endeavors over the years.

While some of these investments proved successful, others faced challenges. Despite encountering setbacks both personally and professionally, Jennifer remained steadfast in her pursuit of dreams and continued to work diligently toward them. She also found herself entangled in various controversies—some self-inflicted and others the consequence of being a prominent reality TV star in Hollywood.


A Look At Her “Basketball Wives” Stint

VH1’s “Basketball Wives” provided Jennifer with the opportunity to become a reality TV personality. The show’s producers took an interest in her after her marriage to professional basketball player Eric Williams, who played for several NBA teams from 1995 to 2007.

Premise of the Show

“Basketball Wives” is a reality TV series that premiered on VH1 in April 2010. Created by Shaunie O’Neal, the former wife of NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal, the series centered on the lives of women with connections to both past and present NBA players, including former wives and fiancées. Filmed in Miami, Florida, the show delves into the personal and professional lives of the cast members, offering viewers insights into the challenges and successes associated with relationships with high-profile athletes. The themes explored included friendship, family dynamics, career pursuits, and the unique lifestyle linked to the professional basketball world.

During its early years, “Basketball Wives” garnered substantial interest from the public when social media wasn’t as prevalent. Fans were captivated by the interaction of sports and Hollywood, finding a certain mystery that could only be unraveled by watching the show. While the series enjoyed popularity, it faced criticism for its portrayal of drama and conflicts among the cast members, sparking discussions about the representation of women in reality TV. Despite the controversies, the show maintained a dedicated viewership, and has seen several seasons since its debut.


Jennifer Williams featured in the first season of the show, due to her marriage to Eric Williams, alongside Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn Lozada (Antoine Walker), Faith Rein (Udonis Haslem), Royce Reed (Dwight Howard), Gloria Govan (Matt Barnes), and Suzie Ketcham (Michael Olowokandi). Initially part of the series up to the fourth season, Jennifer took an hiatus from season five before making a comeback during season six, and as a recurring member of the spin-off series, “Basketball Wives LA”, later regaining regular status. Her legendary feuds, especially her long-running conflict with former best friend Evelyn, became notable aspects of the show.

Top 3 Unforgettable Moments in “Basketball Wives”

  • Presidential Suite Showdown – A pivotal moment unfolded during a meeting in a luxurious Presidential Suite, where the cast members confronted Jennifer. While not everything was resolved, an awkward acceptance of the situation prevailed. Some of them just wanted to clarify things with Jennifer and after she did some explaining, some of them were satisfied. However, the atmosphere took a drastic turn when Nia, Evelyn’s assistant, became combative with Jennifer, resulting in a physical altercation. Evelyn, seething with anger attempted to physically fight with Jennifer as well, prompting production staff to intervene just in time.
  • Food Stamps Feud – The infamous clash between Jennifer and Tami occurred at Ashley’s charity-hosted event, which they gate-crashed, stirring up tension. Apparently, Jennifer and her then-best friend, Evelyn, were intentionally not invited by Ashley. Their purpose in attending was to inquire about the reason behind such a decision. Instead of confronting them or creating drama, Ashley simply acknowledged their presence, but Tami had other ideas. Tensions flared when Tami took issue with Jennifer’s remarks about food stamps in a past episode, leading to a heated shouting match. Jennifer couldn’t comprehend why Tami was so upset that she didn’t know what food stamps were, as it didn’t imply she looked down on people using them. Despite attempts by other cast members to calm the situation, Tami’s aggression intensified after Jennifer retorted, ‘Talk is cheap,’ prompting security intervention. Jennifer and Evelyn ultimately left the scene, leaving behind a memorable moment in the series.
  • Friendship Repair on the Beach – Season 6, Episode 13 marked a significant turning point when Jennifer reached out to Evelyn after five years of silence. Their nerve-wracking beach meeting unfolded against the backdrop of a once-close friendship that had endured turbulent times. Evelyn admitted to being in a dark place during their fallout, and expressed the desire to show Jennifer a changed, improved version of herself. The emotional conversation delved into past mistakes, with Evelyn extending a heartfelt apology. Both women acknowledged the series of events that led to their estrangement and resolved to salvage their friendship. In a light-hearted moment, Jennifer playfully showcased a shirt with the words, ‘I only accept apologies in cash,’ eliciting laughter and a playful response from Evelyn, adding a touch of humor to their heartfelt reconciliation.

Business Ventures

Jennifer actively pursued entrepreneurial ventures during her time on the show, effectively utilizing the money received from her divorce settlement. In 2011, she launched Lucid Cosmetics, a line of lip glosses designed to cater to women of diverse skin tones and preferences. Two years later, she expanded her portfolio with the establishment of Flirty Girl Fitness, a fitness studio and lifestyle brand offering a variety of classes and products tailored for women seeking both fitness and enjoyment. In 2013, she ventured into the fashion scene with the creation of Classy Girl Wardrobe, an online boutique specializing in fashionable clothing and accessories.

Recently, Jennifer strategically streamlined her investments, focusing on two key areas. The first is Redefined Glam, a beauty online company in which she concentrates on offering a range of raw hair collections in different forms and styles, along with flat irons and other essential hair products, and make-up. The second is Jennifer Williams Productions, a content creation, PR, and marketing company showcasing her commitment to diverse creative projects. Through these ventures, Jennifer has demonstrated her business acumen and versatility in the beauty, fashion, public relations, and content creation industries.

“My True Scam Story”

Jennifer Williams takes center stage in her latest TV series, “My True Scam Story,” which debuted on VH1 on 6 November 2023, and is now accessible on various streaming platforms. The show intricately unfolds Jennifer’s personal odyssey as she navigates the aftermath of being deceived by a professional con artist – her ex-boyfriend, whose true identity remained hidden until it was too late. Beyond recounting her own tale of heartbreak and deception, Jennifer magnifies the experiences of fellow victims ensnared by the same cunning individual. This poignant narrative transforms into a mission for Jennifer, transcending personal healing and justice-seeking. She endeavors to expose the intricate network of love scams orchestrated by her former partner, with the aspiration that her story will serve as a cautionary tale. Jennifer aims to empower others with the awareness needed to detect relationship red flags, preventing them from experiencing the same heartache that befell her and numerous unsuspecting victims.

Jennifer received positive feedback, and was praised for her bravery in sharing what is typically regarded as a private story, one that shouldn’t be exposed due to the potential embarrassment it could bring to the victim. Jennifer mentioned that she needed to have a couple of margaritas before deciding to post about it back in 2020. Since then, she’s actively worked to overcome the shame she felt following the incident.

Personal Life

Jennifer Williams has led a colorful and at times controversial personal life that took a dramatic turn when she became involved with a former NBA player, and subsequently entered into romantic relationships after her divorce.


Eric Williams, the Ex-Husband

The couple, Jennifer and Eric, initially met in Miami and dated for seven years before exchanging vows in 2007. However, their marriage was marked by turmoil, characterized by frequent arguments over financial matters, infidelity, and trust issues. The strain reached its breaking point in 2010, leading to their separation.

The intricacies of their fractured marriage were unveiled on the reality TV series “Basketball Wives.” In one episode, Jennifer and Eric discussed their impending divorce in a restaurant. Jennifer, eager to move forward, expressed frustration that her lawyer had yet to receive any response from Eric’s side. The meeting quickly escalated into a heated exchange, as Eric took offense to Jennifer discussing his mother publicly. Amidst the back-and-forth, Jennifer redirected the conversation to the divorce proceedings. Due to conflicting narratives and Eric’s denial of recent affectionate texts, the situation escalated, culminating in a dramatic exchange of thrown beverages. The only difference was that Eric only had a few drops of liquid on the back of his shirt as he was leaving when Jennifer told him, ‘Whatever, keep your fucking ass moving.’ It seemed that he was triggered, and so he went back to the table and threw the contents of another drink in her face.

Jennifer realized that she would never get back together with him ever again. Fortunately, further public drama was avoided, and an amicable settlement was eventually reached, finalizing their divorce in 2011. Jennifer celebrated her newfound independence with a lively party alongside her fellow “Basketball Wives” cast members. The unconventional cake, featuring a Jennifer look-alike holding Eric’s head while the rest of his body was lying at the bottom of the cake became a symbolic representation of Jennifer’s feelings. Amidst the festivities, a guest named Will joined Jennifer at another table, sparking a captivating evening of flirtation and kisses, providing the other wives with entertaining commentary on the unfolding scene.


Cisco Rosado: A Brief Entanglement

In 2013, Jennifer officially entered the dating scene again, and embarked on a relationship with music producer and actor Cisco Rosado. However, for unspecified reasons, the relationship didn’t endure, and by 2014 they’d parted ways.

Tim Norman: The Stalker

Following the passing of Jennifer’s mother, she entered into a relationship with Tim Norman, a reality TV star from OWN’s “Welcome to Sweet Pea.” Initially, she believed she’d found a caring companion, but it eventually became known that his attentiveness masked possessiveness. Tim displayed bouts of jealousy, accusing Jennifer of encouraging other men through her body language, leading to frequent arguments, and the eventual end of their relationship.

The revelation came as a shock to fans when Jennifer filed a restraining order against Tim, alleging stalking. Tim vehemently denied the accusations, attributing Jennifer’s actions to bitterness over their breakup and her removal from his show; apparently, Jennifer appeared in his reality series while they were dating. The court sided with Jennifer and granted her request. Some initially questioned Jennifer’s claims, but shockingly, Tim was later charged and sentenced for the murder of his nephew. Jennifer felt vindicated, but admitted her shock at the extent of his actions, realizing that she’d glimpsed a dark side she never anticipated.

Aaron Nichols: The Alleged Scammer

Jennifer and Aaron Nichols, a luxury car dealer, were romantically involved in 2019 and 2020 before parting; despite the breakup, they remained on amicable terms as friends. However, in 2020, a sudden turn of events unfolded when Jennifer took to Instagram seeking assistance in locating Aaron, whom she accused of stealing her Range Rover. At the time, Jennifer was in the process of moving houses and lacked sufficient space for both of her cars. Since the separation was seemingly amicable, Jennifer claimed that Aaron had offered to store her Range Rover in his garage.

Aaron vehemently denied the accusations, asserting that he received the car as a gift from Jennifer. He went on to claim that Jennifer had urged him to be her love interest on the reality TV series “Basketball Wives.” Additionally, he questioned the timing of Jennifer reporting the Range Rover stolen after five months, attributing it to bitterness following their breakup. Jennifer countered, asserting that she’d repeatedly communicated with Aaron to return the car and had trusted him due to his profession as a car dealer, saying that she’d given him time to return the vehicle. This entire episode became the focal point of Jennifer’s recent reality TV series, adding a layer of drama to her personal narrative.


Christian Gold: The Fiancé

In August 2023, Jennifer announced her engagement to Christian Gold, whose real name is Christian LaSalle Walden. He serves as an investment portfolio manager associated with Liquid Asset Automation. The couple not only shared their joy on Instagram but also started a YouTube Channel entitled “Life with Jennifer and CG.” However, concerns arose among fans and friends who feared Jennifer might be involved with another scam artist. Subsequently, it was revealed that Christian had a past, having served three years in prison for false imprisonment, a case related to his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his son. Despite being sentenced to seven years, Christian was released after spending approximately three years behind bars.

While in jail, Christian dedicated his time to learning about investments, leveraging his pre-conviction college degree. Today, he boasts a net worth of $10 million, having managed investment portfolios for eight-digit investors. Christian even authored a self-help book entitled “Spir’it-ual Ar’chi-tec’ture.” As the future unfolds, only time will reveal whether Jennifer has indeed found a solid and stable life partner.


Jennifer Williams is a strikingly beautiful woman, possessing an impressive figure that accentuates her overall allure, standing 5ft 7ins (175cms) and weighing about 132lbs (60kgs). Her well-proportioned physique is further highlighted by her vital statistics of 36-27-36, Her brown eyes complement her black hair framing a visage that radiates charm.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Jennifer Williams has an estimated net worth of $25 million, as of January 2024. Most of her income comes from her divorce settlement, television appearances – reportedly $300,000 per episode of “Basketball Wives.” – endorsements, and a substantial amount from her businesses.

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